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What does the Bible really teach? This is a question that automatically contains the statement that no one has really understood the Bible yet. Here comes someone who claims with this question that he has understood the Bible. This is known to the whole world from the Watchtower Society and no one doubts that Jehovah's Witnesses are firmly and steadfastly convinced that they are the only ones who understand the Bible.

But how can the truth content of such statements be verified? Are there indications that the Watchtower doctrine is a sophisticated false doctrine? These indications actually exist! Small indications that the Watchtower doctrine is a well thought-out lie can be found again and again in the writings of the Brooklyn writing slaves. They weave terms into their texts that betray the true facts. However, they do it in such a hidden way that only particularly attentive readers can smell the fuse or enjoy it.

What does the Bible really teach? (page 7)

Getting to know your own Bible

After first giving the impression that no one is really interested in the Bible, the own Bible is mentioned quite by chance. The reader involuntarily associates that this "own Bible" must probably mean the one that has been unread on the shelf for years. The much more plausible interpretation, however, refers to the Bible changed by Jehovah's Witnesses itself. They cannot write: "Getting to know the Watchtower Society Bible."That would be too obvious. So they weave in the little word "own" and lean back in their writing chairs grinning and enjoy the malicious joy of their own Bible of lies.

The integration of small insider hints

The Jehovah's Witnesses involved in the production of the texts are always happy to incorporate small insider tips into their work. On the one hand this gives the possibility to identify oneself as Antichrist to their Masonic brothers, on the other hand nobody who has been deceived by their writings can later claim that he could not have recognized the deception. The third possibility to consider is that the author of the Watchtower Society and other sects cannot do without this pride in rising from his cover again and again. What is an antichristian work worth to the author, if he cannot show his refinement and his shrewdness over and over again?

The sequence of references to the satanic origin of the Watchtower doctrine is strangely dense. There will probably be no publication of Jehovah's Witnesses that does not contain such references. These references are often used through the use of subliminal images. In the book "What does the Bible really teach?" on page 5 a woman is depicted whose headgear is a laughing snake and whose belly is girded by the dentures of the dead of a freshly slaughtered human being.

What does the Bible really teach? (page 5)

All these references to the satanic origin of the Watchtower doctrine can be perfectly denied by Jehovah's Witnesses. "This, of course, is all just coincidence and has no meaning." The number of attackers, however, who consider the disclosure of the satanic clues with derogatory and offensive comments, shows in itself, however, that this self-exposure of the Watchtower publications has its programmatic meaning. In addition to the small references in texts and images, there are also whole paragraphs dedicated to the manipulation of the reader. The following text in the book "What does the Bible really teach?", on page 11, should not only be read in relation to oneself, but one should put oneself in the position of a Jehovah's Witness or an "interested person".

What does the Bible really teach? (page 11)

God is also holy (Isaiah 6:3). That is, he is pure through and through. There is not the slightest trace of wickedness in him. That is why we can trust him completely. You can't say that about people because they sometimes change for the worse.

Only he who was sanctified by Jesus and whose sin was erased by Jesus can trust God. In fact, God does not have the slightest trace of wickedness in Him and therefore everything that was not healed by Jesus must perish in the presence of God. This deliberately omits Watchtower theology in order to give the impression that one does not have to take one's own sin and wickedness so seriously. The fact is, however, that without trusting in Jesus, without giving our lives to Jesus, there can be no possibility that we can survive the presence of God.

The second sentence, which speaks of the fact that people cannot always be trusted, colours the matter in the direction that man still has so much good in himself that the sacrifice of Jesus is not so important for him. One only has to avoid (under the guidance of the Watchtower Society) changing very much for the worse. This relativization of the concept of sin and forlornness is imperative for Watchtower theology, because otherwise it would have to admit that it cannot carry out the rescue work at all. Salvation through Jesus, which every believing Christian may claim for himself because it was promised to him through Jesus, that is: promised, cannot be guaranteed by anyone but Jesus. The Watchtower Scriptures therefore always contain only salvation statements in can-do form and with a large portion "perhaps, quite definitely, certainly ..."

This text passage is still addressed to both groups: a) to the newcomer and b) to the reader who is already in the clutches of the Watchtower sect. The meaning of the next sentence, however, is quite different depending on the viewer.

Destruction of evil

And even if influential people mean well, they often do not have the power to repair the damage done by evil people.

The newcomer reads here about the good human influence, which in some cases is not enough to repair the world. This meaning is a bare everyday wisdom that everyone knows. Therefore, the second meaning with an extremely higher probability is the true meaning that the Watchtower Society wants to place here. It reads: "Watch out, interested person or Jehovah's Witness! If you do not obey the Watchtower religion in all respects, well-meaning men will take action against you as a legal committee, and they will mean well with you, but they will certainly exclude you unless you repent (or at least hypocrite). The Watchtower system is already the spiritual paradise on earth, and this new world must be protected from harm. Spiritual unification is the lever that the Watchtower God will also apply to you. If spiritual unification does not work for you, the next paragraph will automatically come into effect:

God, on the other hand, is almighty. He can and will completely eliminate the effects of the wickedness from which humanity still suffers today. If God intervenes, He will eradicate evil once and for all!

Again, both target groups are addressed in approximately the same way. Jehovah's Witness, however, reads this paragraph as the clear threat of the Watchtower God. For both groups of people, Watchtower prisoners and others, it is true that they must be destroyed in the presence of God until God Himself has done the eradication of the evil in them in Jesus. But Jehovah's Witness has the difficult task of protecting himself from annihilation in the presence of God through spiritual conformity, without having given responsibility to Jesus, without having claimed forgiveness of sins through the unique sacrifice of Jesus.

The Watchtower propaganda deliberately conceals the fact that in the process of eliminating evil all people are indeed destroyed, both those who are mentally synchronized and those who are mentally unconnected. Spiritual unification is not the means of salvation that can be found in Jesus. A human system like socialism, communism or the Watchtower religion might offer something like that, but never Jesus Christ. With Jesus only the trust is effective, which accepts him as Saviour and refers to his sacrifice with all sins and wickedness. Jesus erased all sin and wickedness. This small clear statement is the sore point that the Watchtower doctrine must avoid like the plague.

Urgent Warning

Whoever takes the publications of the Watchtower Society at hand without being consolidated in faith in the Lord Jesus runs the risk of being influenced by the tricky trains of thought of the Watchtower doctrine in such a way that he loses the direct possibility of access to Jesus Christ. The texts of the Watchtower religion are designed in such a way that unnoticed a shadow is cast on human perception. The desired spiritual obscuration concerns Jesus Christ himself, of whom the Watchtower God Jehovah claims that one should have no contact with him. The rest of the Watchtower doctrine is a sugared blend of cult and communism. Spiritual unification and irresponsibility manifested in human bleeding to death are the result of this Watchtower "salvation. The annihilation of man has long since taken place under the Watchtower government.

Jesus is degraded and banned from contact, so that the Watchtower religion can save or repudiate as needed. Read in this context the page "The apostasy of Jehovah's Witnesses – an anti-Christian strategy to punish Jesus lies"!

It is quite amazing how the false doctrine of the Watchtower Society ultimately becomes an indication that someone has a decided interest in leading people away from Jesus. In the end, the spiritual unification, which constitutes the actual wheelwork in the Watchtower religion, gives us reason to think about whether Jesus might not be the Son of God, God, who became man, in order to make the communion of man with God possible. The majority view that there is no God and that the universe was created by chance is on the same level as the overwhelming majority of false doctrines. Atheism is pure faith and it voluntarily places itself in the ranks of the false doctrines, because, like them, it is interested in eliminating Jesus as God who has become man.

The great attack of Jehovah's Witnesses is that they accuse God of having to justify his claim to dominion to the people. The free will of man, which God wants to preserve, no longer plays a role here. Only the rule of their Jehovah is the subject of Jehovah's Witnesses. They are on their way to justify the theocratic dictatorship of their Jehovah. They do not know that God loves us and wants to enable, support, and accept the free will of mankind. Man as God's counterpart is only man under free will. Without free will, man is slave and robot. Jehovah's Witnesses are slaves and robots and they are proud of it.


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