Watchtower Experiment: Meaningless Murders by Knives and Bleeding to death

The question is: How many senseless deaths can people be expected to suffer?

Superfluous murders due to bleeding to death

The Watchtower religion is the sandpit of UN and EU policy. In this small, sharply defined laboratory, experiments are carried out with people. The question, for example, is: How much senseless murder can a group of people be expected to commit without being offended by it? In order to answer this question, the Watchtower Society has to kill people in a religious way. It does this by means of a fictitious regulation known as the blood doctrine. The Watchtower Society prevents the emergency aid that would have prevented death in an average of 9000 cases per year worldwide by lying that human blood must not be ingested. It conceals the fact that the Bible speaks only of blood that is produced when meat is eaten. The religious propaganda in Jehovah's Witnesses at this point only amounts to demonizing human blood as a medicine, although no Jehovah's Witness consumes human flesh. The Watchtower blood doctrine is an instrument for murder. There is actually no other justification.

Superfluous murders by Muslim migrants

The research results of the Watchtower Human Oppression Experiments are nicely evaluated and applied in UN policy after a certain period of examination. Only when a certain number of Jehovah's Witnesses have been killed by the Watchtower blood doctrine over a certain period of time, without any prosecution having recognized or attempted to recognize this serial murder, does the UN begin to apply the arbitrary mode of murder in politics. The current application of the serial murder findings from the Watchtower experiment is UN and EU migration policy.

Based on the findings of the Watchtower, the UN is forcing the illegal immigration of Muslims into Christian nations. The ugly face of this policy is that of the German Chancellor. This UN policy of illegal immigration opens up the possibility for political Islam to practically apply precisely these senseless murders. There are indeed migrants who openly admit that they have been ordered to kill any of them. And as in the Watchtower experiment, the crowds react with lethargy and looking the other way. But not only that! We have left-green mainstream channels that see this lethargy and this looking away as a virtue of a non-Nazi.

Testing in the Watchtower Laboratory Experiment

The idea of testing all the possibilities of man's contemptuous deception in a clearly defined framework on living people is ingenious in itself. Even if this genius is equipped with two giant devil horns, one must admit that the Freemasons did a great job with the Watchtower Laboratory. One could and can observe in peace how millions of people can be kept under manipulative spell and how they react to the most abstruse lies and shameful works. One of the great insights is the application of religion. You have to make the whole game like a religion if you want to be successful. Therefore the Green Left has this hardly to be believed attitude of a religion. These people follow a religion in a fascist way and loosely outshine the Catholic who is in bondage to the Pope. Green Left has thus become the candidate of the New World religion. The UN wants it that way and George Soros says it quite openly. He elevates the Greens to the only remaining hope.

The EU's superfluous deaths and murders

While not a single person has died in bad air and even less from non-compliance with the diesel limit values, the EU produces a lot of deaths. On the one hand, the EU stigmatises Germany as a gas chamber in which we are all to be dieselled, and on the other, the EU causes the deaths of many people and is not condemned as a murderer, but is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

The number of people murdered by the EU's Islam policy has been 753 since the beginning of this century. Source

The EU's migrant policy is tying up billions of euros in Europe and depriving those in Africa who really need help of it. The number of human deaths from starvation caused by this EU migrant policy can hardly be estimated.

The EU is destroying many local markets in Africa by flooding these markets with highly subsidised European products. The consequence is the rapid death of African producers. Once the domestic producers have been removed from the market, the prices of European products will of course rise. How much hardship, hunger and death the EU has caused and continues to cause in this way is hard to assess.

The new happiness of the UN and the EU

In addition, the UN and the EU are gaining a nice collateral benefit. All murders committed so far for reasons of power politics experience a lasting, albeit nonsensical, justification. All left-wing Green believers can no longer argue against the murderous mistakes of UN and EU policy. Not even if they recognise and see through all this. Because on the current religious level they follow their leaders like the Nazis followed Hitler at that time. When we recognise this new happiness, we also understand with what arrogant composure Angela Merkel can ignore her crimes.

The fact that not a single public prosecutor's office in the world takes up the Watchtower serial murder is an indication that more powerful circles are holding their protective hand over the Watchtower experiment. The Watchtower Society is the prototype for the New World government.


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