The Wave – Nazis, Jehovah's Witnesses and the free market

What do the Nazis, Jehovah's Witnesses and the free market have in common?

What a provocative thesis! You can't do that to Jehovah's Witnesses! And the free market, it really can't help it, can it?

But there are parallels between these three, which are so substantial that all three are to be marked with the word faschistoid. The believing Christian (i.e. the Christian who actually believes to be in direct connection with Jesus) sees fascism as a direct effect of the distance of man from God initiated by Lucifer. All blessings that result from the proximity to God are reversed in the distance from God into the most terrible effects of evil. In the distance from God, death is not only the end point and the consequence of wrong behavior and faith, but there is death, horror vision, terror, endless torment, hopeless imprisonment, tragic error, man's self-exaltation, the complete destruction of man.

The complete destruction of man manifests itself first in the abandonment of one's own thinking, followed by fanatization with the accompanying phenomenon that all good values are reversed. In the meantime there is already "sacrifice" of the individual for the great idea. This is followed by a broadly distributed unconscious indifference. In the end, in the alternating bath of fatalism and arrogant snootiness, every instruction is rejected and the psychological as well as the physical death – the downfall – is rather accepted.

The broadband of the satanic world influence allows the infiltration of fascism into mechanisms and constructions which do not seem to be suitable for this purpose. From the corporate manager to the Jehovah's Witness supervisor to the superintendent in a concentration camp, the people are not only susceptible to the influence of the devil, but they are even dependent on him, because without strict adherence to the anti-godly rules of life and action they could not succeed at all within these human associations of National Socialism, Watchtower Society and the free market.

Without being directly dependent on the principles of the devil, no Ackermann, no Zumwinkel, no G. W. Bush, no Hitler, no Goering, no terrorist could succeed. All are deliberately or unintentionally in the direct guidance of Satan, who asserts his influence on the world and thus puts Jesus to the test. The world under the leadership of this Prince of Night has only one goal: Jesus must be eliminated or at least trivialized.

For this Satan uses every person who does not expressly place himself under the guidance of Jesus. They are Eucharistic Catholics, they are friendly grinning Buddhists, they are financial corporate leaders, they are instructing Jehovah's Witnesses, they are inhuman thinking economic experts, they are determined terrorists, they are all who have the goal of the One World Government. These are all people who regard their own advantage as the core of their thinking and acting and glorify it.

All these manifestations of seduction under the yoke of Satan have in common that the high representatives of these groups become religiously seeming leaders, that people believe their words with religious zeal, that everything merges into a large religious community. Politics and science become religious institutions, the theory of evolution becomes an act of daily missionary work through television and other media, all with the aim of influencing people's thinking through foreign control. And they are successful with it.

But what are the similarities of National Socialism with the Jehovah's Witnesses and the free market?

  • The great realization factor is discipline.
    Under Hitler and the faithful and understanding slave this factor is clear. In the free market, discipline finds room in competitiveness. Competitiveness is praised by the ideology of the free market as a great diction that justifies everything. Competitiveness is where the market soldier grits his teeth.
  • The lubricant and the power-giving working environment is the community spirit.
    In the free market, the community spirit is the common bond in the absolute competition. Only the supreme leaders may break through this community spirit by collusion. This infidelity to the spirit of community is also practiced with impunity by the leaders of National Socialism and the Watchtower Society.
  • People's own thinking is consistently switched off.
    Fascism is inconceivable without locking away the active brain. The free market replaces one's own thinking with principles of faith which everyone involved "means to know". It is never admitted that it is only a human-directed faith.
  • Those who do not willingly follow the goal of the system will be downgraded and, if necessary, switched off.
  • The idea on which the system is based is elevated to a law of nature.
    In Hitler's case, the assertiveness of the superior Aryan was elevated to a natural law. In the free market it is the market mechanisms that are made natural laws in support of the doctrine. For Jehovah's Witnesses, doctrine is not only natural law, but God's law. Thus, the Jehovah's Witnesses on this side are even more secure in their rigidity and "loyalty" of the blinded than under Hilter's vision and under the vision of the free market.
  • The alternative to unconditional participation is doom.
    All Nazis, all Jehovah's Witnesses, all slaves of the free market have made themselves dependent on the respective promise of salvation. The most open and conscious handling of this fact can be found in National Socialism, in which the expectation of salvation found expression in the greeting "Heil Hitler".
  • The desire gain recruits itself from the switched off own conscience.
    Finally the daily conscience fight is over! At last you can let yourself be pretended by any guide. This is reflected in all three fascisms as a fast and clearly perceptible effect for everyone. Thus man gains a superficial peace, which he can immediately perceive as an advantage in his everyday life. The disconnection of one's own conscience is the basis for "joyful going forward". Whether in the war against Judaism, in sermon service or in the competition of the free market. At last man can walk over corpses without burdening his own conscience. (The sermon service is the direct execution of Satan's command. Jehovah's Witness distributes literature with demons and preaches that Jesus is not God. He kills worse than Hitler and the free market.)
  • The question of meaning is eliminated and replaced by the direct part in the given consciousness of the community.
    In the expectation of salvation within the ideological group, all references to other systems and ideas are eliminated and the system's own structure and purpose is elevated to the throne of faith. This constitutes the unnatural and the satanic of fascism. One answers virtually all questions oneself and no longer has to wait for answers from other directions. Especially not for answers from God.
  • Human feelings are controlled according to the guidelines of the group leadership. In most cases they are systematically switched off, or at least rectified.
    Even the emotional balance of the human being gets under fascist influence into foreign control. The ideal case represents the character template trimmed to the fascist group and is called perfection. The most open handling of this phenomenon takes place in the Watchtower Society, while National Socialism propagates this goal only covertly. The free market deals with the problem of perfection even more covertly and speaks of "being well-positioned", which, however, refers to the group in the system. In the free market, it is not the individual, but the grouping that is the bearer of the perfection to be striven for.
  • The attitude of the individual participant is rigid and cannot be influenced by arguments.
    The absolute dependence of the individual is part of the ideal in fascism. Any deviation from the fascist objective leads to psychological irritations which can destroy the participant. In this point the free market is still far away from the goal, but in the ideological struggle all parallel proposals have already been handed down to absurdity.
  • Ethical values are one hundred percent behind the Group's maxims.
    Without the destruction of ethical values, the killing of millions of non-Aryan people and the denial of blood transfusions are not possible. Without the destruction of ethical values, the implementation of market-immanent destruction is not possible. This is where the very practical turning away from God takes place.
  • The losses of humanity and the losses of people are fatefully accepted.
    The consequence of the elimination or relativization of all ethical values is a change of the fascist-influenced people. They dull under fascist influences and become machines that run unswervingly. Here we can see in all three configurations the freezing cold with which the death of people is accepted. One's own mercy is sacrificed to the system. Man works. Darwin's selection mechanism takes place in all three fascisms and replaces all selection criteria that come from God. This becomes particularly clear in the Watchtower Society, which replaces God's selection principle of grace with its own selection pattern and makes the survival of the individual dependent on it. In the Watchtower Society, in this way the union of a religion with the worldly view of modern "science" is realized, thus building a direct bridge between the principles of Lucifer and an earthly religion that calls itself Christian.
  • Open contradictions and errors of thought are concealed by force, but if necessary also by sophisticated lies.
    The person beaten in dependence defends himself with all permissible and inadmissible means against the uncovering of the error. Too many impending losses prevent his conversion and he prefers to take the side of obvious weakness rather than admit error.
  • All those involved have nothing to do with Jesus and suffer from stomach pains, headaches, unspeakable rage, helplessness, unbridled arrogance, desperate actions, stubborn denial and from the clinging to the old way of thinking born of necessity, which has demonstrably led to a dead end.
    Jesus is the epitome of repentance and continual self-examination. No man can accomplish and persevere with this on his own. But he is dependent on the permanent support of Jesus. That is why Jesus causes ridicule, rejection and disgust among people who are influenced by fascism.

All in all, we can say that all people have the fascist tendencies within them. Only the return to Jesus as the one who redeems by power alien to man can limit, reduce and finally eliminate this fascistic basic human disposition. As long as man's need for faith is not satisfied by the connection with God, man fills himself with all possible madness and thus follows unconsciously, but also often consciously fascistoid principles.


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