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How the Watchtower Society Interprets the Bible and What Jehovah's Witnesses Learn From It

The Watchtower Society is the preacher of hope for the imminent death of all men, continuing its propaganda of misinterpretation of the Bible in "Awake". The medium "Awake" seems to want to substantiate the untruths of the Watchtower with filler and accessories as lost in detail as possible. It is noticeable that the texts are very long-winded and uninteresting, but in between contain blatant misinterpretations.

These misinterpretations of "Awake" flash brightly at the Christian reader and in most cases cause a quick departure of the Christian from these magazines. But Jehovah's Witnesses are so one-sidedly trained in their perception that they see the "Awake" as a meticulously researched lesson and simply accept the wrong content as if it were the truth.

Example I – Can the Bible make our lives happier and more meaningful?

Awake: Bible makes life meaningful

In "Erwachet" November 2007 (special edition), page 18, we find a beautiful advertising box for Watchtower literature. In it the "Awake" writers ask the question: "Can the Bible make our lives happier and more meaningful?"

Superficially, this question answers itself with a clear yes. But when you turn on your brain, something completely different comes out as the answer to this question. For most people, the Bible itself is nothing more than a dust catcher or perhaps a paperweight. Every believing Christian will answer the question by saying, not the Bible itself, but the Lord and God who communicates through this Bible makes our lives meaningful and happy. And not only our life, but also ourselves.

God Himself can and wants to make our lives happier and more meaningful. He came to us in human form and summarized in the Bible about his decision to save man in faith in Jesus Christ all the important things for us. Whoever does not take note of this one truth, that he who receives him – Jesus – receives the right to be called the child of God, can read tons of Watchtower literature and Bibles and religious books or rub and eat in his soup. He will not be able to draw anything from the Bible that makes his life happier or more meaningful.

By directing the focus on the Bible itself, the publishing society, which has endowed itself with the Holy Spirit, makes people believe that even the study of the Bible can carry the spirit of man to God.

Excursion: Publishing company that has endowed itself with the Holy Spirit
Jesus Himself said that the Holy Spirit works as He pleases. He is like the wind, of which one does not know where it comes from and where it will go. This documents that any insistence on the possession of the Holy Spirit is unbiblical. The faithful and understanding slave has already been exposed as an unbiblical apparition from the demand that he be the channel of God.

But the study of the Bible can do nothing if the message it contains is not understood and accepted. Whoever does not receive Jesus does not have the right to be called a child of God! Only the demand clearly outlined by the Bible to receive Jesus Christ in his heart helps the Bible to fulfill its function. That is why the question should not be whether the Bible can do this or that, but what Jesus can do in our lives.

This is a practical example of the perfidious technique of the Brooklyn Canal of God to distract people from the actual purpose of the Bible by means of pomposity. The faithful and understanding slave directs the attention of his readers only to the point: You can profit if you know a lot about the Bible and if you buy our books. But the truth, which is Jesus Christ himself, is lost. It shall perish. The Watchtower Society wants and must disfigure this Jesus so that his work does not apply to all who are Jehovah's Witnesses.

Example II (in the same booklet, page 19) – The Bible tells how God has dealt with humanity over thousands of years.

Here the choice of words already shows what the faithful and understanding slave really thinks of God. "How God proceeded!" That sounds like self-assertion and snotty dogmatism. Someone behaved badly and let others suffer under his moods. "How God proceeded!" arrogance, arrogance, selfish handling, harassment, coercion and unfair dumping – on it such a formulation shows: How someone proceeded with one!

The one who truly wants to honor God our Creator never writes: "As God did with mankind! Anyone who even opens his eyes a little for God realizes very quickly that it was exactly the other way round! God turned again and again to people and was rewarded with idolatry, rejection, ignorance, unbelief and disobedience. God was the one who was dealt with. God was and is the one whom people make subject to themselves by repeatedly developing their special theories about him and trampling underfoot the clear offer of faith of Jesus.

The faithful and understanding slave develops through his lyric writers on this page again the thought, it is only about the restoration of the old structures that have been lost by the Fall. While Jesus brings every single believer back into shape with his spirit and saves him from his divine power, the God channel from Brooklyn propagates system recovery like under Windows. And that is Freemasonry! Everything that subordinates the individual human being to the system can be found in the longings of Freemasons for a New World order.

But Jesus explicitly cares about the individual human being. He gives everyone who receives him the right to be called a child of God. Jesus does not reassemble the old system, but works in a living relationship with his disciple to build the new, the believer's renewal. "Behold, I make everything new."

Those who ignore this and only want to repair the systematics can only be Freemasons who deliberately use God to build a self-conceived ideal world. With this we have arrived back at the people who jump around with God. The faithful and understanding slave deals with God. He uses it and simply ignores God's will. He ignores Jesus according to all the rules of art. All system literature of the Watchtower Society can be summarized under the formula: How the Canal of God proceeded with God.

Example III (bottom of page 19) – To answer this question, Jehovah gave mankind a free hand for a time.

... Jehovah gave mankind a free hand for a time

... Jehovah gave mankind a free hand for a time

Here the faithful and understanding slave announces the end of freedom. Jehovah's Witnesses yearn for this end of human freedom to decide for or against Jesus with all their might. They speculate to play the role of the only remaining in the New World order. They hope for the elimination of evil and so they also hope for the killing of all people except them. This is the gospel they are imputing to God. While God gave His Son to save every single person, Jehovah's Witnesses hope for the downfall of all who are not in bondage to the Brooklyn Canal of God. Again we meet the people how they deal with God. Their goal is a highly human one: the appropriation of the world and thus the building of an ideal paradise. But they forget that with the annihilation of evil they – the Jehovah's Witnesses – are also annihilated. For there is no one on earth who is without sin, not even one.

The deception from the Brooklyn Masons' and System Re-manufacturers' kitchen finds its peak here, and the Jehovah's Witnesses are jumping at it. But the Jehovah's Witnesses do not see that behind the trick of the Watchtower the elimination of all salvation through Jesus is sought. They are blinded.

Thought after

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses, isn't it a very special shame to use a name for worshiping God that was demonstrably invented only in the 13th century by Catholic monks of all people? Isn't it a very special and ingenious procedure of Satan to sell you Jehovah's Witnesses true worship and to present an obvious fantasy name for it? Isn't it a particularly perfidious deception to put this false name into the world by the magicians of the Catholic Great Deception?

Get away from your con men in Brooklyn. The Watchtower Publishing House is just a publishing clique that is Masonic infiltrated. Look at Jesus and decide in childlike faith. For once in your life be honest with your own hearts! Venture a new beginning with Jesus Christ!


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