Hard-hitting Watchtower False-Statement

Jehovah's Witnesses already lie in general principles. Even sentences that sound like the small print in a lease are filled to the brim with lies and slander. An example: In every issue of the Watchtower the general true statement is displayed:

THE PURPOSE OF THE WATCHTOWER is to honor Jehovah God as the highest ruler of the universe.

This statement sounds nice at first and signals to the reader: Aha! This is where God-fearing people write, people you can trust. The positive impression is reinforced by the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses also frequently claim that the Bible is the authority on which they rely. However, all the Bibles in the world, including the Watchtower Theology modified version New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (NWT), agree that the Watchtower Society lies that the beams bend. The statement that the Bible is the law is the most fundamental and far-reaching lie of Jehovah's Witnesses.

The Name Jehovah

The name Jehovah was first naturalized by Catholic monks in the Middle Ages. So the basis of Jehovah's Witnesses is not the Bible, but the arbitrary Catholic tradition, the source from which Marian worship came. The Jehovah's Witnesses always add the attribute "God" to this Jehovah as if they had to swear again and again that this fantasy figure is also a God.

Jehovah, ruler of the universe

The false doctrine of the Watchtower publishers consists in the principle that next to Jesus there is an even higher God who stands above everything and who is to be worshipped like Allah. The word of Jesus is diametrically opposed to this. He says:

John 5:23 ... to honor the Son as they honor the Father. He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him.

Now a cunning theorist in love with the thought of a God above Jesus could argue: All right! Then we have two to honor. But we can only worship the Jehovah God.

Far from it! Jesus says absolutely clearly and without restriction that he – Jesus – must be honored like the Father. There are no differences, no exceptions, no gradations and above all no restrictions that human organizations could think up. Those who do not treat Jesus indentishly with the Father in the honor, i.e. do not identify him as the Father in the honor, do not honor the Father! Make that clear to yourself! All those who do not honor Jesus like the Father are not reconciled with God. They are godless. Whether they are Catholic priests who worship Mary, whether they are Muslims, Hindus or Jehovahists, they all evade Jesus, make a wide bow around him and recognize neither with their heads nor with their hearts that he must be honored like the Father.

Jehovah, would-be ruler of the universe

The Jehovah God the Watchtower Publisher is a counter-god who forbids both the honor of Jesus and contact with Jesus. This Jehovah God spreads the pagan teaching that one may have several gods as long as one worships only the one supreme God Jehovah. This Watchtower God tramples on the law (you shall have no other gods beside me), but at the same time insists that Jesus should be treated differently than the Father when it comes to honor. To support this antibiblical demand, of course, the Watchtower God must be given a higher position than the Jesus of the Bible. But the Bible speaks of Jesus as our sole ruler:

Judas 4 ... and deny our only ruler and Lord Jesus Christ.

If Jesus is our only ruler, where do we put the Watchtower God? Does the Watchtower God Jehovah still have room in the Bible? – No. And in order to displace Jesus, the Watchtower Society worldwide is organizing the heresy of this Jehovah God. This paper god, to be honored as the highest ruler of the universe, is to displace our sole ruler Jesus. They deny our sole ruler and Lord Jesus Christ. They imitate Christians and yet are only propagandists of the adversary. They carry their "knowledge" around with them in their briefcases and cannot recognize that they are servants of the false doctrine, and deny our sole ruler and Lord Jesus Christ.

The usual Watchtower argumentation

Jehovah's Witnesses like to argue with the fact that Jesus said: The Father is greater than I am. And they ask, Who did he worship? Himself?

When Jesus was man, he had given up his divinity. As a man, Jesus had to truthfully make the statement: The Father is greater than I am. For he was humbled and human. What would humanity have had of Jesus if he had humbled himself only half or two thirds? And if he had not humbled himself at all, he would have had to destroy all of us immediately and without grace, because God is absolutely just. Close to him, sin is at the mercy of immediate evaporation. God humbled Himself, disarmed Himself completely and died for us so that we human beings did not have to be destroyed immediately. With this he himself satisfied his absolute justice and showed his absolute love.

To use the humanity of God, which took place in Jesus, as argumentation that Jesus is certainly not God, is a primitive carnal thinking, which can only affect people who classify themselves higher than the Word of God.

Where the lie is at home

The lie is at home wherever Jesus does not rule. People have a strange tendency to charge themselves with all kinds of masters as long as they don't have to look at Jesus. But they also like to be Christian and claim that Bible knowledge can save them. But they have another Lord than Jesus Christ, a Lord who forbids them to have contact with Jesus. Thus they are identical with the people who serve money and power. They are equipped with a Christian-looking facade, but they serve a Jehovah God invented by humans so that as many as possible are lost.


Despite all the enlightenment, the disadvantage remains that people cannot really be reached. Even people who have received all this clear information refuse, out of loyalty to slavery to the worldwide brotherhood of Jehovah's Witnesses, to really accept the Bible as the basis of their faith. They are trapped in one of the most original forms of fanaticism, a fanaticism that camouflages itself with non-violence, piety and love. The religionists, who hope to improve their lives with herbs and moon-phase interpretation, surf on a similarly harmless wave. Gurus and healers, people who preach love, but look at Jesus – if at all – only from a distance, they are the brothers and sisters of the Watchtower aberration. They work actively and sustainably to make people forget Jesus.


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