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Jehovah's Witnesses, World Champions of Piety

Both the human and the animal psyche have a mechanism that serves to bridge frustration experiences. It is the removal of frustration by performing a substitute action. Whether the beaten dog bites the next lower being in its environment, whether the child, who was denied sweets, starts fighting with his brother, whether the Bonobo (chimpanzee-like ape) reacts to stress situations with wild sex orgies, the mechanism of frustration rebuff by a substitute action is known and to be observed everywhere in the world.

This tendency can be observed particularly clearly in connection with man's search for God. The Old Testament tells a comprehensive story of human measures of religion, from sorcery to the pure glorification of the law, which are repeatedly asserted in human behavior. The reaction of God (I have no pleasure in your sacrifices) remains strongly in the background. In the overall picture of the Old Testament, this reaction of God could also apply too much as the rejection of man by God.

And people fall back to this day into the cheap, meaningless substitute act of exaggerated piety. Because hoping for God, believing in his existence and in his love brings with it the frustrating component of perseverance, people focus on lighting candles, donating money, rituals, compulsorily observing rules of conduct and even more faithfully attending meetings and pious events.

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But nobody wants to notice that all these things are only there to replace perseverance in the hope of God with self-made good feelings. These acts of piety are nothing other than the crutch of the unbeliever. A religious walking aid. Jesus says, throw away your crutches and go! This is the continuation of what God, the Father, already told people in the Old Testament (I have no pleasure in your sacrifices). It is not the substitute action that makes people pure before God, but the freehand, patient perseverance in the "uncertainty" of faith in Jesus Christ.

Satan has firmly established in the teachings of the Watchtower Society that trusting Jesus is a sin. Jehovah's Witnesses are afraid to deny Jehovah if they actually make Jesus their Lord. Therefore, in the Watchtower Society, there is a kind of substitute mode that gives the American Watchtower writers the power of Jesus. Jesus himself as a whole loses the meaning of the one who spreads out his arms and says to us, Come to me, all of you who are troublesome and laden. This function has been appropriated by the Watchtower Society, thus taking the Bible to its absurd foundations.

Satan's Watchtower tactics have made the only way to the Father a minor matter. The one who became the cornerstone is thrown onto the garbage again by the Watchtower Society. He is not worthy to be worshiped by Jehovah's Witnesses.

The whole way of Jesus has become meaningless in the Watchtower Society. His help and salvation cannot play a role in the life of a Jehovah's Witness. His life and death are free and without effect for Jehovah's Witnesses. For if he were effective for them, they would have to let him help them. But they do not, because in their eyes it is a sin to speak to Jesus.

The twisting of the Bible by the Watchtower Society is so perfect that the entire Watchtower doctrine sucked out of it is a single substitute act for the frustration that comes from believing in Jesus: Nothing is left to one. No good work can bring a God closer, no promise builds on solid facts, but only on hope in Jesus.

The Jehovah's Witnesses build a ladder to heaven by laboriously sticking together burnt matches. The easiest thing under the sun is to take Jesus' grace by faith. But this grasping in faith does not stand before the human (carnally minded) eyes. Only when the spiritual eyes open does the rock-solid foundation of Jesus become clear.

But before the Jehovah's Witnesses are directly impressed by Jesus, they prefer to decipher the Bible with the spiritual power of a calculator. They try to build a tower of human thought that, according to their imagination, could reach the feet of God. What a dirty blasphemy. They disdain the power of Jesus as direct help, as direct intervention in their lives. Thus they follow Satan in a direct way, who wants to destroy the work of Jesus.


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