Mrs. Renner from the Left refuses handshake

That's how Islamic hatred spreads

We know the hatred of the master-man-Islam. This hatred is beautifully expressed, for example, in the fact that Muslims refuse to shake hands with certain people. The Left loves Islam and wants to introduce it to Germany. If communism could not repress Christianity, then a leftist must come up with something. What could be more obvious than inviting Islam to infiltrate Germany? This invitation to Islam goes from the left and the whole political spectrum to the mother Angela Merkel.

The endless hatred of the Islamic master man has indeed already crept into the attitude of mind and emotions of the left. Thus a party representative of the left named Renner sits in a television show (something with Maischberger) and refuses to shake hands with the AfD politician Tino Chrupalla. What a debunking disgrace! We already have people in politics today who behave exactly like the Sunni Muslims and the other extremists. There lies the pure hatred to colonel and after this hatred comes then long time nothing at all. And then hate comes again and hate comes again and hate comes again and hate comes again.

Can we trust politicians who are as obviously as addicted to hatred as Mrs Renner of the Left? Aren't all the Nazis' distinctive features full of the hatred Mrs Renner of the Left celebrates so ill and helplessly? What currents do we get into when we have such people in the Bundestag? Aren't these behavioural patterns the distinguishing mark of fascism? And these people determine the mainstream. It is these people who manipulate simple minds through good humankind.

Be careful. Be careful. If you have anything wrong with Merkel's migration policy, you will no longer be welcomed by Mrs Renner. This is bound to get even worse. At some point, the left will spit in front of you. Later on, every critic of Merkel will be arrested. Mrs Renner von der Linken's refused handshake is the signal for this development. Do these people even know what they are doing? I think so, yes.

The left-green Catholic mainstream is destroying Germany. Goering-E. is looking forward to it. Merkel works diligently on it and has not yet been called to account. Also the Watchtower Society has not yet been called to account for its religious murders. The public prosecutors stand behind Mrs. Merkel and behind the Watchtower Society. They hold their protective hand over her. Law and order are no longer valid. We are approaching times of rigorous contempt for humanity.

Would you please move along? Would you please move on? Would you please move on?

The left are just like the Jehovah's Witnesses.

The child abuse priests ring the church bells. Are they looking forward to the Islamic temporary marriage of children?

When Islam will have legitimately taken over the power, first the green and left whistle people will be hanged at the building crane, because these people will then become very dangerous for Islam. When these whistle people realize what a diabolical, inhuman power they have succumbed to for decades, they will be the worst enemies of Islam out of repentance. That is why they will be executed first of all. And all the descendants of the politicians who today stand up for Islam undifferentiatedly and out of pure good humankind will be exterminated. With a bearded grin.


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