Yuval Noah Harari – Uniting humanity in Islam

Only possible in Freemasonry: A Jew glorifies Islam

We are currently experiencing an Islamic wave in Europe that is clearly beginning to roll over us. Ramadan has begun. Christians didn't have Easter because of the Panic flu. Muslims don't care. Just in time for Ramadan, church services were first allowed again in Thuringia. The German politician bows deeply to the native anti-Semitic Islam, but does not yet get down on his knees completely. But the German politician is not alone in his glorification of Islam. His bondage to Islam was artfully prepared by a Jew.

A person with a naivety so condensed by the mainstream that you can cut it into cubes gave me a book. Yuval Noah Harari – A Brief History of Humanity. If you can't imagine what the word mainstream means, you only need to leaf through this book a little. You'll find a shallow mush of mainstream. But the peak and the center of the book are the pages 199 and 200. Look at the pictures. You understand immediately.

The message is so beautifully simple. Humanity unites in Islam.

Below the image of the great idol:

17. Pilgrims circle the Kaaba in Mecca. Already in the Middle Ages, pilgrims from Black Africa, the Balkans, India, Central Asia and Indonesia could shake hands here.

The Kaaba is a relic from the pagan pre-Islamic times of the Arab world. At that time, the Arabs kissed stones and then gladly accepted this cult around the Kaaba under the direction of the Prophet. The Prophet won and still wins with this pagan cult vast numbers of uncritical followers and accomplices. It is the same effect as we find it in the Catholic Church. The race for religious world domination can only be won by those who phagocytise as much paganism as possible, that is, integrate it by eating it up.

Of all things, the author of the book makes the most obvious idolatrous core of Islam the unification of mankind. The knife culture of the immigrated Muslims goes down so beautifully. At a German discount store you can buy large, high-quality butcher's knives for 1.99 euros. Again and again the instruments of the politically apparently desired elimination of human beings lie on the rummage table of this German discounter for a whole 199 cents. But of course the unification of mankind takes place in the deepest pagan core of Islam! The distance between the Harari effusions and reality is approximately infinite. Alternative: If you eliminate a certain part of mankind purposefully, you will of course also get a kind of "Unification of mankind". This is the principle that the Watchtower Society has been following for a long time. It has lamented in a Watchtower that unfortunately they cannot yet kill the renegades.

Reduction of humanity

Various instruments are available for the reduction of humanity. First there is the preliminary stage to the desired civil war with very cheap butcher knives. Currently, the compulsory vaccination is added, which is even to be enforced worldwide. At the same time invisible tattoos under the skin are being considered, which every person must accept in order to be able to buy and sell at all. The staircase joke of human historiography is that all these things have already been described and predicted in great detail in the Bible.

The competition to Jesus Christ is do-goodness

If someone asks why God lets all this come upon us, we have to realize that it is we ourselves who are the ones who bring the Muslim death upon us. The good white woman of the germanic queen race, apart from her natural desire to be taken, longs for the healed world in which she is well and truly the leader. The white woman takes over the moral leadership and against so much goodness Mrs. Merkel cannot and does not want to reek of it. She must persist as chancellor. Besides, she has no natural impulse against the leadership of the white good woman.

The white communist lives in natural enmity with her husband. She is the sensible, the moral, the beautiful. He's the ugly capitalist who thinks only of his future. She puts her faith in the strong, handsome immigrants. He'd rather secure what he's achieved. In this formation of our society, however, there are the white men who agree with their wives and the antifa in everything. They don't know what they are doing, but they are in such a good mood, so cool, so horny!

The ruin is secure

When a morally high standing society exposes itself to the most primitive religion of death, the morality of that society is glued together from chewed cardboard. Even in Christian circles, the secular morality of the Left and the Greens is spreading massively. Jesus Christ seems to be already overwhelmed even in Christian circles. And the moral power always emanates from the white do-gooder woman. Oh, how sweet she is! Even the ugly one gets a special point by conformist moralizing. Come, let's enjoy the pleasure of the strong, handsome newcomer. And if it's not enough for the most beautiful, we still have our moral masturbation.

Rescue in sight!

Islam with its ice-coldly planned oppression of women will solve the problem. Unfortunately, in the course of the rescue by Islam, however, the free society will also be knifed for 1.99 Euro. According to the guidelines of the Koran, the Left and Greens will die first. After that, Jews and Christians will either be oppressed as sub-humans or forcibly converted or also killed. We know this from the Koran and from the histories of various Islamicised states.

When the white woman sees through the mindlessness and heartlessness of her morals, she is already hanging or her head is rolling across the street. Before the clear prospect of her own death, she will understand nothing. The time span between knowledge and death will be very short for her. Then the grin of the antifa fetishist will suddenly petrify and her face will take on features that have never been shown in a horror movie before. Then the morally oh so high standing white women will recognize their self-deception for a few seconds or minutes. However, the hope that they will finally understand is quite low. No one can cope with the amount of his deception in a few minutes. In later worlds the white moral woman becomes the proverbial surprise with a distorted face.

The naivety of Yuval Noah Harari

While the naivety of the person who gave me the book can still be sliced like jelly, the naivety of Yuval Noah Harari requires a circular saw with a diamond-studded blade. The man is so hard under Freemasonry that he was compressed into the hardest material. As a Jew, Yuval Noah Harari glorifies Islam as a means to unite mankind. The butcher's knives for 1.99 euros hold directly against this poor man. The downfall of the Western world is a foregone conclusion. Let's wait and see!


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