The prohibition of prayer

Matthew 18,19-20 Verily I say also unto you, When two of you shall be one on earth for what they will ask, it shall come to them from my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I among them.

Jehovah's Witnesses must not pray together. The Watchtower Society has pushed open, loud, common prayer to be gender-specific only because of its extreme regulations regarding the behavior of men and women in the church. The rule of thumb for Jehovah's Witnesses is that women must never pray loudly with men.

The most striking consequence of this is the separation of the spiritual communion of couples before God. What God has put together is separated again from the Watchtower Society immediately. The woman may only pray silently under the guidance of the man. Thus the spiritual effect of prayer according to Matthew 18:20 is excluded for the smallest Christian community, just for married couples. For the common prayer on which Jesus' promise rests is the unreservedly equal common prayer.

What is the Watchtower Society doing with such an incision?

If what Jesus promises us is true, that the agreement in the prayer of two in his name is enough to be heard by God, then common prayer in marriage is a real danger to the Watchtower Society. It must fear that married couples will enter the direct spiritual path of knowledge with common prayer and thereby see through the mysterious teachings of the Watchtower Society as seduction and lies. In fact, a prohibition has been established that condemns women never to pray loudly in the presence of men, and condemns men never to experience the true, personal prayer concerns of women in spiritual fellowship.

This spiritual separation of man and woman blatantly and obviously violates the Word of God. In the Watchtower doctrine, people who enter into the most intimate interpersonal relationship with one another and are thus even flesh according to the Word of God are banished to mutual quarantine on a spiritual level.

Thus each one of the two remains in the spiritual sense alone and optimally controllable for the Watchtower Society and subjected to its manipulation in a perfect manner. The chance that the power of prayer that Jesus predestined for us would work in the smallest and most important cell of human existence was thus set to zero in the circles of the Watchtower Society. Without this measure, the Watchtower Society would be in far too great a danger of being exposed to the bone by individuals who experience God.

This also successfully prevents people from feeling the direct effect of the Spirit of God. Because spiritual autonomy in common prayer without submission to human laws can only take place in an intensive community, which takes place in a close circle of intimacy in full agreement with the heart without influencing human organizations.

By prohibiting common prayer to the depths of human existence, the Watchtower Society prevents people from exposing themselves directly to the Spirit of God without the influence of the Watchtower. For example, Jehovah's Witnesses have only guided (controlled) prayer. Exactly this "led from above" prayer, i.e. the prayer dominated by individuals, prevents the fulfillment of Jesus' promise that two people who ask the Father in the name of Jesus in a free and genuine congruence of heart receive spirit, knowledge and hearing directly from God.

Thus the Jehovah's Witnesses are banished to a spiritual isolation that is the basis for the rule of the Watchtower. The power and leadership of the Watchtower Society is based on the full individual control of each Jehovah's Witness. A fellowship resulting from the Lord's common experience can never arise among Jehovah's Witnesses. Thus, the Watchtower Society has full control over each of its members. The price Jehovah's Witnesses pay for this is spiritual solitude and the renunciation of God's direct guidance.

The basis of the Watchtower Society, the foundation on which its existence is founded, consists of laws that can no longer be reconciled with the Bible. The resulting fruits are spiritual isolation of believers, lifelong spiritual isolation from one's neighbor, and shielding from the power of God. Thus people are forced under a watchtower rule that makes it impossible for them to childishly discover the power of God. They are all the more dependent on having to accept the teachings of the Watchtower Society as the only recognizable supporting factor in their lives and cannot follow God from their own experience, let alone praise Him.

With the Watchtower Society's ban on prayer, Jesus' promise (When two of you become one on earth for what they want to ask, let it happen to them) is thoroughly thwarted. Jehovah's Witnesses can only ever be prayed under the guidance of a person designated to do so (again by the Watchtower Society), so that the prayer situation mentioned by Jesus cannot arise in the first place. Thus the Watchtower Society remains protected from experiences that people might have in faith.

Jehovah's Witnesses have basically given themselves and their lives up and rejected contact with God through thinking focused on the Watchtower doctrine. They trust only in people who have asserted that they are the channel of God. They refrain from testing everything and do not dare to subject everything to their own (but then God-led) perception. They have given up all maturity and follow the Watchtower Society in an uncritical way that Jesus never propagated and would never claim for themselves.

For Jesus always makes his promises and promises verifiable. Every promise he makes into a measuring cord of spiritual experience and spiritual verifiability. Whoever relies on him has no need of human regulations and has found a reason on which he can build. In this direct trust in Jesus, human mentality loses its meaning completely and places the direct faith connection between man and the mediator between God and man in the middle of life.

Whoever relies on him doesn't need watchtower laws. And he really becomes free. Just as Jesus promised.

This is exactly what the Watchtower Society fears.


Good day,

me again - that with the prayer is very very well and deeply researched, thought and realistic! Is so, I spoke yesterday on the phone with a Jehovah's Witness from Heidenheim, whom I have not seen for at least 25 years, only call once or twice a year!

It is bad, by the indoctrination no more right or left is looked, also concerning the current situation! As a result of the very rare contact, of course, I notice it all totally! Seems to me as if the members live in a total delusion! I was born into it, have been away for 22 years, have lost everything as a result and am glad that I have managed it all so despite family, financial, psychological and emotional losses. No matter - there is always a new life!

Many thanks for this good site, which I visit from time to time!

Many greetings from Weißwasser (East Saxony, West Poland, Saxony, former Silesia)

Carmen [October 04, 2021]

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