How Islam automatically takes over the country

Birth Jihad and the Power of the Imams

Already today the status is reached from which an automatic takeover of the country or the continent by Islam can hardly be prevented. The restrictive family policy in Europe, which avoids young people, is an important preparatory factor. Islam, on the other hand, stipulates that reproduction is one of the most important duties of a Muslim. This stipulation resides in the pattern of polygamy and in the proviso that a Muslim woman may never marry a non-Muslim. This instruction is punishable by the death penalty, which is expressed in the never-ending so-called honour killings. This is not even about honour, but about the rule prescribed in the Koran that a non-Muslim must never come even close to a Muslim.

The point of the rule is simple. Only Muslims are allowed to emerge from the marriages. Mixed marriages only exist as Muslim non-Muslims. Here, however, the children are educated as Muslims and integrated into Islam as a matter of course.

The natural result of these regulations are up to 20 offspring per Muslim.

If one considers that Christianity is still today the world's number one, one wonders how this is possible at all with the birth Jihadist predominance of Islam. The explanation lies in Islam's affinity to murder and slaughter. There are two sides to this murder: On the one hand competing Islamic currents tear each other apart, on the other hand there is a phase in the takeover which claims so many deaths in itself that the birth jihad is strongly slowed down.

This phase occurs precisely when the Salafist leadership shifts the assumption of power from the already democratically accepted pillar to the religious pillar. At this point, all Muslims, including those who follow and sham Muslims, are obliged to support the Caliphate and to follow the Sharia and Koran rules. In the absence of obedience, this cruel murder and slaughter is applied here again, without which Islam cannot do without.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is characterized by the fact that all male descendants of Muslim people are educated to become real master humans. Most Muslims don't take this inhuman way off until their last breath. In phase 1, reproduction plays the main role.

Phase 1a

Phase 1a is a phase that is not included in the planning of the Koran. Phase 1a is a product of Masonic phantoms whose goal is to make all men brothers. To this end, they have destroyed African markets with EU-subsidised products and destroyed the livelihoods of local farmers and producers. This clever tactic at some point released masses of people who had become more than receptive to the message "come all to Europe".

Phase 2

Phase 2 depends on the temporal influence of the Imams. It is about the entry into the host countries as demanding master humans. All Muslims are taught which tactics they can use to assert themselves against any non-Muslim in the schoolyard like half-men. From this primitive behaviour, however, the Muslim draws so much irreplaceable self-esteem that he can no longer leave it without further manipulation by imams. This is the phase in which Angela Merkel, the assistant of Freemasonry, Germany is in (as of September 2018).

Phase 3

The transformation of the existing mono-ethnic democracy into a multi-ethnic democracy, as it is openly admitted by representatives of Freemasonry, cannot but lead to a mono-ethnic dictatorship. For with the democratic takeover of Islam by the birth jihad, an Islamist dictatorship automatically emerges. In this phase all fellow Muslims are obliged to support the caliphate or the approach of the caliphate according to all rules of the Koran. In this phase the killing and slaughter of daily multiple individual cases rises into completely different dimensions. This phase is about killing everything that is not an extremist Muslim. Quasi for educational reasons. This is the period in which chaos is firmly established in Europe, as the Freemasons have thought it up beautifully.

Phase 3 either leads to the rule of Islam, as it already exists today in Saudi Arabia, or it develops into a New World Order under the abuse of Freemasonry. The second variant is even worse than the rule of Islam, because in the New World order all goals of Freemasonry are rigorously enforced. The world population is reduced to about 500 million, people are brutally oppressed and the planet Earth is saved in this way. Christians will probably no longer exist for quite some time, but only brothers with raised trouser-leg.

The only way to escape this end-time scenario is to end all unnatural migration.

Foresight of the downfall

As if the devil were to open the door a crack wide to give curious children a glimpse of the Christmas tree, the return of the fellow Muslims to religious Islam extremism has taken place in the fourth generation of Turks living in Germany. Out of the blue, the naïve leftists and Greens realize that Islam is unfolding all the power of death anew, even after a long period of distraction. But the naive left and the Greens deceive themselves. It cannot be what must not be. That was not planned at all! Anyone who hopes that Islam will somehow abrade itself – in 100 or 500 years – is crooked and cackles like Kathrin Goering-E. and Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck.

The world shall recover from the German being

This National Socialist slogan applies to the Greens and the Left and especially to Angela Merkel. That is brutal National Socialist thinking and feeling. These people have learned nothing.

Supplement from 08.09.2018

How do Christians deal with patriotism and German hatred?

For a Christian neither the hostility towards Germany of our Chancellor and her left-Green court state, nor the patriotism of the right-wing radicals come into question. For a Christian, the only question is security, freedom of expression and other fundamental rights guaranteed to citizens by a healthy state. If the Federal Chancellor continues to rule autocratically under a continuing breach of the law and makes the lives of German citizens partly hell, Christians may also open their mouths. The only question is how much longer.


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