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On the basis of the facts gathered here, get a picture of Islam and its unbroken drive for world domination.

From religion to politics: Taqiyya

Truth and lie are a tactic of power politics in Islam: The Koran speaks against believers who deceive other believers (Allah does not lead anyone who is a liar). Deception at the expense of non-Muslims, generally referred to in Arabic as Taqiyya, has the unconditional approval of the Qur'an and is one of the actions permitted by law and required for Muslims.

The deception of non-Muslims is the means to serve the glorious Islamic supremacy. The Sharia, which is considered beneficial to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, is the pre-medieval instruction on how people should be killed and mutilated. The Taqiyya (deception of non-Muslims) is a lie that is permissible.

The main form of Taqiyya takes place in jihad against unbelievers, which makes Taqiyya not only a permitted Bertrugs technique but also an active lying method. In fact, the lie that is doctrinally based in Islam is often regarded as equivalent and sometimes even superior. It is superior to the other war virtues such as courage, determination and willingness to sacrifice.

Muslims are admonished both to sincerity and to deception. Deception is more important and enjoys divine approval.

Muslims lie as Islam demands

From clan to state

The UN is dominated by Islamic states. As in the EU, voting rights are shifting into the realm of injustice and falsehood. In both organizations, decisions are not made according to the principle "one person – one vote" but according to principles that shift the weighting of votes by factors of up to 100. For example, the vote of a Belgian is worth as much as many, many votes of Germans.

The small states are over-powerful in the Council of Ministers as in all other bodies of the EU. For example, for every vote of a German MEP there are 8.1 million inhabitants, while one vote of the Luxembourg representative is already supported by 200,000 inhabitants.

Similarly ingenious is the way in the UN to establish Islam as the determining force in the world. In both organizations, UN and EU, the structures for Islam to take over power are firmly established. If one realizes in this context that all of this was designed, initiated and enforced by Freemasonry, not only the anti-Christian character of these institutions, but also the desired direct path into the eschatological tribulation can be seen.

From religion to race

Anyone who makes critical remarks about Islam is immediately labelled a racist. Even a woman who only expresses her fears of Islam and its enforcers on the street is denounced as a racist by her own children who work at the university. Unbelievable! How can you be racist when you call religious murder monsters by their names? Is Islam a race? Is Islam a race? Greenlegs' brains are well mashed and often completely drained. Greenlegs "Intellectuals" work like automatons. They have no mind of their own and are on the level of Jehovah's Witnesses.

From liberated thinker to right-wing radical

Among the women in Germany there are almost none who can think freely. They have been so successfully manipulated by the radical left-wing media that all of them together can only be regarded as material that resembles rubber dolls. As soon as they hear that someone is voting for the AfD, they want nothing to do with right-wing radicals. These poor women cannot see what stupid Marxist religion they have been drawn into. These poor people have completely abandoned their thinking to their manipulators and are more underexposed than Jehovah's Witnesses.

From peaceful Muslim to dead Muslim

As soon as the leading imams agree that the time has come to take power, all Muslims who see through the whole thing as little as our German women are condemned to make a decision. They will have to choose between being murdered and being murdered by the Sharia. Anyone who, as a peaceful Muslim, then does not support and endorse the deadly jihad will be killed. In Islam, it is not the number of followers that matters, but the introduction and implementation of the Sharia. Many Muslims, and here again the ill-informed women play a major role, will welcome the Sharia out of sheer caution. But Muslims who do not want to see the barbaric characteristics of Islam in the world will be killed.

From left green to corpse

The first to be killed systematically and in a short time after Islam came to power are the left-wing and green supporters of Islam. Especially those who defamed their fellow human beings as racists in order to pave the way for Islam will be quickly and effectively eliminated by Islam. The Koran has no place for twisted atheists. It is as simple as that. Therefore, these contaminated people will be slaughtered without further ado.

From politician to dead man

So will our glorious politicians. After the introduction of Sharia law, this whole crowd of followers will first be forced out of their positions and then killed one by one. Then the deniers of German culture will triumph. They will then be proved right in hindsight. Because after the elimination of the Germans there will indeed be no more German culture. Then there will only be the Sharia, whose culture consists only of killing and mutilation.

From priest to tax payer to Islam – Dschizya

People of the Book (Jews and Christians) enjoy a certain advantage over the atheists and green-left godless. They may choose between death by beheading and lifelong oppression. This lifelong oppression is as terrible as Satan's direct dominion over human beings. Catholics and Protestants will then realize how hollow they were when, out of misunderstood religiosity, they helped to prepare for Islam's rise to power. This will be a beautiful time, because then finally people will see and recognize the truth. But by then it will all be too late. You won't even have to call the police, because they will be Muslim.

From an enlightened society to ARD/ZDF people material

What National Socialism, the Chinese Cultural Revolution and all propaganda in the world has ever messed up is perfectly concentrated in our public media. The neo-Marxist brainwashed people in the respective institutions are royally paid for the lies they spread. When the German does something, he does it thoroughly. The success speaks for the dirtiness of this perfidious work. The Germans think it's good to be destroyed by Islam. Whoever can implant such a thing in a people can only be the famous German master again. ARD and ZDF are working on Germany's downfall. They have already scrambled the brains of the people. Just as the praying Muslim stretches his backside to heaven (for whatever purpose), ARD and ZDF have twisted facts and truth into their opposite.

But one has to admit to the media that they would never have been able to perform this lie performance without the Kírchen. The fairy tales spread by Catholicism alone are enough to put people on the spit like ready-to-eat meat, so all the media have to do is get the barbecue going. Our Catholics really do believe every filth and are afraid of purgatory. Do the media still have much to do under these conditions? Probably not. All they have to do is light the fuse and wait.

But also the Protestant Church can be proud of having cheated people to the letter. It is turning itself into a neo-Marxist association of the Green Left and feels good about it. The God of the Protestant Church must be a humanist. Like Mao, Hitler and Stalin.

From cheat to see through

The German media use the permanent fraud Taqiyya like Islam. They are convinced that they are doing the right thing and will not put up with anything that brings facts into play. Facts have become the hallmark of Nazis in Germany and the exaggerated salaries of media workers keep these self-deceptive tacticians together. They fight for good and against racism – and against the right. These poor people will have their eyes opened when the Sharia has taken power. Then Sharia Muslims will move into the houses of the rich media-makers, thus fulfilling the Jehovah's Witnesses' hope for paradise. (They also hope to move into the houses of the world people after Armageddon). But by then it will all be too late. What an awakening this will be! Islam's anticipation of the hopes of Jehovah's Witnesses will also open the eyes of the Watchtower seducers. But then Freemasonry on the East Coast of the United States will be able to rub their hands together. For then the point will be reached where the destruction of global Islam will lead to the long demanded reduction of humanity to 33 percent. The old white Freemason will then finally have reached his goal.

From do-gooder to blood puddle

The good German elderly lady is told by our media that she is a very bad person and has to do a lot for her salvation. She has caused climate change and can only be cured of it by a dictatorship following the Chinese model. She also has to be thrilled that Germany is being flooded with Muslims. She must also ignore the crimes of the masters of the knife and must never talk about them. If someone chooses the AfD, she must call him a right-wing radical and outlaw him.

What this German elderly lady does not suspect is her very limited future and the even more limited future of her children and grandchildren. For she will be trampled under the feet of political Islam when the Sharia is introduced and will remain as a red spot on the asphalt. But this fate of the non-Muslim, which is firmly laid down in the Koran, must not be perceived by our elderly German lady, nor must she be afraid of it. Otherwise she is a racist. The system is simple and effective. Angela Merkel carries a tremendous amount of guilt on her shoulders that cannot be atoned for by human means for a long time. She has inflicted suffering on people without need, which can never be atoned for.

Germany is German

From the Taqiyya of "politics" (background planning)

The decline of the SPD is planned and desired. The hardest sign of this is the absurd obligation to give a receipt. Everybody makes small purchases every day and is thus confronted with the obligation to pay several times a day. Everybody is reminded several times a day that the law on the obligation to gtive a receipt is very useful for the SPD cash desk. What is the point of this all? The SPD must pass away so that a black-green coalition is possible afterwards. In their boundless helplessness, the previous SPD voters will of course vote for the Greens, because they think that they are still somewhat in their comfort. The expulsion of the SPD voters to the land of the neo-Marxist Greens is decidedly balanced and will bring the desired Habeck dictate according to the Chinese model. Angela Merkel will welcome this development with a smile.

Good timing is needed to achieve the goal of the black-green coalition. This problem is at least partly buffered by the duty receipt law and its daily influence. The masonic planners with front man Soros are counting on the SPD's dirtiness eating its way deep into the consciousness of the electorate. In this way, an appropriate scheduling of the SPD's demise moves into the third row of problems to be solved. We will not see exaggerated Green advertising in the media, but crocodile tears around the poor SPD, whose personnel has already been adjusted to the planned SPD demise as a precautionary measure. If the Kevins of the SPD are defused, people will rather see the Green's weakness as redemption. And lots of the older German ladies will be happy that they can submit to a Chinese-influenced Habeck dictatorship. After sexual attractiveness comes political activity. The German older ladies will play a decisive role in paving the way for the Habeck dictatorship. Without brain and without sex. This is the explosive mixture of the German mainstream woman from a certain age.


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