Watchtower Society – Clarification in court No. 433

Main hearing at Wiesloch Local Court

Are Jehovah's Witnesses allowed to be photographed?

The public prosecutor's office in Heidelberg sued me for filming and publishing Jehovah's Witnesses. I also insulted one of them. The charge of slander was dropped. Detailed information can be found on the page Order of summary punishment for video recording and insult.

The trial

At 9:50 I entered the district court, Bergstrasse 3 in Wiesloch. In the stairwell I was received by three judicial officers and searched and scanned. Then I sat down in the adjoining waiting room and watched as the Jehovah's Witnesses' celebrities gradually arrived. Not the announced prosecution witnesses came, but three Jehovah's Witnesses. They were the mechanical witnesses of Speyer, who behaved very kindly and not hostile. Then came a Jehovah's Witness from Walldorf, who behaved very nicely. Then came the fat Jehovah's Witness from Bruchsal, who always likes to show other people his buttocks in order to fulfill the Watchtower's requirements: Turn away!

That Jehovah's turning witness attacked me. I led Romans 8:9 into the field, who defines the Spirit of God and the Spirit of Christ as one and the same Spirit. All three Jehovah's Witnesses did not understand and only showed their contempt.

A quarter of an hour before the beginning of the session I stood with the judicial officers, as I wanted to avoid the attacks of the fat Jehovah's Witness. It started at 10:30 am. I stopped at the front because I didn't know where the defendant had to place himself. The three Jehovah's Witnesses made themselves comfortable in the center of the hall, as if the event had been staged especially for them. Reality will even come very close to that. I was instructed to sit at the side table to the right of the judge.

After all the formal details had been established, it was clarified how I stood on the facts. I said that all the facts are true. The judge stated that I only wanted to see the legal classification differently. That was good and right.

Then the whole video was watched on a PC. The Jehovah's Witnesses had to watch and the accusations about the six-year-old who had to die for Jehovah's blood doctrine echoed through the boardroom. I didn't see if they were covering their ears. Or whether the fat Jehovah's Witness from Bruchsal had sat with his back to the court.

In the course of the proceedings, the judge was always enthusiastic about the fact that the facts had been clarified perfectly. He has probably never experienced anything like this before, in which the focus was not on researching the facts of the case, but only on the legal assessment of it.

The plea of the public prosecutor

The prosecutor read down his text very quickly and quietly. The text was designed to identify the behaviour of the aggressive Jehovah's Witness in Walldorf as justified. The prosecutor said literally: "If I had been there, the camera would have been with me much earlier." That this sentence alone was a clear call to violence and vigilante justice, unfortunately, only became clear to me at home.

To the alleged insult, the public prosecutor said quietly and almost incomprehensibly that it could also be regarded as slander, which would not change the sentence. And anyway, the daily rates could be calculated a few cents more precisely. But well, and made a casual gesture.

The decision

The judge followed the prosecutor's reasoning and convicted me in all points of the indictment. In the reasons for the verdict, he brought things that had not been discussed at all and whose doubtfulness could then no longer be addressed. My escape from the aggressive Jehovah's Witness in Walldorf was a classic swallow. The confrontation of Jehovah's Witnesses with the camera running was the real agitation.

After the sentence was pronounced, the judge instructed me about the futility of a revision or appeal. He almost did so with compassion.

After the session, I remained sitting for minutes and watched the prosecutor throw off his uniform and walk away.


On the page Punishment order for video recording and insult you can also find my detailed requests and explanations. All this was completely ignored. My objection served the public prosecutor only as a model. He only had to reverse the text and read it aloud.

However, what exposes the process as a farce is the public prosecutor's call for the use of force and for vigilante justice. "If I had been there, the camera would have been with me much earlier." And the judge agreed with him! As a justice professional, the judge should have screamed shrill, because vigilante justice is the end of all justice. The judge should have jumped up from his chair, because a call to violence is a call to vigilante justice! The judge remained calm. The judge confirmed the prosecutor's call for vigilante justice.


The game is set up like the migration pact, the gender madness and the destruction of the German state by the dissolution of the borders of the national territory. The German state has issued a carte blanche to the Watchtower Society. The Jehovah's Witnesses' meetings, elevators, and similar events are entirely private and are not meetings, elevators, or similar events. This violates the law on copyright in works of fine arts and photography § 23.

Without the consent required by § 22, the following may be disseminated and displayed: ... 3. pictures of meetings, lifts and similar events in which the persons depicted have taken part ...

As long as the German state as a constitutional state unscrupulously violates the law – planned, intended and by all means – a revision cannot be successfully carried out. Only when the parties ruling today are in opposition will there be a chance of justice.


It has to be added that the video is full of accusations that Jehovah's Witnesses are bleeding people to death. It even includes organized bleeding by hospital liaison committees. The judge remained ice-cold. The prosecutor remained ice cold. Jehovah's Witnesses remained ice cold. The whole thing has a great inner connection with the ice-cold concealment of migrant murders and rapes by ARD and ZDF. The judiciary makes itself the promoter of the annihilation of human beings through religion. And the public prosecutor calls himself a potential accomplice by saying: "If I had been there, the camera would have been with me much earlier."

All this gives rise to the suspicion that the great chaos from which the New World Order is to emerge is desirable. Mrs. Merkel also openly admits that the opening of the border was the only right decision on the way to the new one-world order.

I can't help it. I only report facts.

Ruediger [26.01.2019]

PS: Even in the USA it's getting tight. And the people are as aggressive as the Jehovah's Witness from Walldorf. [RH]


Hello Ruediger, I am glad that you have managed to translate the page into English. Now, many more people can be informed about the machinations of the Watchtower Society and learn the truth of this Masonic organization. May many people still open their eyes.

Juergen [22.02.2019]

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