Dear Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution

A hint telephone is missing

Ladies and Gentlemen,

on your website you have set up possibilities to call you if someone is suspecting right-wing extremism/terrorism, imperial citizens and self-governors as well as Islamist terrorism and if someone can name people who apparently pursue such things or make appropriate preparations.

I'm sure you won't be disinclined if I report the AfD first. They're all right-wing Nazis, aren't they? On the other hand, you will probably turn up your nose if I tell you that the Greens and the Left are using their policies to create conditions like in the Third Reich. There is no longer bought from the Jews, people lose their job because they have a different opinion or go out to eat with a member of the AfD, and people are attacked and beaten up.

One reporting option is missing

Please also set up a message phone to report people who are destroying Germany. These are people whose goal is to eliminate German industry, to make Germany's energy supply collapse through the senseless shutdown of power plants, these are people who seem trained to return the Federal Republic to the GDR after reunification, where everyone had to betray everyone. These are people who have in fact been ice-coldly disregarding normal laws for a long time. These are people who have nothing else in mind but to eradicate the friendliness towards the Jews in Germany by the mass settlement of generic Jew-haters from Islamic countries.

These are people who promote deadly religions at all costs. These deadly religions are the Islam and the Watchtower religion, on which on 30 January 2018 a six-year-old boy from Walldorf died.

Since you have not set up such a telephone, I hereby inform you, with this text on the Internet, that Dr. Angela Merkel is the destroyer of Germany. And I report to you the Deutsche Bundesbahn that marcially supports Jehovah's Witnesses, although this religion kills people in a row.

Turning on your brain can be of great importance to us and may save lives. If, however, you remain in the position of classifying the destroyers of Germany and the series murder of the Watchtower religion as necessary and legal, you are complicit in the lethal actions of certain people as a constitutional protector. Then you are one of the most powerful gravediggers of our liberal basic system.


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