Woman incited against Muslims and failed with lawsuit

by Renate

How do you do?

Today I would like to give you some information from my RNZ. Because on Friday, 31.08.2018, there were so many interesting reports, that it simply excites me to write about it.

The incentive was this article:
Facebook may delete entry – Woman incited against Muslims and failed with lawsuit

Woman incited against Muslims and failed with lawsuit

I can agree with what this woman says. I, too, have had experience with Muslims for 30 years. Negative as well as positive.

For me, Muslims are God's creatures just like every human being on earth. Only their religion – their faith is far from the true God of the Bible. The Koran is not the same as the Bible.

Once a Muslim has read the Bible, he will never return to the Koran. For he will recognize and feel the love of God in Jesus Christ. But here in the Christian Occident for Islam we are the unbelievers. Not quite wrongly. For quite a few people today still have a reference to the Creator God of the Bible.

And yet it is not for any man in the land where he lives to live well to spread himself for the sake of his religion.

Recently I went shopping at a supermarket. Since the corridor was pretty crowded and I had to push my way through because there was no going back and the little boy (about 5 years) in front of me was still in the way, I touched him slightly with my hand on the shoulder, so that I didn't touch him with my shopping basket, laughed at him and went on. Then I heard a three times "Hello you!" Then the father, Muslim, stood next to me. Full of anger he said: "You have touched my child!" I replied: "Yes, and? I only have my hand ..." and put it again on the child's shoulder. Even more angry he said: "Now you have touched my child again!" I waved off and continued searching for my article.

The man went a sideway with the shopping cart and child, but then turned around and said, "You German bitch!" Isn't that the same word as the word whore for this woman in the article Facebook may delete entry – woman rushed against Muslims – lawsuit failed?

Are the children already being raised with the hatred of fathers? Where is our German culture if Islam continues to spread and demands more and more rights?

Once again, I do not know hatred because the love of Jesus is in my heart.

Near my apartment there is a sports hall, which was occupied for a long time by many young Muslims. I went there for interest because I already had contact with some of these people on the street. With the watchman in this hall, a lovable young man with a perfect German, I got into conversation. He told me that he was born here in Germany and that his parents were Turks.

By the way, I mentioned that I am a Bible-believing Christian. Immediately the friendliness of this man was gone. An icy cold struck me. So I had all trouble to distribute my chocolate the next day, because then there were even more watchmen.

Now I may also say that I am no longer a teenager, but a young at heart eighties woman.

And what else is interesting in my newspaper today? Something about Jews.

Can you still show the kippa?

Many Jews live again in Germany. But with great fear. For fear of being attacked, they do not dare to wear their kippa in public. A religious symbol like the Star of David. They go to their synagogue like Muslims to their mosque and Christians to their church. Are Muslims afraid? Are Christians afraid? No. But the Jews, when they go to their church! There could be an assassination attempt against them.

Why are the Jews so hated?

Just because they're from the Holy Land?

Because many Jews belong to the chosen people of God, even if they have not yet recognized Jesus as their Messiah?

Because they finally became an independent state in 1948, with God's help and assistance to this day?

I read, "Jews, child murderers." Aren't we Germans, too? Child murderer, child abuser? I read: "Jews, corrupt people". Aren't we Germans, too? A corrupt people? A godless people? Otherwise one would not speak such a thing over the Internet, let alone with one's mouth. I read: "Jews, the greatest misery of mankind". Aren't we Germans, too? How stupid, how ignorant, how characterless a person must be who makes such statements and pulls his own country into the mud.

Didn't we bring enough suffering and misery to the Jews, which we can never make amends for, just because our fathers, grandfathers, believed a false leader? After the war I heard from time to time, as a teenager, from adults with their hands in front of them: "But we had work, we had food. I must not say any more, otherwise I would be arrested.

But if there could be another war in our country very quickly, then those who have a big mouth today would be happy if a Jew would reach out his hand to them.

God is not to be mocked. What man sows, he will also reap.

Why are Jews despised and Islam allowed to exist? What do our politicians say about this inequality?

And if I now take a look at Chemnitz, what was and is not written there and reported since this assassination attempt, only not of this young man, who was murdered by a criminal (Muslim) without right of abode in Germany with more than 15 stab wounds. And how many such criminals, murderous lusts and women rapists live among us.

So one should not be surprised when people in Chemnitz or in other cities get into fear and panic and demand foreigners out, asylum seekers out, that peace and order return to our country.

But who will create peace and order if not our government? As our Chancellor said years ago: "We can do it."

Who "we"? Civil society, the people? Don't the murderers, the evildoers from the country, even those who are otherwise guilty, first have to be educated?

In the article Facebook may delete entry – Woman incited against Muslims and failed with lawsuit one finds anything but "racism" or "xenophobia", but a very simple logical thinking of the writer. And then I also read in my RNZ: "What our country needs is a strong state".

Now I have to ask again quite simply and naively, hasn't Germany always been that or have I been deceived all these years?


You are so wrong about the jews!

The Jews are actually False Jews-Canaanites -Muslims!

Read Acts 6-7-8.

Check the similarities between Jews and Muslims:

Circumcision, women head cover, pork and shellfish, Friday sabbath, hatred and belittling of Jesus, pedophilia/homosexuality, child sacrifice, repetitive prayers and ceremonies that GOD does not listen to, refusal to accept Bible, greed for gold, lying, stealing/swindling, etc.

And don't forget Zephaniah foretells the destruction of all Jews.

This present concern over teh Jews is a big scam perpetrated by the Jews themselves in order fo them to maintain control of the world's money.

Anonymous [17 December, 2019]

The Jews are the people of God. Neither the Jehovah's Witnesses nor the Catholics have taken their status, although they claim it. The rumor of a Jewish world conspiracy is the old vehicle that is supposed to turn people against the Jews. [RH]

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