Politics implements watchtower experiment

Merkelsystem profits from experiences of the Watchtower Society

Jehovah's Witnesses are known around the world to be convinced of the same thing. The public exposure of the peers reveals something that is currently being pushed through with all its might in the Merkel system. What the Watchtower Society has tested for many decades serves as a model for the global Merkel doctrine. Mrs. Merkel serves up the most violent lies to people and at the same time puts them under so much pressure that all those who do not believe these lies are despised and disadvantaged.

From the climate change religion to the totally non-binding migration pact, fairy tales are told to the good people with the help of science dependent on state money. One has to assume that either the One World Government will succeed or that in 50 years' time the history books will contain things that will upset and amuse their readers. Either there is the triumph of the global world government or Angela Merkel is unmasked as the biggest liar in history and Muenchhausen is knocked off his throne.

As in the Watchtower Society the coarsest lies are tried out on obedient good people, so the League of Doctrines Similar to Religion confronts the German public. And just as the Watchtower Society practices the exclusion of those who deviate in their opinion, critically thinking people in Germany are defamed by all means and removed from office.

Even the judiciary can be stretched before the Chancellor's lying carts.

The Deutsche Bundesbahn has long supported only Jehovah's Witnesses.

These relatively small signs suggest that the source of the Watchtower Society is the same source as Merkel's policy. The Watchtower Society was invented by Freemasonry and is still run by it today.

The durability of Merkel is astonishing. It cannot be removed from the Chancellor's office. This is another indication for the background work of the Freemasons. The billionaire Soros cannot be imagined without a Masonic background. It is unthinkable that he is not the front figure of Freemasonry. The naiv looking mount talks about an experiment that we perform. Who are those who call themselves we?

The purpose of the Watchtower Society is the great test run in the sandbox for the One World reign. It has been established that the Masonic network is tight enough to spread the Watchtower Society's lies undisturbed. For some time now, politics has been going the well-tested way. Even the knife murder and rape primitivity of Islam cannot stop the Merkel lie.

How beautiful is Angela Merkel's statement that one should simply sing a few more christian hymns after all.


Just like Jehovah's Witnesses, the Merkel system keeps people in fear.


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