Is the sacrifice of Jesus perfect?

Is Adam profiting from the ransom?

The prospect of living forever is the irresistible driving force that motivates Jehovah's Witnesses day after day in their witnessing work. But does the Watchtower really teach that a never-ending life is even attainable for these driven? No. The Watchtower does this only for a very select spectrum of its members. The Watchtower grants a never-ending life to those chosen few.

If you open a Watchtower magazine or a Watchtower book, you will find many colourful pictures of paradise with smiling people and oversized crops. This future paradise, says the Watchtower, is a result of Jesus' ransom sacrifice. But who really benefits from his ransom sacrifice? The Jehovah's Witnesses will tell you that Jesus came to earth to buy back perfect human life on the paradisiacal earth for the descendants of Adam.

But! Not all the descendants of Adam profit from the ransom of Jesus. According to the Watchtower doctrine, the sacrifice of Jesus only pays the price for Adam's sin, the original sin, but Adam and Eve and all those who commit murder are not redeemed by the ransom sacrifice. "The Insight on the Scriptures", Vol. 2, page 736, says that "under the law, the one who consciously commits murder cannot be pardoned. Adam, who brought death on all men by his deliberate act against God's commandment, was therefore a murderer (Romans 5:12). So the sacrifice of Jesus for God is not valid as a ransom for the sinner Adam."

The Watchtower, Feb. 15, 1991, page 13, works out that "neither Adam nor Eve have any benefit from ransom. The Mosaic law contained the basic rule: "And you shall accept no atonement for the soul of a murderer guilty of dying, but he shall certainly be killed" (Genesis 35:31). But Adam was not deceived, so his sin was deliberate and deliberate. (1 Tim. 2:14) Adam committed murder on his descendants, for they now took over his imperfection and thus came under the power of death. It would be contrary to Jehovah's righteous principles to apply the ransom of Jesus to Adam."

Is it really true that the sacrifice of Jesus is not acceptable to God when it comes to Adam? Unacceptable in the case of Eve and all those who committed murder? The Watchtower considers the passage of Genesis 35:31 to be proof that no murderer can ever be pardoned and that he does not fall under the sacrifice of the Son of God.

But the Watchtower completely fails in this interpretation, for it ignores Acts 13:38-39. "So be it known to you, brethren, that through this one forgiveness of sins is preached to you; and of all things of which you could not be justified by the law of Moses, every believer is justified by this one".

Do you understand that? Even that which the law of Moses could not justify justifies the sacrifice of Jesus! This means that this Jesus includes in his ransom sacrifice all, including murderers and Adam and Eve, if they believe!

The Watchtower has degraded the sacrifice of the only Son of God to the status of the Old Testament animal sacrifice. Animal sacrifices could not be ransom for a murderer and the Watchtower teaches that Jesus' precious blood cannot be ransom for these people. The Watchtower is guilty of misinterpretation of Jesus' ransom offering.

The guilt of the Watchtower Society consists in the continued renegade of many seekers of Jesus. The Watchtower Society seduces seekers into a faith based only on human knowledge. The Watchtower Society sells purely human logic as the will of God. It makes mistakes like the stupidest beginner in his office job. Oh, a piece of paper fell down and by chance was not considered in the balance. – Well, maybe the IRS won't notice.

The responsibility charged to this human botched organization can have only a satanic origin. For there are enough examples where people who turned pure of heart to Jesus were led out of deep ignorance and drug addiction into a new life that was not given to anyone to seduce, but to a living testimony for the healing power of Jesus.

The Watchtower is the spiritual tower of Babel. In it Satan demonstrates how easy it is to seduce people to spiritual comfort and disregard Jesus. He shows God the famous stinky finger with the watchtower. What a dirty symbol. Thus Satan, in his hatred of Jesus' perfect work of redemption, uses man's lust for meticulous bureaucratic arrogance. He gives Jehovah's Witnesses a heightened identity that adds self-satisfied "facts" past the will of God. One can then carry them home so beautifully in black and white.


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