Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 407

Jehovah's Perfect Brainwashing – Masonic Sign

Jehovah's Witness Makes the Masonic Identification Mark

What? Excuse me? A Jehovah's Witness makes the clearest Masonic gesture ever? That can't be! Jehovah's Witness actually makes the most unique Masonic recognition gesture there is. He pulls up his trouser leg and grins like a little boy who just strangled a cat. Gross! Unbelievable.

We, Renate and I, strive like the savages for this Mecki witness of Speyer and the man shows us the sign of Freemasonry. With it he signals that he is quite consciously Antichrist and has no other interest than to lead people astray. The grin of this man in the course of this sign for Freemasons was gruesome. With this gesture of Freemasonry, Jehovah's mechanical witness clearly reveals to us that all my suspicious assumptions concerning Freemasonry and the Watchtower Society are correct.

Why pursue conspiracy theories on the Internet when enlightenment is so close? In Speyer, a Jehovah's Witness raises his trouser leg in a quite unnatural way that no other conclusion is possible than that he confesses to Freemasonry and thus signals to us that he can and will never act differently than before. Masons are mercilessly killed when they break their vows. So Jehovah's Meccitizen of Speyer has two vows to keep. One is the Watchtower Oath, the other is the Masonic Oath. The Masonic Oath is the significantly more dangerous one.

Because in Freemasonry, no one can go back from their pact to another world. Once you've sworn to Freemasonry, you'll have power and money all your life, but you can never back down. He can never escape the constraints of his Masonic lords and risks his own terrible death if he dares to think of independence from Freemasonry. Such a man has become a slave to Satan in all hardship, and we may speak of it with good reason: Here someone has sold his soul!

This twist, which is only reflected in a single photograph, also explains very plausibly why an adult man cannot accept the simplest facts. The Masonic gesture explains why this man, despite his humanly well-functioning intelligence, refuses to acknowledge human things and not to deny them. The man is a prisoner of Lucifer, who under the pseudonym "Jehovah" is the god of the lower Masons. Only in the high degrees of Freemasonry can he be worshiped directly as Lucifer.

Why did Renate want to go to Speyer? I kept asking if we should go to Walldorf after all. But Renate did not react to these questions. Speyer was the destination of our safari and I'm no longer the type to assert myself at any price. And then there is a good program in Speyer, a movie in which Renate and I are the only spectators, and we are thrilled. However, this enthusiasm still remains without reason, without explanation.

The explanation for the elation that I had from the beginning lies in leading into a situation that should confirm all my suspicions. The Watchtower Society is still deeply Masonic to this day, and we have seen one of its representatives today who openly performed the most unambiguous of all Masonic signs. Or was this Jehovah's Witness just joking? I don't think so, because his behavior doesn't suggest humor. The man pretended not to remember the conversation he had with Renate some time ago. All Jehovah's Witnesses bring this strategy again and again. But that one of them brings the Standard Masonic Sign, that hasn't happened yet.

Mister Meckizeuge gives me the confirmation that he too can use his power everywhere and at any time in association with the other Freemasons. And he also casually explains why there will never be a public prosecutor's office investigating the serial murder of the Watchtower Society.

It is an absolute rarity that a Jehovah's Witness publicly professes Freemasonry and reckons that no one will notice. We have a brutal proof here that all the suspicions regarding the fusion of Watchtower Society, Seventh-day Aventists, Mormons, and other Masonic idiosyncrasies with Freemasonry are very likely true.

Even Russell wanted to be buried under a pyramid and in a Roman robe. How do you pronounce this name? Put your neighbour's foot deep in your mouth and say: "Hhhhussel"! That always works very well. Russell was the authoritative founder of the Watchtower Society and even confessed Freemasonry in a speech. And Jehovah's Speyer mecanical witness stands in front of us and demonstratively pulls up his trouser leg, as the Mason must do at his initiation. What a spectacle it is! Mr. Hosenbeinhochzieher, who often enough spoke here with abstruse comments, performed the recognition mark for Freemasons in such a way that it was not yet noticed in public. I only noticed it while editing the photos. The man is a Freemason. And he is one of the leading personalities in the regional subsection of the Watchtower Society.

In all conversations with Renate this man fended off Jehovah's everything we had given him to think about before. And he stupidly asked when and how, when Renate asked him if he remembered the good conversation the other day. We didn't even notice that he pulled up his trouser leg in all publicity, as Freemasons do at their entrance ceremony. And the overall game that this man delivered was that Jehovah's Witnesses did not bleed to death and that he, the Meccite, knew nothing else about anything.

Considering that not a single public prosecutor's office in the world has responded to the accusations that have been made on this website for years, it is quite easy to judge to whom the legal systems are subject or by whom they are dominated. It is unbelievable that the serial murder of the Watchtower Society is accepted without a smile and without a sound and that a Jehovah's Witness in Speyer shows the ultimate valid Freemason mark. Grinning with a spoiled face, like one who shows it to everyone (and is ready to skin the next cat).

If now the collected facts about the Watchtower Society with its serial murder by bleeding to death and the barely tangible facts about its Masonic origin and the Freemasonry itself with its population experiments collapse on you and are strengthened by a Masonic gesture, which a Jehovah's Witness gives in the pedestrian zone for the best, then the point is close to finally being able to collect the madman, who dares to also report all this. The Watchtower Society's plan seems to work out. The registration in the mental hospital was not in vain after all. Year and day ago I was actually called by a private mental hospital when I finally wanted to make the desired appointment.

So, now it's enough with the suspicions and speculations. Of course I'm the crazy one and Jehovah's Witness just happened to pull up his trouser leg like a Freemason when he joined the conspired community. And I am as unconsciously satisfied and uncritical as the Speyerer Catholics and Greens. Oh, life is beautiful. Hey straitjacket users, you don't need to pick me up.

By the way: Google makes sure that the can hardly be found anymore. I only say: trouser leg.


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