6000 points for the Heaven

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Part 2

Why can our good works never be enough? Why will Jehovah's Witnesses and other wildly determined people experience a nasty surprise? Why is God so petty? What are the possibilities other than good works? Did Jesus pay for everyone? Could he have done that if he had been just an angel? What do I have to do to have eternal life? Who can save us? What is after death? Is there eternal life? Will we live in an earthly paradise under the leadership of the Watchtower Organization? Who is the author of salvation? Can there be another name besides Jesus in which we must be saved?

Good works

Good works can never be suitable for further filling the already infinitely filled account of grace. Good works must be the fruit of faith. Faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation not only for good works, but also for the eternal life that God has in store for us. No one can boast of his own good works. Everything good can only come from Jesus Christ, who is the God visible and experiencable for us.

The Goodness Meter

When Jehovah's Witnesses go rogue

When Jehovah's Witnesses break away from the faithful and intelligent slave, they usually turn away from the Bible altogether. They have been given such a one-sided view that they can no longer read the Bible freely and cannot accept Jesus in the end. They never forget the false teachings and "studies" of the Watchtower Society and are therefore dependent on dismissing the Bible as a fairy tale book. Very few former Jehovah's Witnesses manage to turn back to the Bible free from all false assumptions of the Watchtower firm.

Ant in the square – the credibility of the Bible

Rediscover the Bible. Don't rely on a publishing house that calls itself the Canal of God and fills its print products with demons!


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