Lies as the basis of life spoil our society

... and every single person

Life was born by chance and the monkey became Santa Claus, with whom the children are lied to. Children are lied to by adults who in turn live in great deceit. They believe the public media and don't realize that their livelihood consists of lies.

How could life arise by chance?

Just as the climate cult consists of hardcore lies, the theory of evolution also consists of lies. Everyone can easily prove whether life originated by chance. By cooking spaghetti he can prove it. He only needs a pot that is big enough. If the spaghetti is stirred by chance just as it is in the package, then the proof is given that life came into being by chance. Take your time for the proof. You have unlimited chances!

Upright walk, just in time

Can sincerity develop from lies? Can politics be useful if it is based on ideological lies and fraud? When people address weak points and expose the deceit, they are oppressed by force. From this perspective, the theory of evolution is almost plausible. For only death and violence can arise from lies. Death and violence characterize the communist, inter-national-socialist policy of Mrs Merkel and her henchmen.

List of current lies

Lie Truth
Islam means peace. – Islam is a religion of peace. Islam means subjugation. – The Islamic religion is a political concept for taking over world domination. This world domination is enforced with death and violence. Everyone can see this in Germany today.
Climate change is man-made. The human influence is there, but it is so small that the atmosphere laughs about it.
CO² is toxic. CO² is life. CO² is the basis for plant growth. If CO² in the atmosphere is reduced, there is the danger of a worldwide famine.
Electric cars are environmentally friendly. Electric cars are already equipped ex works with an environmental pollution, which can only be achieved with a conventional car after ten years of operation. The battery of an electric car causes this environmental destruction and also poses a great danger. In an accident where the electric car catches fire, the fire brigade can only watch the car burn for a long time. You cannot extinguish the burning battery. Do not let anyone get trapped in an electric car in an accident.
Life is created by chance. It is abundantly proven that the theory of evolution is an untrue hypothesis. However, the powers that be are supporting this evolutionary lie, as are all the other lies. Scientists are almost always corrupt and join the fraud for the sake of good money.
Angela Merkel is a member of the CDU. Angela Merkel is only in the CDU for appearances. In reality she is the late revenge of the GDR regime. The destruction of Germany is firmly anchored in her mind and character. This serves the forces to which she owes her lasting power.
The Catholic Church is a Christian church. Catholicism is from the beginning only the adaptation of pagan religions under the power of the great bridge builder (Roman Emperor). The biblical facts were optimally falsified. A Catholic is of eternal death if he does not free himself from this mega-deception.
The Protestant Church is a Christian church. The Protestant Church has long since ceased to consist of Christians, but with a few exceptions it is a collection of inter-National Socialists. It is working intensively on the ethnic replacement and is doing everything to bring Islam to power in Germany and Europe.
The Watchtower Society is the organization of God. The Watchtower Society can only be the devil's organization, because in it the child abuser is protected from legal consequences. Jehovah's Witnesses are turned into cannibals who must be explicitly forbidden from human blood. Dissenting doctrines are punished by breaking off contact, as is the case with the Left Greens.
Germany has become more secure. Germany is overrun by a wave of individual cases. There is no end in sight to the Islamic orgy of individual cases, and the public media either do not report about it at all or only in a strongly trivialized way. One can hardly go out into the streets without being stared at hatefully by Muslims.
The CO² tax will save the climate. The sole purpose of the CO² tax is to raise even more money for the care of Islamic endangering people and migrants. The will of the UN, which is dominated by hundreds of artificial Islamic states, must be fulfilled. Those who do not fulfil the will of the UN cannot become politicians in Germany. If he does, he is automatically a Nazi.
There is freedom of opinion in Germany. Youtube arbitrarily deletes videos and channels that bring unpleasant facts. But the call for bloody violence against the right-wing remains unquenched. Thus Youtube proves that freedom of opinion does not exist in Germany.

The blood that sticks to the fingers of the Islamic ruler is the blood of AfD politicians.
Robert Habeck is a good man and a good democrat. Robert Habeck hankers after the Chinese dictatorship system to realize his interests even faster. Robert Habeck always helps people with other people's money. Robert Habeck is an important representative of the destruction of Germany and the ethnic replacement.
When Islam comes to power, the Greens will co-rule. No, because as soon as Islam has gained the upper hand in Europe or in Germany, the Greens and the Left will be assassinated first. This has been the case in all states where the Greens and the Left had generated support for Islam.
If the AfD governs, the problems will be solved bit by bit. As soon as the AfD moves into government, the EU, the UN and all their vassals will devastate Germany. The German economy will then miraculously sink and a new world war will be considered. Whether Germany will survive this will be decided by whether or not the British will then take sides. The signs do not point to anything good. For then comes the final hour of the destruction of Germany. Will Britain then trust Germany and help Germany?
Angela Merkel will atone for the destruction of Germany. When the Merkel state comes to its deserved end, events will turn and Angela Merkel will be protected by her Masonic protectors from the consequences of her shameful policies.
In the history books the truth about the deadly Merkel government will be written. The history books are always under the influence of the powerful. Angela Merkel will be drawn in the history books as a shining star in the political sky. With headscarf. Only illegal books will tell the truth about this Inter-National Socialist.
Good men rule the world. Stanists rule the world. Hagen Grell, a non-Christian, has an eye for much that is true. His video shocks precisely because, as a non-Christian, he correctly recognizes the signs of the times.

Stanists rule the world

Direct link to the video on Bichute

Racism can only come from white old men. The artificially engineered racial mixing with all its deadly consequences emanates from the UN, which is dominated by hundreds of Islamic artificial mini states.
Diversity is good and an asset.

Direct link to the video on Bichute

The list of lies is obviously incomplete

The list of lies can and must be extended. This is of course about the globally effective lies. The Left and the Greens' propensity to violence is already well known in many circles and more and more people will be aware of it and will be shocked. The same situation will expose Islam as an instrument to oppress and destroy people. And this despite the fact that Islam is already known to people all over the world almost only under the impression of the Islamic attacks. Even Sweden will learn. A time will come when political religions will fail. But the UN already has its plans for this time. Then they will declare peace and security. What happens then is written in the Bible.


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