Watchtower experiment: First pure language – then gender-appropriate

Gender-fair infiltration already decades old

Under the aspect that the Watchtower religion is only a big sandbox experiment for the global measures of the UN, we recognize with regard to genderism that in this infiltration experiment the gender-fair language has already been tested as pure language for years. The Watchtower experiment is designed to determine the manipulability of the masses in order to plan measures that can be applied to politics and the masses of people according to the aims of Freemasonry.

In the Watchtower 15.01.1991 an article about the pure language was published (pages 24-29). With the help of this article, Freemasonry tested on Jehovah's laboratory rats how much ideal lies people can endure without recognizing this falsity. A great ideal was built to illustrate how genderism works today. The Watchtower test was successful. For the great ideal of gender justice, many chairs are maintained and companies, corporations and city councils force people to think and write gender-fairly. (All quotations come from the above-mentioned Watchtower article.)

Quote: The pure language ...


Two things are immediately recognizable. It's about global orientation and it's about religion. We find both criteria in genderism. Its representatives promote an ideological, religionist development which is characterized by the exclusion of all critics as in a religion. And, of course, the genderists expect the whole world to improve. The Watchtower experiment anticipated all this. After sufficient examination of the manipulability of humans, the Watchtower results could be implemented politically. Today, pure gender language is firmly established in German institutional society. The faithful of the gender religion do not know that their piety has already been tested on Jehovah's guinea pigs. In this way, genderists are nothing more than a copy of Jehovah's Witnesses. They are just as unreasonable as they are. Genderists combine the same criteria of stubbornness and merciless use of power as Jehovah's Witnesses.

... pure language causes ... Unity

... help to speak pure language

... pure language even better ... speak

Speaking pure language

The Christian Touch of Humanism and the Political Religion

Humanism adopts Christian feelings and thus replaces Christianity. The modern green-left imagines itself redeemed from its sins by the destruction or massive impairment of our living environment for alleged refugees. Gender and climate mania are also the first means of making oneself popular with God of Humanism. All these extreme means of rescue propagated by the UN lack any human and logical basis. So-called refugees are much better helped in their home countries. Climate change is just a big hoax and gender language is the most exposed nonsense the world has ever seen.

All these abstruse lies were pre-tested in the Watchtower experiment and are now reflected as applied politics in the UN's greatest mockery of humanity. At no time have Freemasons enjoyed such success as they do today. All this was made possible by decades of meticulous research into human oppression in the Watchtower experiment.

A pure language for all peoples

Convert the language of peoples into a pure language

... pure language ... the right understanding

encourage to learn the pure language

Uno – Watchtower Society – Common Origin

Freemasonry has given rise to many works and institutions, all of which of course have a good reputation among the people. A lot of money is made available for the important profiteers. George Soros stands for this freemasonically targeted and earmarked distribution of money. The EU is also such a money distribution machine. It is the best way of identifying the targeted manipulation of money recipients.

The Watchtower Society also comes from the hands of these destroyers of humanity, who worship the devil in their high degrees. On closer inspection, it becomes increasingly clear that the creators of the Watchtower religion had a certain thing in mind. For what was tested in the Watchtower experiment is today applied as politics all over the world, entirely according to the Watchtower experiences.

The parallels and correspondences between the WTS and the UN are so complex that they can only be meaningfully recorded one by one. Here we look at the experiment with pure language in the Watchtower sandbox. But generally there is an even more frightening parallel between the Jehovah's Witnesses and the modern Greens and Left: the argumentative inaccessibility.

If we want to speak pure language

keep pace with pure language

Learn the pure language

Immune to arguments through brainwashing

A descendant of a Nazi clan chooses green all his life. Arguments put forward in view of Merkel's policy do not reach him. He sucks on his beer bottle and looks determinedly at the opposite wall.

A person who has never been a nationalist is committed to voting for the AfD with immediate effect. He is now the family nazi. The whole clan despises him and his extremism.

The employees of a company are all green-left and are all very funny and in a good mood. As soon as the language comes to Islam and its dangers, their faces darken and you don't want to know what they are thinking.

An SPD member retires. He tells enthusiastically how he will now enjoy his life by travelling all over the world. With the objection, but perhaps also to think about whether it can go on like this with the refugee country, the conversation is abruptly directed to cookies and how they are made.

A person on the phone hears the saying: Merkel must leave. His reaction: No, no, no, no, no, no, no ... as if he had to cast out a demon for himself.

It should be noted that the Green Left, as well as Catholics and Jehovah's Witnesses, cannot be reached for arguments. The stubborn ideological conviction found in Jehovah's Witnesses is just as much at home with Green Left as it is with Catholics and Jehovah's Witnesses. The trick Freemasonry uses is to elevate humanism to the status of a single religion. No one can come to God who does not pay homage to humanism. Freemasons are the masters of ideology. They have people under control who indulge in ideological content uncritically. This is pure watchtower society. Greens are unwittingly the successors of Jehovah's Witnesses. The same goes for the left. They have been brainwashed by ideology. No one can talk to them anymore. Not even good jokes can be found, but only the shallow conversation about the weather.

... if we want to speak the pure language fluently

Learning pure language

who learn pure language

Through pure language

Methods of fascist rule

The German is still a master man. With Nazi methods he forces the brave fellow runners and boycotts everything and everyone who dares to express criticism. Those who do not write their work in the pure language of gender at university have to bear the consequences themselves. The world of the Nazis is taking shape again in Germany. The violence against the political enemy also receives applause again. The Antifa blows down everything that opens its mouth.

This blind following, always according to the leader as it is characteristic of the Merkel system, can also be found in the Watchtower Society. And, as one would expect, millions of master-human Muslims are brought to Germany. It is amazing how much today's Germany resembles the most despotic religions.

To speak pure language is to show brotherly love

that the speaking of pure language ...

To speak pure language means to pay attention to our behaviour

Advice on pure language for families

The UN puts the whole world into religious rapture

The whole world, first of all Germany, has fallen into religious humanism rapture. The whole world should recover from the German being, and therefore the Germans are obliged to join in everything that the UN thinks up that is wrong. The fact that hypocrisy has already progressed much further in Sweden must be concealed. The Swedes have become so dishonest that they protest on the streets that they will also accept a so-called refugee privately. But if at this moment a so-called refugee is presented for immediate quartering, the Swedes suddenly have no time.

The religiosity of the Greens and the Left is so sick that a Goering-Eckhardt can say that Greta Thunberg is a prophetess. And these people advocate the death of children for religious freedom! This is the fundamental prerequisite for the takeover by fascism in humanistic garb. The Watchtower experiment anticipated this.

Speak pure language with others

... to teach others pure language

Continue to speak pure language at every opportunity

Everyone must be careful to learn and speak the pure language, because only those who do will survive Armageddon.

The power of the green left

Just as the Watchtower religion guards its sheep with the whip of the end of the world, so do the Greens and the Left. They do not even realize that they are not only personally behaving like Jehovah's Witnesses, but that they follow the Watchtower Plan from the smallest to the largest. There they are with their rimless 2000 Euro glasses, with grey hair, well groomed, but hopelessly brainwashed. Completely Jehovah's Witnesses. Only the latter don't have the money for these expensive glasses.

[Walking] in harmony with pure language

... today in accordance with pure language ...

Respect for pure language

help to spread pure language even more effectively

How sick is the gender mania?

The Great World Brotherhood, built by Freemasonry, is realized like the Jehovah's Witnesses in dogmas so hollow and sick that any child can see through deceit and stupidity. Gender mania is the most beautiful example of the nonsense that Freemasonry expects of human beings. But the Watchtower Experimental Phase has shown that it works. And surprisingly, gender madness is spreading very finely and particularly well in intellectual circles!

Who would have ever thought that worldwide the embarrassment and exposure of intellectuals would succeed?! The unmasking of the human intellect by the gender sciences is so lasting that it will probably replace everything that ever seemed stupid and remained a proverb or joke. The citizens of Schilda have had their day forever. And Jehovah's Witnesses are lucky that they don't have to take the place of Schilda's citizens. Because the gender scientists have taken this place immediately and probably for all eternities.


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