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Who are these ominous we?

In her video "loss of reality and self-revelation in the daily topics of 20.02.2018" Annegret Weiss notes some facts which are so gladly repressed by current politics and the zeitgeist. This woman is lightning smart and speaks to me so much from the heart that only few points remain to me to be added.

Unfortunately, my channel was finally removed.

Annegret Weiss states:

Mr Mounk of course calls the AfD extremists.

Comment on this: Science seems to be directed against everything that means normality and security. Of course, all those who criticise Mrs Merkel's lawbreaking actions are extremists and should be excluded. That is also the Federal Chancellor's great intention. Out with the Afd, in with Islam.

When asked why basic trust in politics has declined so much, Mr Mounk answers: "Economic stagnation."

Comment on this: Here comes the man with the cheapest of the cheapest. There is no more meaningless explanation in the universe. According to Mr. Mounk's ideas, everything revolves around coal and growth. And the confidence of the citizens in politics does not suffer from lies and fraud, but depends only on coal and growth. When a scientist thinks so simply, he is made to proclaim the mainstream and the zeitgeist as God-given. Then he has a Merkel diamond brain.

Mr Mounk cites the second reason for people's loss of confidence in politics as being the reason for this: "We dare a historically unique experiment. And that is to transform a mono-ethnic, mono-cultural democracy into a multi-ethnic one. It can work, it will work, I think, but of course there will be a lot of distortions as well."

Strangely enough, nobody ponders when they hear: "We dare a historically unique experiment. And that is to transform a mono-ethnic, mono-cultural democracy into a multi-ethnic one." Who is this "we"? Is that Mrs Merkel and Mr Mounk? It cannot be the EU that supports the evil game only by destroying the African markets and presenting the very normal border guard as a crime against humanity. Neither can the people be that "we", because no one has voted or been allowed to vote on these issues. Only Mrs Merkel, after her superficial, shallow do-goodness, has taken autocratic and rigorous decisions.

This "we", in my view, can only consist of the circles that work behind the scenes. This is Freemasonry in its highest ranks. This playground is home to multi-billionaires, no one really knows how they got their money. If the statement of Mr. Mounk (namely: "We dare a historically unique experiment. And that is to transform a mono-ethnic, mono-cultural democracy into a multi-ethnic one.") does not make the audience, including the lightning-smart Annegret Weiss, listen attentively and nobody recognizes the true sources of repopulation, then the anti-Christian game of Freemasonry has its march through and the installation of Islam in Europe is assured.

What follows a multi-ethnic democracy?

If ethnic development introduces Islam into democracy, it will inevitably lead to democracy becoming a mono-ethnic, mono-cultural thing, again on a voluntary and democratic basis. But then it becomes a religiously fanatical dictatorship. Because Islam forces exactly that. It is designed to constantly advance the Muslim portion of the population. Any mixed marriage must be Islamic. Every child from a mixed marriage must be Islamic. Every Muslim produces masses of children with several women. Every Muslim who turns away from this religion must be killed. Thus the basic rules have been laid that turn a mono-ethnic, mono-cultural democracy into a mono-ethnic, mono-cultural dictatorship again. Here, Mr Mounk makes a huge and reckless mistake when he says that the result of the unique population experiment will be a multi-ethnic democracy. The man is either naive or Freemason.

The Internet as a scapegoat

Mr. Mounk's third argument why people's trust has declined is the Internet, which is the only way people can express their opinions. In Mr Mounk's case, these are, of course, hate commentaries that are released and propaganda to support extreme politicians. When a political scientist condemns the Internet like that, all the red lights have to go on. This political scientist Mounk gives one Masonic message after another to the best and the people do not react. Here lies the danger that in a few years, if not months, the Internet will be censored ice-coldly. The approaches are in place and all you have to do is wait for nobody to get upset when Mr Mounk says something.


The video of Annegret Weiss is a bit of a revelation for me. This woman speaks to me completely from the heart and touches many points which I would not have considered at all. However, there are a few points that she overlooked. Mr Mounk's attack on human logic simply has too many corrupt facets.

  • That "WE" is Freemasonry with the lozenge-Angela.
  • After democracy comes the Islamic dictatorship often announced in mosques.
  • The Internet will not remain uncensored for long.

Why Freemasonry?

The aspect that the basic idea of Freemasonry is: All men become brothers and then the spark of the gods strikes or something ... which hardly anyone pays attention to. It is only when you are decidedly occupied with the outgrowths of Freemasonry, such as Jehovah's Witnesses, that you get a sense of the workings of Freemasonry. This "we" cannot mean anything other than globally effective Freemasonry. 98 percent of Freemasons know nothing about this. Because the decisions are made in the highest ranks. Even Mr. Mounk most likely has no idea who he means by "we" here.

Mr. Mounk is so lost in his faith in people that he cannot see what diabolical people he is serving. And as funny naive as Mr. Mounk looks in the interview, no one can blame him for his naivety.

Secondary question: If even a political scientist lies about a multi-ethnic democracy and doesn't even notice that he first of all pronounces this lie on behalf of others and secondly doesn't even recognize the lie as a lie, how does such a man even want to know why the basic trust in politics has dwindled so much?

By the way: You have basic trust in God, but not in politics!

I don't know for whom it is of interest that Freemasonry has long been working to eliminate Christianity. All good people's Christian associations and initiatives have originated and are fed by Masonic sources. I save the list here. Research, if you have Internet. With the transformation of a mono-ethnic, mono-cultural democracy into a mono-ethnic, mono-cultural Islamic dictatorship, Freemasonry will finally, finally, finally establish the great victory over Jesus in this world.

And the new master humans will grin broadly about it. Islam will take over everything and it is not for nothing that Trump has largely banned Muslims from entering the country.

Against this background, watch the video of Annegret Weiss again! This woman recognizes so much of the deception that it is a true delight. Unfortunately she doesn't know enough about Freemasonry and Islam. But all other aspects and arguments from her mouth I can only cheer in amazement. This woman has what it takes.

Man makes himself God

Migration based on natural causes is good, important and an integral part of human rights. Unfortunately, there are many nations that elude this fact. Islamic nations in particular completely disregard this natural human right and trample on it. A migration that is planned and started by background planners with a lot of money and audacity is bad for everyone. It is bad for the migrants and it is bad for the destination countries of the migrants. How many people have been killed by artificial migration? Freemasonry (Soros) is responsible for all these deaths and there will be many more.

Here man makes himself God by artificially intervening in things he can never control. Violent intervention in people's lives – and Masonic action is pure violence, even if it is only billions of euros and tons of leaflets and destroyed African economies – is an act that clearly proves that man is playing God. How can Freemasonry be recognised? Just as Jehovah's Witnesses let people bleed to death with impunity for reasons of religious freedom, so migration planners let people die in droves. The inner system equality of Jehovah's Witnesses and migration planners unfortunately does not make anyone sit up and take notice. Here the handwriting of Freemasonry can be clearly seen.

The Internet has to go!

When we see that Freemasonry manages to bleed people to death for decades, to drown thousands of refugees and to keep an Angela Merkel in power far beyond the pain threshold, then it does not seem impossible that in the near future the Internet will have to bend under a tough censorship. Mr Mounk has hinted at it. The Mounk agenda is:

  • more money for everyone
  • more Muslims everywhere
  • the internet has to go

The god of Freemasonry is Lucifer, who is openly worshipped in the high degrees of Freemasonry. Read the Revelation, the last book of the Bible. Don't get bogged down in details at first, but let the book work on you. Then you will intuitively have a completely different view of the things that are doctrined to man.


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