The Watchtower could also lie.


It is perfectly understandable and normal for you as a Jehovah's Witness to react to these critical words with disgust and discomfort. Have you decided to pursue with all your strength and honesty a goal that is certainly the highest goal in our universe? Namely the connection and serious devotion to Jehovah.

They have chosen to follow the truth and have entered trustingly – impressed by the lightness and knowledge of the Watchtower Society – into the human class of those best saved by human discretion. You may have taken on the burden of preaching for years and always try to be loving and kind to your brothers and sisters and to all those who are not taught.

Jehovah's Witnesses always nice and smart

In the Kingdom Hall you have met like-minded people and got to know them better. You know quite well that this like-mindedness grows with each assembly, and you rely on the truth that is given to you and all your sisters and brothers in the Kingdom Hall.

A sure indication of the correct orientation of your faith is the malice you reap when doing your sermon service. Only you know that this mockery brings you heavenly returns once you are settled. Let them look stupid or grin stupid. We will once triumph over all these dull ignorants before the face of Jehovah.

But make no mistake!

With the institution of Jesus as the sole mediator between God and man, nothing is predictable anymore. Since Jesus used his power, there is no way to Jehovah that can be calculated by human standards! Because Jesus has taken all power and decides according to pure faith who is weighted what when and how. So people, including the Watchtower Society and you as Jehovah's Witnesses, are dependent on turning to the address that Jehovah has given us.

This address is Jesus Christ, and it is according to the will of His Father in His ministry. Nobody can get past him. Unless one accepts the risk of being lost.

Actually turn to Jesus personally, which is forbidden in the Watchtower Society pregnant with meaning! You will be taught by Him what is wrong and what is right. You will experience how your life, your heart changes bit by bit and grows towards the Father. You will understand why everything human in the world rebels against him, who died for us on the cross, and why he comes up with the most clever tricks to deprive him of power.

But you will not be spared frustration!

You will have to rely on Jesus alone and you will quickly realize that apart from Him there is no power that can be taken seriously. In this context, you will have to realize that you have to wait for him often enough in doubt and weakness, and that you cannot claim the human security of systematically deciphering any secrets. You will notice that in the certainty of faith that Jesus gives you, there is no microgram of being better than the rest of humanity. You will be filled with a great happiness and security that you will know is not human but divine. But you will also experience that this spiritual home will not give you an inch ahead of other people.

This is because it is Jesus' serious interest to keep his disciples on the ground. No one is better than his neighbor just because he is saved by the power of Jesus. As he himself has served us, we should become his imitators and serve.

This inevitable experience of every believing disciple of Jesus does not take place in the Watchtower Society! In it, in the Watchtower Society, the elite addict of our psyche is addressed from the beginning to the bitter end. Always and everywhere, Jehovah's Witnesses feel better, more enlightened, more decent, closer to God.

But he who exalts himself ...

This inner attitude, which is not hidden from the Lord, is the core of the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses. They do not need to rely on the guidance of the Lord Jesus, but can inwardly grin at the superiority of the Watchtower Society's Bible knowledge to deliberately imply it: "What do you know, you heathen!"

That this is accompanied with a lovely smile is clear. But the Lord looks into your heart and recognizes whether you are following him or whether you are just a human "highly intelligent" Bible researcher organization arrested. He values it and recognizes whether you claim his sacrifice for yourself or just consider it true. But if you claim his sacrifice, you have to thank him from the bottom of your heart. But this is idolatry in the Watchtower Society, because Jesus is not God according to their teaching.

The Watchtower doctrine is a humanly knitted vehicle to keep seeking people away from the grace and guidance of Jesus Christ. Every Jehovah's Witness will lag far behind a disabled person who says an honest yes to Jesus in what he learns. For Jesus' thoughts are so much higher than our thoughts, as the mountains are higher than the valleys.

You invoke Jehovah, the main god of your religion. But you only believed people who boldly interpret the Bible for their own purposes and views. Turn back! Ask Jesus! Without a personal yes to him, there is no salvation.

Whoever goes to Jesus cannot be torn from his hand by anyone.


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