Protestant Church wants to deepen dialogue with Islam

Because the people are so addicted to harmony

The Protestant Church falls into practical action. The Protestant Church is not concerned with faith, but "basic competence in matters of faith". While Jehovah's Witnesses are saved crystal clear through knowledge, the Protestant Church is not quite that far yet. It does not talk about salvation, but only about basic competence in matters of faith. One agrees on the political impact of the accumulated power of opinion and stands away from faith and Jesus Christ.

Quote EKD Press Office, Carsten Splitt

The Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) wants to continue and intensify the interreligious dialogue with Islam. ... Every fundamentalist understanding of religion should ... unanimously and unequivocally. ... This requires religious education and a fundamental competence in matters of faith. ...


With the rejection of any fundamentalist understanding of religion, the Protestant Church completely and rigorously rejects Islam. How do these people imagine this at all? They want to continue and intensify the interreligious dialogue with Islam, but at the same time they reject this religion in its entirety. Where does so much spiritual flexibility come from? Can someone drive in the direction of A and at the same time walk in the direction of B? Apparently these people live in an area where there are these traffic signs: "All directions". These people have been so often guided by these signs that they have deeply integrated the fundamental contradiction into their thinking.

The Protestant Church has degenerated into a council society whose supreme councils think far from logic and notice nothing. They would have distinguished between Christian and Muslim fundamentalism. Then they would not have had to reject Islam. But so they gave Islam a kick and watched it fall down the cliff, hit it again and again against a rocky wall and finally smashed it to the ground.

And how does the Protestant church want to excuse itself from the lie that it wants to continue and intensify the interreligious dialogue with Islam? How can someone speak friendly to the dying person after the death blow? Has the Protestant Church no consciousness of sin? How can it reject fundamentalism and still want to have a dialogue with Islam?

Presumably the Protestant Church has no fundamental competence in fundamentalism and in the assumption of power inviolably laid down in the Koran. Apparently the church council is a kind of playground for drug addicts and left-green occultists. How else can a leading authority of a church lie and hypocrite so blatantly? Don't these funny people know that when Islam comes to power all followers and integrated people have to fight the death struggle according to all the rules of the Koran if they don't want to be killed themselves? And if these funny people really don't know these facts, how could they rise to a council of churches?

Quote EKD Press Office, Carsten Splitt

The Christian faith could only be represented by those who at the same time recognized the right of other convictions.


The opposite is true. Convictions play no role at all for a Christian. Only faith counts. Therefore for a Christian convictions are not at all a yardstick for the representation of the Christian faith. The Christian faith can only be represented by those who have come to know Jesus personally and have noticed that they are lost without Jesus Christ. But this biblical view, which is also the experience of every true Christian, is not only regarded as nothing by the councillors of the Protestant Church, but also as particularly reprehensible, since it is fundamentalist. Here we have a special tactical case worth mentioning: Fundamentalism is condemned. If someone now says that he is not a fundamentalist, but simply a Christian, then the Protestant council judges go here and stick a piece of paper on the man's forehead, on which it is written: Fundamentalist! How important and meaningful is the work of these important gentlemen of the Council? Without them there would certainly not be this spiritual twist that Mrs. Goering-E. lays down every day.


According to Ruediger Hentschel's lifelong, everyday, unrepresentative survey, 90 percent of non-Muslims are not only superficial but also completely unaware of Islam and its death book. The egoistic, superficial do-gooderd rule the most and one is better informed about the current prices for fresh cheese. In such an environment, the fly agaric of the Evangelical peace, joy and butter biscuit mentality can of course grow and flourish magnificently. And if they have not gone in all directions, they still live today.


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