Migration Holocaust Denial AfD Destruction

They destroy the AfD by denying the Holocaust

If you want to do something that is absolutely important for our future, you will certainly have a few free riders who trickily deny the Holocaust. While the black Muslim men are sitting in my garden grinning broadly, I find that there are still idiots who deny the Holocaust on the Internet, especially on Youtube. I fear for my life here and cannot move freely and so Hans Meier produces himself as a Holocaust denier by not only publishing the lecture of the woman pictured below, but also praising her.

The Chancellor of Islam, Angela Merkel, lives and breathes precisely from these bubbles of idiocy and denial of reality! This Hans Meier brings many important facts about the refugee weapon against Germany, but then also in a double version to weave in a Holocaust lecher in the robe of a friendly granny. Who does this Hans Meier work for? Perhaps this person is not in truth called Seibert Seibertsohn after all? The impression that this Hans Meier is anxious to undermine the movement against the invasion of Islamic men is obvious.

What does the Mason do when he wants to support Angela Merkel? He publishes videos against Angela Merkel, in which the Holocaust denial occurs inconspicuously. And he spins the lecture of the old Nazi grandmother twice in a row.

Unfortunately, my channel was finally removed.

For a better understanding of the Nazi grandmother I cut out about 90 percent of her lecture. One should not do distracting and tricky mind appeasing parts of such a lecture at all. In the first part of the remaining speech of the nice Nazi grandmother the holy word of the Jew-haters, namely the word "protocols", is promptly mentioned. Of course this must not be missing in a proper Jewish extermination propaganda. In this way the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion (an invented anti-Semite geilisation draft) is brought to bear quite incidentally and made credible as a basis. The Nazis and the Nazi grandma know exactly from the "protocols" – everything and above all things. The Jews have always been quite evil and you have to gas them, but the Holocaust, it never happened, it just happened, as we will hear in one of the next excerpts of the Nazi grandmother's lecture. But first we want to enjoy how the non-existent Israel/Juda declared war on Germany!

Next comes the self-evident fact that Germany naturally did not start the world wars. Quite clearly. So Zyklon B was certainly never invented, produced and used by Germans. It was only by chance that the concentration camp attendants used the stuff instead of the water to shower the Jews! So the execution of the sympathetic Nazi grandma can and must be further thought. – The Youtube channel Hans Meier can only be an instrument of Freemasonry that is used as support for Angela Merkel and for the defamation of all those who criticize the invasion of Germany with millions of Muslim men.

And then comes the crime the Germans are supposed to have committed, namely the Holocaust! How could this rumor come up! Wasn't it the Protocols and the Jews and Judea and also the Jews and the Jews who raised this absurd rumor? We know the Jews! Oh, the Germans were always kind. The Germans still don't know how to hang someone from short wire loops! – How can a Youtuber give himself up to spreading such Nazi propaganda in the name of resistance against the Masonic planned and initiated flooding of Europe with migrants? The man also switches this sequence unannounced two times in a row. Hans Meier loves Angela Merkel or he gets a lot of money for his actions.

This sequence is the consequent denial of the Holocaust and all prejudices against "the rights" are confirmed. Hans Meier can sit back and let his Antifa girlfriend pour him the next hash tea. As underlining these lies comes the next section: "Who is actually a hater for the people? Who sows hatred? All three, like many other German incitement fighters, were Jews;

Finally, I left a word from the Nazi grandmother with which she covered up her skilfully threaded Holocaust denial to a certain extent. But who wants to believe a Nazi grandmother who denied the Holocaust a few minutes earlier? Isn't it beautiful how any resistance to the Muslim hyper-invasion can be defamed by Holocaust denial? This is really a game without borders.


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