Watchtower Doctrine: When All Nations Unite

Globalism infiltration decades old

The quotations, which speak exemplarily for the Globalisation Sandbox Watchtower Society, all come from a single double page in the book: THE Watchtower 1962, on pages 8 and 9. From the very beginning, the Watchtower Doctrine has pursued the goal of globalisation as it is finally being carried out with the great repopulation in Europe. The sayings found in the Watchtower literature are highly treacherous. They expose the Watchtower Society as what it was from the beginning: the sandpit to play through all methods and measures to implement the goals of the United Nations.

Against this background, it suddenly becomes understandable that this Watchtower religion is so rigorous in ensuring that as many people as possible and as arbitrarily as possible are excluded. Firstly, it is a closed, clearly defined experiment, and secondly, the output of the most heavily infiltrated godless brings a continual staining of the world with the globalization doctrine of the Watchtower experiment.

The exuberant arbitrariness with which the Watchtower Society excludes Jehovah's Witnesses is no coincidence. This arbitrariness is an integral part of the experiment. How many lies can people endure without protesting? How much sheer nonsense can one enforce without the system being doubted by the followers? These questions were and are decidedly tested in the Watchtower Sandbox Experiment and in the politics of the old parties in the German Bundestag these lies and nonsense are so perfectly reflected that the common control becomes very obvious. The background control of the Watchtower Society and the German do-gooder is in the hands of the United Nations and thus in the hands of the High Grade Freemasonry.

Quote: When all nations ...

When all nations unite under God's kingdom

What is the difference between a world power takeover and the unification of all nations under an artificial power construct? The difference is only cosmetic. For decades the goals of the UN (United Nations) have been stuffed into the brains of the Watchtower Society in an absurd form of religion. And this is exactly how the education of the Greens and the Left is done. These people are in bondage to their ideology and not accessible to any argumentation. Whether a New World government is dictated by a non-existent Jehovah or a One World government by the UN, the result is the same. The Watchtower tactic alone indicates that it is an experiment to determine how the best way to lie to people and which limits of lying are to be observed.

The results of the Watchtower Society are so promising that the open lie (see Mrs. Merkel) has found its home in politics for a long time. At the same time, the blind enrichment of the powerful by the ideologically trained and the rigorous attitude that this is due to the powerful runs parallel. The GEZ compulsory levy and many similar exploitation mechanisms also thrive on this breeding ground. Even the dominance of Islamic influences and influences can be found in both institutions, the Watchtower Society and the United Nations.

Quote: United Nations – unifying force

At the seven congresses in North America and the six in Europe a total of 481,195 people listened to this inspiring lecture, which did not spotlight the United Nations as the only unifying force, but the established Kingdom of Jehovah God!

One reads involuntarily: not only, but also. But that "only" and that "also" were deliberately omitted in order to enable the reader to unconsciously overlook this sentence. On closer inspection, however, this sentence makes sense: United Nations and Watchtower Society work together intimately. And indeed! The Watchtower Society as an NGO had long been a member of the United Nations and only had to end its membership in the UN because of its own hate tirades, which threatened to become implausible. One justified the membership for many years with the desire to be able to use the libraries of the United Nations.

But the fact is and remains that the Watchtower Doctrine has been propagating the unification of nations for decades and, according to its own statements, is causing almost extatic rapture among Jehovah's Witnesses. What does this remind us of? Isn't the Migration Pact, with its wonderful promises, exactly the result of this kind of design? And the suppression of other opinions has also been tested for decades in the Watchtower Society with Announcements. The characteristics by which one recognizes the same author are clear. – And frightening!

Quote: Every visitor got a copy for free ...

The last helpful new publication was finally the brochure When all nations unite under God's kingdom, and at all congresses every visitor of the public lecture received a copy.

Here it becomes clear that the ideological infiltrator spares no expense to hammer his most important concern into people's minds. Unfortunately, he does not pay these costs himself, but has them reimbursed by the infiltrated. Does this remind us of something that we experience in today's politics and with today's media? The assumption that the whole game, which today emanates from the UN, has been thoroughly tested in the Watchtower Society for a long time, gains credibility with every single parallel. If there is a suspicion of a new conspiracy theory, that suspicion loses strength with every single cornerstone of the Watchtower doctrine. The parallels are overwhelming. Even the very high and noble philanthropy can be found as a first-class match in both. In the Watchtower Society and in the United Nations. Islam is also very conspicuous as the dominant guiding line in both power associations. Jehovah like Allah. Allah like Jehovah. The United Nations is dominated by Islam. The Watchtower doctrine is Islamic through and through.

Quote: Show loyalty with an undivided heart

Of particular interest was the speech of the President of the Society on the subject "Show loyalty with an undivided heart", in which he showed that Jehovah's Witnesses must not only be united, but that they should also be united as individuals and never allow materialistic or selfish desires to divide their hearts.

If one here uses "Jehovah's Witnesses" " greens and left", then the sentence perfectly corresponds to reality. The Greens and the Left do not behave any differently from Jehovah's Witnesses today as far as the open conversation is concerned. The power of ideology laughs from every word they separate, and brainwashing has left in their minds nothing that could be used for free thought. This conspicuous parallel is perhaps the most alarming signal, because what comes out of brainwashing we have seen in Jehovah's Witnesses, Nazis and political Islam. Here ideology takes on religious characteristics and the individual is inwardly dependent on his "steadfastness. One cramps like a sick person and does not accept arguments. This goes as far as letting children die for religious freedom and aborting almost newborn children.

Quote: Reject blood transfusion and unite all nations

... and the brochures blood, medicine and the law of God and when all nations unite under God's kingdom.

It is symptomatic of the Watchtower religion and the religion of the United Nations that they often start their requests with the boldest lies. They love that. For once the gross nonsense has been swallowed (climate change/blood question), the recipient of the new ideology will no longer waste the slightest thought on verifying the facts on all other points. This is a finely tested practice. And who has shown the way? The Watchtower Society has shown the way.

Review the current policies under Angela Merkel and use the cornerstones of oppression as the practice for Jehovah's Witnesses. You will hit the bull's eye at every point.


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