Moenchengladbach speech against Ms Merkel

From a live broadcast of Carsten Jahn

Dear people, I am not the most proficient speaker, it is more important what I say, not how I say it. We are at a demonstration against violence, against violence in any form, from any direction, from anybody, against anyone. And that is the right thing to do. The shit is not just steaming, it is already boiling over and we do not even notice it.

Migrants, Muslims, Antifa, Left and Right are specifically used by Ms Merkel to start a war in Germany and Europe. Namely the third damn world war.

This war is not fought with nuclear weapons, but against people. With and against them. These people are being used, we are being used. It is a war that none of us will win. This woman wants to destroy us at all costs. For this purpose she is entitled to any means and at the same time she does not care about any skin colour, origin or religion. Every migrant, every movement and everyone who follows her blindly is a useful idiot for her, who – if no longer needed – is thrown away.

This applies to a Carola Rackete as well as to the Antifa and to anyone who can be harnessed for her goals. They all serve only their cold-blooded plan. For them, we are nothing more than chess pieces that can be moved back and forth and used at will and played off against each other in a targeted manner, with the mainstream media fully supporting them. They are shooting at all those who oppose the restriction of freedom of expression. Don't you notice that?!

We give away our freedom and our self-determination. But all those who support it now and who are also supported by the media and openly by politicians will also be the first to be hanged. This was still the case with every revolution where dictators are or were put into office.

The history of Iran after Khomeini seized power is only one of many examples from history. We have not been people with rights for a long time. This also applies to all Muslims and people of other nations who live peacefully with us here. Everyone is only used ruthlessly for targeted moves to lead us all in the direction of destruction. We have allowed this to happen. We have not paid attention to what is most important to us, our freedom, our democracy and our rule of law. We have not respected our values, we have forgotten our history.

We're gonna lose everything if we don't stick together and stand firm now. Our time in peace is over. Our peace is already history. The declaration of war came through the back door this time. If we continue to divide and allow ourselves to be drawn in front of the various carts for foreign interests and do not now hold together unconditionally, we will seal our end.

We have allowed freedom, democracy and our legal order to be massively damaged and almost destroyed. Mrs Merkel hates us! And our country! And this hatred also includes Muslims and migrants, because they too are used unscrupulously and also exploited mercilessly. It uses everything and every means at its disposal to damage us and ultimately consecrate us to death.

She's clearly pursuing her own goals. This must be clear to all of you. You can't seriously overlook that. She has already sealed our end.

She sits everything out and insults the heads of state of other countries in order to create even more discord. It is tearing the whole world into chaos. We must not allow this to happen here, in Europe or in the world. If we want to save anything else, we must support those forces which are doing their best to fight against it. Those who want to intervene to regulate and safeguard. Wanting to protect us and to whom it is made so difficult by media and political bombardment, by opinion dictatorship and deliberate weakening.

We're running out of time if it's not already too late. Every minute of waiting is now lost time. We can no longer go to small wars over non-discriminatory children's carnival costumes when the country is round and there is no more peace. Because we no longer live in peace! But too many have not yet noticed it.

Get up, fight for our country and our homeland and above all for peace! So that we and our children have a future. Because the truth is, the future of our children is Mrs. Merkel completely indifferent. And it doesn't matter what skin colour, religion or origin these children have.

For a long time it has not been about left or right, man or woman, poor or rich, because everything that serves to divide, to divide, to stir each other up is right. And we have allowed this to happen for far too long. We have not protected the most precious thing we had. And that is our freedom.

The highest good is freedom. Here people and groups are deliberately played off against each other in order to destroy us all. She doesn't care about our skin colour or origin, our faith or how each of us sees the world. For her, we are only chess pieces on a playing field. Wake up!

Mrs Merkel, I despise you for the contempt you have shown your country and its people. I despise you for mercilessly using people of every origin, faith and colour to cold-heartedly push through your goals in order to lead us into a war that will serve only your interests.

You alone are responsible for everything that has happened, is still happening and will happen. They have betrayed people and used us all in the most shameful way.

Abdicate immediately and at once!

If there are still people with hearts and minds in this government, then I appeal to you not to let us down! Do not let yourself be led into ruin. You cannot have seriously gone into politics for that.

Preventing a war and living in peace doesn't make me a Nazi. Hopefully a peaceful revolution is still possible. We must not allow the whole world to be inflamed by Mrs Merkel.

I want peace, freedom not only here, but also with our neighbors. Rise, out on the streets, make yourselves strong for peace, basic law and our constitution, which is the most valuable thing we have. We must now be inseparable and stand together. You can talk about everything else later on in a matter of fact and on your ears.


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