Watchtower lies! Proven – convicted!

Accusation of ice-cold lying

The reproach of the ice-cold lie that one must make to the Watchtower Society when one knows it better is not easy for outsiders to comprehend. Even the vast majority of Jehovah's Witnesses cannot understand that they are reproached for lying and that Christians who see through the Watchtower doctrine must even reproach them for this. Jehovah's Witnesses are trimmed with human insight to the supporting consciousness that they are "in truth. At the same time, the Watchtower Society vehemently denies that Jesus' words "I am the truth" can really be meant that way. The Watchtower Society sets Jehovah's Witnesses to a different truth than Jesus. So if the Jehovah's Witnesses are in a certain truth, according to the Watchtower Society's own definition of truth, that Jehovah truth cannot be Jesus. Otherwise the Jehovah's Witnesses would be in Jesus and would have to listen directly to Jesus and not to the Watchtower superiors. But it is completely impossible for the Jehovah's Witnesses to listen to Jesus, because they are not allowed to speak to Him either.

Basically, one only needs to take a closer look at the slightly modified biblical passages or the slightly modified interpretations of the biblical passages in order to recognize what the Watchtower Society is absolutely trying to avoid. An outstanding example of this is the Watchtower thesis that Jesus is not the truth, but that he could only have made this assertion because all prophecies about him had arrived. This excuse is as hair-raising as the assertion: A car is actually two bicycles because it has four wheels. Here it becomes clear that the Watchtower Society is not interested in taking Jesus' words seriously, but in weakening them and changing them as much as possible. Jesus is not taken literally, but is adapted according to all the rules of the art of lying. The Watchtower doctrine cannot exist alongside a Jesus who is taken literally. That is why it is so important that Jehovah's Witnesses are trained in the Watchtower Truth at the shortest possible intervals. Because if this did not happen, many of them would discover Jesus. This is the greatest danger to the Watchtower Society at all, because every person who has contact with Jesus immediately notices that this Jehovah Watchtower God comes from below.

Some Bold Lies of Jehovah's Witnesses

The most fundamental lie of the Watchtower religion is the essential distinction between father and son. With the separation of the biblical God into a creator God and a created God (henchman God), the slave of Jehovah from Brooklyn lays out a noose that hardly anyone can see and observe. It always works, but it never appears clearly. The time has come to uncover Satan's lie. Long enough, Satan was able to lead people by the nose under the veil of a superficial religion from America. Long enough, Jehovah's Witnesses could carry the deadly message of the multi-god system from house to house and drag others into the abyss. It's time to fall into Jehovah's Witnesses' arms argumentatively. Not with prohibitions or discrimination, but with the clear statement that the Bible strictly forbids a multi-god religion.

2. Mose 20,3 Thou shalt have no other gods beside me.

Jesus as a second God

Jesus as a second God or as a subgod or as "divine being" is not only one of the most antichristian exacerbations of all, but such a second God is also diametrically opposed to the Jewish religion. Both Jews and Christians are opposed to the idea of a multi-God religion. By making Jesus into a being created contrary to the Father, Jehovah's Witnesses not only rob Him of His divinity (which He has already abandoned for us), but accuse Him of the greatest crime possible in the eyes of all Jews and Christians. They say that he broke the law of God by violating Genesis 20:3 and establishing himself as a side god.

Jehovah's Witnesses have in their Watchtower Jesus a variant of Jesus who, as the subgod of that Watchtower Jehovah, rightly deserves death on the cross according to Jewish law. Jesus was nailed to the cross precisely because he had made himself God or always permitted the assumption that he is God. His words and deeds were then for the Jews and today cannot be interpreted differently for all people. He never answered the question of whether he was God in a negative way and always allowed individuals to worship him.

John 14:8-9 Philip says to him, "Lord, show us the Father and it will be enough for us." Jesus said to him, "I am with you so long and you do not know me, Philip? He who sees me sees the Father! Then how do you say: Show us the Father?"

What is the effect behind the splitting of the Father and the Son into two gods? – In the same moment that Jesus is another God, he broke the law: Thou shalt have no other gods beside me! As another God, he not only broke the law of Yahweh, but as a second God, he even died lawfully on the cross like every primitive criminal. With this he could not have brought about the redemption of creation. For to be executed as a criminal is stone-normal.

How does the Watchtower Satan benefit from his heresy?

Brooklyn takes advantage of the Watchtower doctrine that the sacrifice that Jesus made for the salvation of the world can no longer work for all people who see him as a second God or sub-god. For all people who follow the Watchtower Society, Jesus as the second God has been legally eliminated and cannot even assume the simple martyr role. As the second God, he has put his legacy in the sand as Redeemer, as Messiah, because he shares the fate of all people as a rightfully condemned and executed criminal. As another God, like all others, he is only a sinner, a lawbreaker, and is therefore no longer in a position to make a just sacrifice.

That's just the devil's preference. The devil's enemy is nothing in this universe except the Incarnate God, who was punished sinlessly and unjustly. With the designation of Jesus as "one" God among several, the Jehovah religion brings about the annihilation of Jesus' work of redemption in everyone who follows it. The forlornness of man is the goal of Satan. And every man who cannot get involved with Jesus is lost. With the establishment of the Watchtower-Jesus as an idol, as an example, as the first Jehovah's Witness, people have countered the biblical Jesus with a falsification that is supposed to turn God's plan of salvation around and lead it ad absurdum.

The Basic Lie of Jehovah

With this reversal of God's plan of salvation, the Jehovah of the Watchtower Society is putting a fact into the world that makes all the features of the Jehovah's Witnesses that appear to be Christian into an active lie again. On the Internet, for example, we find the religiously opened admiration of the religious community of Jehovah's Witnesses:

Jehovah's Witnesses are a Christian faith community that follows Jesus Christ.

This assertion is wrong on the one hand because, according to the Watchtower doctrine, it should actually read ... "the only Christian faith community that follows Jesus Christ," and secondly it is wrong because it does not know Jesus' salvation at all. – Whoever has Jesus as sub-god in his religion can never experience the power of Christ, because for him Jesus died lawfully on the cross as the second God. All liberation, blessing, redemption, bliss that comes through Jesus is not effective for these people, because they have two gods in their religion and have placed the lowest of these two gods under the worst crime that could ever be committed by a Jew. They say that he made himself a second God.

How Brooklyn underpins the lie

The disparagement of the Incarnate God from the Creator God to a subgod not only implies a dirty character of the Creator God who sends another into the fire, but also produces many secondary lies which must be incorporated with the greatest precision into the Watchtower doctrine. A good example of this can be found in the Watchtower for December 1, 2010 on page 7:

Watchtower, 01 December 2010, Page 7
The Basic Lie of the Watchtower Society

Make contact: with whom?
GOD, the Almighty, has given certain tasks to other spirits. For example, he has given Jesus Christ dominion over the earth, and faithful angels are expected to help ensure that the preaching of the good news is done in the appropriate ways (Revelation 14:6). However, he has not delegated the hearing of prayers. This means that only God is the right address for prayer.

Jesus as strategic pawn sacrifice

The Watchtower God Jehovah has not only delegated dominion of the earth, but he has also transferred the sacrifice necessary to redeem us to an auxiliary. According to the Jehovah's Witnesses' doctrine, this alleged God does not satisfy Jehovah's obviously not absolute (and therefore ungodly) righteousness by sending someone less than himself! If this Watchtower-Jehovah has a justice that is not absolute – that is, only relative – he can indeed send someone else to settle the matter. But since the real creator of the universe is absolute in his righteousness, Jesus can never be lower than the Father or a sub-god. (Jesus' words: "The Father is greater than I, describe the situation in which Jesus was humiliated as a human being.)

Not only the perversion of God's plan of salvation by the degradation of Jesus to a second God, but also the comfortable delegation of the victim to a lesser one denounces the absolutely just God as a botcher. This denunciation of God is the gospel of Satan that Jehovah's Witnesses carry from house to house.

"We don't mess around! Get wire! is a common joke among craftsmen. "Jesus is a subgod" is the deadly seriousness of the Brooklyn seduced. The deadly consequences of the Jehovahist aberration are hardly foreseeable worldwide. Many former Christian communities and many people who call themselves Christians are subject to the deadly error of the multi-god doctrine, which has gained recognition in the world through the Watchtower Society. The polytheism of Jehovah's Witnesses is an anti-Christian doctrine alongside Islam and Roman Marian Catholicism.

The New World Domination – Brooklyn or Rome?

Even where the one God is apparently still worshipped without an additional God, people now turn to him with the request to be appointed and strengthened as guardian of creation. The Beautiful New World mentality, which in Jehovahism forces the view of the earthly most clearly, is now quite openly preached by Catholicism. It is not God who remains the keeper of creation, but man in this age of the New Age feels called to function as a world-keeper himself. What at first sounds quite good and reasonable in the sense of environmental protection will then, under the leadership of Catholicism or the Watchtower Society, become that New World government in which the Antichrist will assume a leading role.

And they say: Here is the Christ, there is the Christ. They boast of being followers of Christ and successfully hide the fact that they are only pursuing human plans. But anyone who wants to get to know God has to make personal contact with Jesus. Everything else remains only that old one-world program of the Catholic Church and Jehovahism. A peace, joy, and egg cake religion in which it is not even important whether it is directed by Brooklyn or Rome. Behind the scenes of this one true religion, however, the daily wars of religious manipulation and murder will take place. From the outside, the world will always appear healed and new hopes will attract people. But religious human domination will be the maximum increase of what socialism and capitalism have already spoiled.

The Jehovah's Witness Activism Lie

Jehovah's Witnesses fulfill the prophecy of Jesus Christ in Matthew and Jehovah's Witnesses have set themselves the goal of imitating Jesus Christ and doing His will.

Anyone who regards Jesus as another God and thus has him as a God of second choice in his religion can never do his will. Jesus says:

Matthew 7:21 Not all who say to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but those who do the will of my Father who is in heaven.

What is the will of the one who sent Jesus? His will is, "Thou shalt have no other gods beside me. Jehovah's Witnesses refuse this will of God with zeal and belligerence. They oppose the Father of Jesus Christ and claim to want to do the will of Jesus.

How Brooklyn is stepping out against the Lord

Month after month, about 7 million Jehovah's Witnesses are going from house to house and door to door, not only fulfilling the prophecy of Jesus Christ.

Jehovah's Witnesses consciously disregard what Jesus said!

Luke 10.7 You shouldn't go from one house to another!

Jehovah's Witnesses practice exactly what Jesus forbid. They campaign at the front door. Jehovah's Witnesses do exactly what the heavenly Father has forbidden. They have several gods in their religion.

The Antichrist has the certain characteristic that he befuddles mankind on a religious level. Jehovah's Witnesses spread one of the boldest false doctrines in a perfectly organized manner. They have returned to the ancient Roman polytheism and bleed people to death for this Jehovah chief God. They cast out their own son if he does not go through madness all along the line. They have installed a system of lies and are waiting for world domination to fall to them.

It is impossible that Jesus is not the Almighty God, for if he were "another God," then he and with him we would have broken the commandment: Thou shalt have no other gods beside me!

Whoever denies this clearest of all biblical statements is dishonest, dishonest and finds himself in paganism, which is marked by polytheism.

It is characteristic that in the turmoil that emanates from the various religions, such facts seem to disappear and no one is seriously interested any more in trusting in Jesus and being introduced into all truth by him. Whether in spiritual slavery or in the mentality of the mixed-religionist – no one looks any more at Jesus and at the clarity of his word.


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