How the MDR copies the Watchtower Society

Steimle only a renegade

The Watchtower Society is known throughout the world for arbitrarily branding Jehovah's Witnesses as renegades, with and without reason, and for its great pleasure in excluding them. Over decades, the Watchtower Society has developed techniques that today are drastically used in politics. Public authorities are now practicing the well-proven Watchtower sect measures, which have long been tested and further developed on a grand scale in the Watchtower experiment. The directors of these experiments can only be Freemasons of High Grades who openly worship Lucifer.

MDR as a prime example

As in order to prove that the sectarian techniques of the Watchtower Society are the new political standard, the MDR equips the exclusion of the cabaret artist Steimle with personal stigmata. The renegade is evil. The renegade must be removed. The apostate deserves it no better. The apostate is worthy of death. Socially, spiritually and then also as far as his reputation is concerned. Just as the Watchtower Society personally defames its renegades as such, so the MDR deals with Steimle. Instead of taking a closer look at Steimle's criticism, he is compared to someone who describes the right MDR food at the right time as harmful.

My question to the MDR: "Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, are you not aware that you confirm all prejudices and are doing yourself a disservice if you cast critical minds?"

In the answer, which is generally formulated for many enquirers, Steimle is portrayed as an employee of a bakery, who says to the customers: "The bread harms you."

The renegade Steimle damages the MDR food, which the believer has to swallow. The worldwide work of the MDR Brotherhood could be disturbed by this renegade Steimle and the MDR Jehovah God could feel uncomfortable with it. Therefore, it is the sacred duty of the governing body of the MDR to surrender this Steimle to social death. One has a good feeling about it, because the Masonic backbones signal unrestricted approval. A sect cannot take any risks. The MDR knows it. The MDR has learned it and is implementing it. The Watchtower experiment has more than eight million victims worldwide. But the true effect of this pseudo-religion is now being felt in politics. German society is being transformed into a large sect and Mrs Merkel is her high priestess. The MDR as a distributor of religions follows exactly the pattern of the Watchtower of renegade butchers. They have never read the Watchtower. They only have to heed the good advices from the invisible leadership.

The death penalty for the renegade

In the Watchtower Society the exclusion of renegades from the Catholic Church was copied and became a unique selling point of this religion. However, the Jehovah worshippers were the first to introduce Islamic thought and action under the anti-Christian flag in Europe. While in Islam the short trial by murder is the guiding principle for the actions of renegades, in the Watchtower religion the killing of the renegade is just avoided because a few state laws stand against it (actual justification in the Watchtower). This has the advantage that the apostate can return to this Jehovah God with his head and collar still in place.

Steimles biggest coup

If Steimle now showed remorse, he would have to be taken back into the religious community by the MDR. Then a further indication would be provided that German politics follow knowingly or unknowingly the experiences and results determined in the great Watchtower experiment. The MDR shows the way: Those who are not in line are worthy of exclusion. And the benefiting typists and file movers of the MDR don't notice anything. The structure of the Watchtower religion is reflected one-to-one in the structures of the Merkel religion. Jehovah's Witnesses should recognize all this with ease. But then they would have to admit their inhuman attitude.


Why is the undersigning person not ashamed to send such a blanket condemnation of the renegade Steimle? Does she watch her daily station, the MDR, and has it become mentally round and fat in the meantime? Perhaps. But the nice fat salary on her account, which is made possible by compulsory fees, could also play a role.


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