Watchtower Experiment: Preaching Water, Drinking Wine

Another parallel between Jehovah's Witnesses and the Greens

Jehovah's Witness Governing Body Flies First Class

Minute 5:45 shows exactly how the Greens behave. "We always travelled first class. Brother Rutherford once said to me, "I want you to take first class every time you travel. And I did. Brother Heath, Rutherford's secretary, did it, Nathan Knorr did it, and Freddy Franz did it. Our whole group did. It wasn't about comfort. We had the right to do it"

Greens preach the railway and fly business

"While they fire their flocks in the CO² madness, the green leadership flies cheerfully short distance."

Parallels of Religions

The Greens and the Watchtower Society are delusionally lying religions. The parallels between these are so obvious that the end is inevitable: Behind both stand the same initiators and supporters. Behind the Greens stands Soros, the disguised money distributor of Freemasonry. In the Watchtower Society, the creation and maintenance of lies by Freemasonry is more than likely and well documented (especially on these pages).

The handwriting of Freemasonry is also confirmed in the everyday behaviour of these religions. The fact that the Greens can deceive 22 percent of the population with their lies puts the state of mind of the Germans in a sad light. Also the Freemasonry-supported Federal Chancellor favours the green lies and integrates the Freemasonic climate lie into her "government work". The Germans have never been cheated in such a way and censorship brings about an upswing that has never been seen before in Germany.

Watchtower Technology: Excluding AfD

In times of overloading by wild migration, the long-established parties and NGO instances fear a possible awakening of the people in Germany. For this reason, the technology of the Watchtower Society is now being used. Just as in the Watchtower religion people are rigorously and arbitrarily excluded, German parties and NGOs take action against the AfD.

The reaction to critical thinking in our society is very much parallel to the practice of the Watchtower. When do people realize that they have sat on Masonic religions? The thesis that in the Watchtower Experiment current politics were and are developed, researched and tested in great detail is confirmed in every detail.

The most terrible lies are put before the people and nobody notices anything!


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