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Basic rights removed by Merkel's grace

Europe-wide communism is on the way

Demo dates

Since April, people who have woken up have been demonstrating every Saturday from 2 p.m. at the entrance to Reichelsheim below the Aldi parking lot against the imposed corona measures and the government's crisis management.

Last Saturday it rained cats and dogs in Reichelsheim. However, the demo participants did not let themselves be put off by this. The oppression of the people by the Merkel regime weighs too heavily. In the meantime, children have already died under the Merkel mask. In personal discussions, the assessment of the parties also played a role. Politicians' addiction to importing new voters will massively change Europe, culminating in the amputation of thieves' left or right hands.

Link to the Reichelsheim website


You can admire the Antifa on Mondays from 18:00 o'clock in Walldorf. The sayings they spread by megaphone have roughly the intelligence level of drunks on their way home. Slightly restricted. Example: "Your shit, we never believe it! " There is a good cooperation between the church and the Antifa. The ringing of bells is certainly computerized. The pastor showed this live on Monday, October 5, 2020, by deviating not inconsiderably from the allegedly given times. The church silences the people. The Antifa too.

Left-wing extremist takes snitch photos

When fascist communism is established in Europe, the commissioners and functionaries in office will open thick books containing the photos that these left-wing radicals take today of those who think differently. Are that you? Off to the cell with the wire noose.

The Merkel state lives from insecurity. One loses one's job when criticizing the state, one loses one's own child when not isolating like the Jehovah's Witnesses do. One is attacked on the street. Who did it? Merkel did it. Or is there someone else who is responsible for this development? Merkel is a GDR-trained propaganda expert from her youth on.

Sinsheim, Walldorf, Weinheim

Dr. Fiechtner spoke in Weinheim. He was removed once or twice from the BaWü state parliament by police force, although he is a member of that parliament. The Muslim lady who ordered this procedure and behaved childishly in the process had enough support from all parties. This shows how the future looks like.

We will probably hear even more muslim broken-voice screaming in the future.

Walldorf every Monday at 18:00 on the turntable

More and more people are realizing the atrocities of the Federal Trouser Suit Government. It is an explosive mixture of communism, Islamization and measures against the own population. But how many people are still so naive that it is impossible to describe it? Even participants in the demonstration are so ill-informed that they listen to information with an empty gaze and shrug their shoulders. The thick end is yet to come. Many will only wake up when the SPD has officially renamed itself to the Sharia Party of Germany.

The lives of young people will be different. When the foreign culture will have taken over, there will be no room left for the indigenous German minority. Then the emigration movement, which has already grown strongly today, will only be slowed down by walls.

Heilbronn, the city with one of the highest Muslim rates

It makes you afraid to walk through certain streets at certain times. In Heilbronn, I experienced how aggressive looks and gestures made me so afraid that in my life I will never again enter this street at this time of day.

The insecurity of the Germans is the federal trouser suit program. Mrs. Merkel has never apologized for any of the thousands of stabbed and raped people. For if she did, her immediate resignation would be announced.

The Antifa and its highly praised solidarity

Those who show international solidarity with everything take everything under their wings that is evil. How can one only show solidarity with mass murderers? Stalin, Lenin and today's supernumeraries of communism enjoy the special solidarity of antifa. But through international solidarity, the antifa becomes Do-gooderism in itself. Whoever accepts this uncritically is naive to the max. And becomes an accomplice.


Oh yes, the antifa.

How many murders, wars, injustices were there already in Christianity ?

You must also write this on these pages Mr. Hentschel, for the sake of finding the truth.

Otto [October 12, 2020]

Yes, Otto, what is happening in Christianity is almost unbearable. Christianity only continues its evil tradition by muzzling people. The church works together with the Antifa. Today in Walldorf, first the Protestant trombone choir sounded against the people, then the church jangled the speech dead, then the Antifa replaced the Protestant trombone choir. Christianity was and is too often only stupid do-gooderism. I agree with you there, Otto. [RH]

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