How Masonic Communism Will Take Over Europe

The internal connections of today's politics

If one follows the speeches of the AfD in the Bundestag, one notices the laughter and screaming of people in the audience, which is very similar to the laughter and screaming of hyenas. One is surprised that the speakers of the AfD do not pause in between and point it out with pleasure: "Let us listen to the sounds of the deputies for a few seconds!" Then the viewer on the Internet would much better recognize the malice and mockery that strikes at the citizen. Blond round faces laugh themselves almost dead at the wishes of the citizens. Blond round faces let push over the table drugs. Blond round faces feed generously on a lousy piece of shit. The circular blonde brain failure desecrates the German Bundestag.

The food from that lousy piece of shit is good for the green. They are the new increase of the saleswoman of the own grandmother. And how do such simple-minded people with clear character weaknesses come to fame and honor in the German Bundestag?

Because Freemasonry wants it that way

It is a fact that the foreign leadership (Freemasonry + Money Nobility + Deep State) makes use of just such persons as leadership personnel who have no qualities except a bold egoism. The new "Europa" with her blond steel helmet and the stars always circling around her head is fresh in office and can refer to a long experience of failure. The Freemason is delighted. All SPD figures shine like greased with hatred and disgust. They can no longer perceive facts because money is stuck in bundles on their eyes. There the money nobility rubs its hands. The money aristocracy with power consists meanwhile only of people, to whom their wealth remained preserved from Masonic mercies. The rest of the German Bundestag stands up to its navel in the mud of the Deep State and can no longer move without bone fractures and tendon tears. That was and is the goal of the Deep State.

Schäuble had to give up his career – Merkel came

Schäuble was the designated CDU chairman before Merkel's demolition ball time. Completely surprisingly, he had to give up his party chairmanship. Whatever people must have promised him? Or did they threaten him? In any case, Angela Merkel was made party leader. The outside leadership did not have to worry that this woman would ever get out of hand. To this day, she has consistently promoted the loss of Germany's to the all-round enjoyment of the third-party leadership. It is no longer possible to atone for the high level of skill with which this woman carried out the destruction, unless she was kept alive artificially for several centuries so that she could be jailed adequately.

The plot has not been hidden since 2015

SPD (Germany's Sharia Party), the Greens (the genuine equivalent of the Watchtower sect) and the CDU, whose functionaries like to become communists for money, have certainly formed an anti-parliamentary money front for quite some time. But it was only in the aftermath of the opening of migration that they refrained from concealing their anti-Christian policies. From week to week the great cooperation of all these seduced and led parties became more obvious. When the AfD was founded, these anti-men felt great joy. Finally they could shift their guilt to an enemy. They are doing this very successfully today. For many people in Germany indulge in the closed-eye-cult that also made possible National Socialism and the extermination of the Jews.

The new mega-racism

The racism of the freemasonically inaugurated communists with do-gooder-gloriole consists in the forced mixing of people of the most diverse origins and cultures. Racism as a forced mixture of people has a completely new contempt for people and ignores all natural conditions. The desired outcome of this mega-racism of the racial chef with his large racial agitation ladle is the decimation of mankind through artificially caused major conflicts. Well-mixed military units are already available today for this purpose. As soon as the popular soul of any nation gets carried away to offer real resistance, these mixed military units will strike and slaughter millions of people for "moral reasons". Then, finally, Freemasonry can sit back and celebrate its success. It's about a significant decimation of humanity.

Only the yeasayers will survive.

As tested thousands of times in the Watchtower experiment, only the yes-men and the unsuspecting will remain in the system. The Watchtower Society aptly presents the remaining human characters in its literature. The people depicted here have the wish quality of Freemasonry. They are humans

  • with complete ignorance
  • with absolute bondage
  • with the green-related belief in the imminent end of the world
  • and with a pronounced willingness not to really think about anything.

If you let the portrayal of these desired people have an effect on you, it becomes once again clear that the author of the Watchtower sect is the same as the author of the Greens and all their vassals in the other parties. The handwriting of the racial mixers, the mega-racists, is easily recognizable in everything. You only have to take a closer look at the Watchtower Society and the Greens. Unfortunately, the not yet decimated humanity still does not perceive the danger, which is predestined by the Watchtower Society and has been experimentally tested for decades.

The Role of Islam

The religious components of Islam are finely incorporated into the Watchtower sect. The yob mentality of Islam runs like a fine grain through the Watchtower religion. The Watchtower Society traces Islam to the point of legally protected child abuse. It is clear that in such a religion Jesus must not be God. The Greens and the Left enforce something like freedom of religion through the use of force, but their only purpose is to kill people by beheading, bleeding to death, and the series of provoked suicides of people who intuitively feel the satanic orientation of these religions.

The Greens and the Left aptly embody the label: silly – stupid – Germany. The CDU shows all the people of the world their money-wicked egoism. But there are some who can no longer be classified in these schemes. Some can only be associated with satanic malice. These are the people who knew and know more than those who survive the forthcoming civil wars because they stay at home and are the better people.

Final goal Islamization and the elimination of all Christians

A clear pattern can be seen between the stupid and the knowledgeable. All are out to eliminate Christians from the world. Even the churches participate in the plan. They are just organisations of good-doing people and do not differ in the least from the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Green-Left. The elimination of Christians has been carried out by the Catholic Church for long time through its manifold heresies. The worship of the Queen of Heaven, Mary, alone has made many millions of people idolaters. But that is not enough for them. Now the ostracism and exclusion of the remaining Christians must be added. Now comes the time of violence in physical and structural form. Heaven knows! Perhaps charismatics and other people with a magical touch will recognize the seriousness of faith in Jesus Christ through this development.

The ingredients for the new human soup

First we dilute the soup with much satanic religion. Therefor we cut 2 kilos of Islam and grate a very big watchtower turnip over it. We let the whole thing draw well in 5 liters of humanism liquid and then pour the brew into the simmering peoples. If then still some spicy Christians are to be tasted, we beat on the broth so long, until we have a firm crust at wall, table and floor. This beating must, of course, be carried out under the moral aspect of good-man indignation. Then we leave the dried crust to itself and enjoy a pre-ordered feast in a child molester pizzeria.

The morality of the story

Stay at home and truckle to the immigrant, unfortunately also abused people in your environment. Do not watch media other than ZDF and ARD! Wait and see if you happen to survive the greatest shame in the world. The only thing you lose is your integrity, your humanity and your chance to believe in Jesus Christ and be saved. But what is that about the prospect of feeling like the happiness of the egoist as a good person for a few months?


Greetings to you, Rüdiger, and all truth lovers here!

Freemason is too vague for me today. Replace that with international socios, national socios, green children's f..., new rights, communists, bolshevists, red scum hyenas...

Maybe take a look in here:

Red historical revisionism

The text on the stone: "I am a socialist because it seems incomprehensible to me to care for and treat a machine with care, but to let the noblest representative of labor, man himself, degenerate."

Rudolf [September 05, 2020]

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