The Great Show of Piety

The religion of the Watchtower Society refers to the change of world conditions in favor of a one-world government under the wing of faithful and intelligent slaves. In Jehovah's masterfully organized society, the biblically announced reign of Christ, which Christians expect from the hand of God, becomes a reign to be established by Jehovah's Witnesses themselves under the leadership of the Watchtower's elite.

So what is established in the Bible by the hand of God in a perfect way, what takes up space without the intervention of Christians, what even happens under the accompanying appearance of the worst persecution of Christians that will ever take place, is in the Watchtower Society only the basis for its assumption of power and establishment of a Watchtower world domination with all means of manipulation.

And yet the Watchtower Society is spreading the general impression that Jehovah's Witnesses are pious as Christians are. Many people are portrayed in fervent prayer and it is concealed that the plans of the Watchtower Society are basically feasible without the intervention of their Jehovah "God". In each individual Watchtower, one reads "THE PURPOSE OF THE WATCHTOWER":

The Watchtower offers comfort to the people through the good news that God's kingdom, a real government in heaven, will soon put an end to all evil and make the earth a paradise.

However, the good news of the Bible is that through Jesus every person can come to God and therefore is not destroyed, although he really deserved it. The "good news" of the Watchtower emphasizes the destruction of evil and conceals that without Jesus everything that exists must be destroyed. For man is evil and without Jesus consecrated to death. At the same time, we know that the Watchtower forbids contact with Jesus. But Jesus is the only one who creates reconciliation between evil (us humans) and God. This is the key that shows us that the "good news" of the Watchtower has nothing else in mind but to keep people away from Jesus and to destroy them as quickly as possible.

This anti-Christian "Gospel" underpins the Watchtower with a huge heap of pious gossip that always takes place in disregard of God's instruction that we should listen to Jesus. This Jehovah-directed Watchtower devotion is an ugly imitation of what Christians are living in Jesus.

Public show of piety consistently avoid!

When Christian churches with good intentions depict praying people to show how beautiful it is when man turns to God, they should know that the Watchtower has long used this method to pretend false piety!

Watchtower 1 May 2009, title page:
Pious Show of Jehovah's Witnesses
In Jehovah's Witnesses, only the man may pray aloud.
Women and children may only pray in silence. Did you know that?

As proof that the piety of Jehovah's Witnesses is a false piety, the background of the pious praying Witness Jehovah's family again contains the demons that regularly appear in Watchtower publications. Whatever wallpaper these devout Jehovah's Witnesses may have, is it an artistic family praying in front of the canvases of faithful and intelligent slaves? If you take a closer look at this upper pious watchtower, you will see a lot of demon fangs in the background! Also the sweater of the praying woman turns into a demon mask in the belly area!

Unfortunately, the demons can hardly be copied by technical means. But whoever turns this watchtower back and forth in the light recognizes many of these beings.

For example, watch out for the demon directly above the woman's back of the head!
Demon of Watchtower Piety

This is proof that piety must never be used for advertising purposes! Christians, refrain from this type of publication. Jesus told us not to show our piety to the world!

Do not fall for this slave of false theology and apostasy. The Watchtower Brooklyn is one of the centers of magic and demon worship. This world religion is far ahead of us Christians in all technical and journalistic questions. Therefore, we must listen to the Lord and not surrender to the media, which have long been dominated by Satan.


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