So much on Islam – Merkel has to go!

Dr. Angela Merkel has already achieved a lot in Germany. She has one thing in common with German Chancellor Adolf Hitler. One wonders how many people still have to die before this Chancellor finally resigns!

The newsreel is called Tagesschau today. And Chemnitz is referred to as the whole city as a Nazi people. When will people finally wake up? How many people still have to die for the madness of the German Chancellor?

Jews and Christians are monkeys and pigs according to the Koran. Our Federal Chancellor, Dr. Angela Merkel, ignores this, but is also carrying out exactly the plan that Islam has drawn up for its takeover. How long will this woman be given a free hand? How long will German citizens have to let themselves be called Nazis if they see through the Chancellor's strategy?

Mrs. Merkel defames an entire city as a Nazi pack. Not a single enricher was harmed during the demonstration in Chemnitz and this woman stands up, darkens the room and claims that there were car chases in Chemnitz. And the German media spread this submissively.

German politics is destructive. Left-wing screaming squads scream: "Nationalism, get out of your head!" Left-wing screaming squads demand that the police kill the fascists. But these alleged fascists are only Chemnitzers. Kills all Chemnitzers? And then by the police? The left are broken, inhuman and fulfil what Hitler did not dare to do directly.

The so-called nationalism, which is to be taken away from humans by the police by killing, is a completely natural homeland attitude. Mrs. Merkel works cold as ice against all German citizens who have not yet fallen ill with the Islamic infection. And Muslims describe Germans as sons of bitches and freaks. The questions arise: "Who is the mother of these miscarriages? Who is the mother whore?

Sick Germany lies at Angela Merkel's feet and the media are the ones who suck and suck on it. The media lie has become a matter of course in Germany as it was in Hitler's day. German television reported on Sunday that the people of Chemnitz are now beginning to learn. Oh, they are sweet. The media have to admit their lies bit by bit. But they have the professional skill to twist it so that the population looks like idiots. As Nazis!

Our Federal Chancellor has embarrassed Germany worldwide and handed it over to Islam. The Islam dead play no role. But chases of persecution, which did not exist at all, become memorials. When Germans grieve for a German murdered with 27 stab wounds, they are described by our government as a brown Nazi pack, without mentioning the term. We have a Federal Chancellor who insults an entire German city to keep her power.

Just as Angela Merkel condemns the whole of Chemnitz and cremates its reputation, so will the whole of Germany and this game has been going on for quite some time. Even many CDU members recognize this. How much primitive ideology can these people bear at all? They are citizens with brains, but they cannot get rid of this proven lawbreaker.

Who would have ever thought that the German government could become the greatest danger for Germany? And that after the experience with Adolf Hitler!

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