Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 405

Speyerer want to let children die for Jehovah

What must have been going on in Speyer at the time of Hitler!

When the left-green SPD zeitgeist dries out people's brains, Nazis come out in the back. I could observe that today in Speyer at the Altpoertel. The rule of thumb of modern man is not: live and let live, but lie and let lie. The dirt that piles up in Speyer consists of a kind of Nazi community and the vaccination with a green-left ideology. Nazi thoughts fit very well with the left-green zeitgeist and cause the Watchtower Death ideology to have free access to these people. In Speyer, people actually advocate letting children die for a religion. Child abuse, on the other hand, is harmless. These people do not seem to know what they are doing. And they also do not know what they stand for.

And the Jehovah's Witness who beat Renate recently because she wanted to teach him something about Jesus grinned and grinned and grinned. This man has a following in Speyer that consists of Catholics. They do everything. Also the Marian worship. And in her opinion children should be sacrificed for a religion. Murder by bleeding to death is very popular in Speyer. What must have been going on in Speyer in Hitler's time when people still stand up for the murder of children today?

Jehovah's bald witness piled up as soon as I showed up at the Altpoertel. The witness who had beaten Renate stopped. He had already shown this behaviour once or twice and the background seems to be this abysmal approval he enjoys at Altpoertel. The passers-by seized up to one party for him and sometimes showed me the windshield wiper movement. And the police drove patrol and looked whether I am not aggressive also.

A twenty-year-old came by and claimed that there was no God and that a six-year-old must be allowed to die for religious freedom. Jehovah's Witness grinned. Unbelievably many passers-by stood demonstratively on the side of Jehovah's child murder advertiser and went on. It must be a good feeling for these people to stand up for such liars and feel that they belong to them. What a development in Speyer! Has the Pope, who legitimizes all religions, spoken a word of power? Has anything been written in the newspaper to incite these good citizens against me?

What's in the video isn't posed. The brutal, wicked consent to murder by bleeding to death is really so present in Speyer and none of these people notices anything. Even the police have no clue. They are on patrol to see if I am not becoming aggressive after all.

How much shame can man endure? So far I was of the opinion that everyone must bear his own shame. But today it became clear to me that even the shame of other people is very difficult to bear. And that is when these people think they are in the right and strike with all their might and with all their idiocy. The Watchtower Murder Society doesn't even have to lift a finger, because people are stupid enough on their own.

Lying and letting them lie. This is the axis around which the life of modern man revolves. My ego first, that is the credo of the Muslim, the American and the Speyer do-gooder. And Jehovah's Witnesses graze on the fact that the ego of their pseudogods benefits from it. It is precisely this knitting pattern that is Jehovah's knitting pattern that demands human sacrifice. And the do-gooders of Speyer agree with him. They have realized that human life means nothing. Isn't it beautiful how the doctrine of the Watchtower Society spreads? It happens without the intervention of Jehovah's Witnesses, because Satan himself is both the Lord of Jehovah's Witnesses and the good citizen who wants to let children die for a religion.

Watch the video above and get to know the evil in yourself and in the people depicted there. The spirit-controlled man can never belong to Jesus, but only to Satan.


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