Watchtower Secret League

Is the Watchtower Society a secret society?

The term "Secret Society" is used to describe fraternal organizations that engage in secret ceremonies and means of identification and communication. They range from (collegiate church fraternities) to organizations described in conspiracy theories and are considered extremely powerful, with selfish financial or political objectives of global reach and often with Luciferian convictions. A secret society ...
  • is exclusive
  • claims own special secrets
  • shows a strong inclination to favour it's own
  • has "carefully graded and progressive teachings"
  • the lessons are accessible "only to selected persons"
  • the teachings lead to "hidden (and 'unique') truths"
  • the truths bring "personal advantages beyond the reach and also the understanding of the layman"

A secret society, of which the thought does not exist at all in the world that it could be a secret society, is the most secret of all secret societies.

  • The separation of man and woman in prayer, which makes the precondition for a promise of Jesus impossible, that where two among the believers in Jesus become one on earth, what they want to ask, it should happen to them from Jesus' Father in heaven, this separation is directly anti-Christian and antibiblical. Here the Watchtower Society consciously sacrifices the possibility of spiritual experience through the abusive escalation of the doctrine that the woman is subject to the man. This prayer ban is carefully concealed from the public.
  • The Watchtower Society publishes on CD religious teachings and information that only baptized Jehovah's Witnesses may receive. The public is excluded.
  • From 2008, this ambiguity will also be applied to the issues and books of the Watchtower Society. Then there will be booklets for the baptized and booklets for the public.

The outward behaviour demanded of its members by the Watchtower Society also serves more to build a super-Christian façade than to portray a community of people who have been changed by God's Spirit. This replica, this copy of real Christian behavior, is also an indication that the Watchtower Society is probably the most secret of all secret societies.

The secret nature of the Watchtower Society itself is so secret that the discovery of the fact that secret teachings exist in the Watchtower Society is almost unbelievable. But the plan is easy to see through.

While on the one hand obviously unethical teachings such as the rejection of a blood transfusion are freely brought to the attention of the public, one deliberately refrains from mentioning such seemingly almost unimportant regulations as the prayer ban between man and woman. That makes sense. For the rejected blood transfusion excites the minds and distracts from looking at the real deadly factors of the Watchtower doctrine.

Real death takes place where man's actual experience with God is systematically and consistently thwarted in advance. Every true Christian would immediately expose the regulations used for this purpose if he had knowledge of them. This danger is too great for the Watchtower Society to allow. Thus the Watchtower Society has apparently successfully concealed from the public that in its circles men are never allowed to hear women's prayers.

This secrecy suggests that the Watchtower Society, like a secret society, depends on letting only half the truth get out to the public. Thus, the Watchtower Society deliberately follows the path of concealment in order to avoid discussion of content. For the image of uniquely good Christianity that it presented to the outside world would not only be scratched, but refuted by the Bible itself. In order to avoid such an examination according to the Word of God, the Watchtower Society conceals the most destructive measures it imposes on its faithful.

The division of the Watchtower Society's intellectual content into those that are suitable for the public and those that are better kept secret from the public continues to be practiced by the Watchtower Society in the publication of shared information. The baptized Jehovah's Witnesses, who as such may be regarded as firmly engaged in the manipulation of the Watchtower Society, receive information that only they can "bear". They are already so familiar with the mutable logic of the Watchtower writers that they can no longer recognize the sky-high inconsistencies, let alone criticize them.

Unencumbered, new spirits are not considered with this obvious twist of the Bible. Otherwise it would be all too obvious what spiritual background the Watchtower Society really has. This protection from the criticism of people who have still kept their own gaze is to apply from 2008 also to the monthly Watchtower Scriptures themselves.

How much the Watchtower Society really hides is unknown. But the three facts outlined above speak for themselves. They make it clear that the Watchtower Society cannot be a religious denomination, but an established program designed to distract from the original Christian doctrine. Jesus receives a low secondary status with Jehovah's Witnesses (he is only a creature) and Jehovah plays the only true role again, as he does with Jews and Muslims. Thus the Christian doctrine of salvation through faith in Jesus is once and for all annulled and the seduction to a performance-dependent bliss can begin.

If faith in free redemption through Jesus were not so dangerous for the adversary, such secret societies as the Watchtower Society would not be necessary. In this respect, the persistent fight against faith in Jesus as God, who saves through faith in Him, bears witness to Jesus Himself and confesses, without wanting to, that Jesus is the only mediator between men and God.

But this testimony is so covered up by false doctrine that only believers in Jesus can recognize this effect. Only those who directly and unconditionally rely on Jesus and let Him work and follow Him can see that the Watchtower Society is doomed to failure in the very great style in which it occurs, and ultimately testifies in its dishonest struggle against this Jesus, who is God, that He is God who did this incomprehensible deed for us.

For a Jesus who would not have fulfilled the law, a Jesus who would not have saved the world, a Jesus who would not expose the efforts of Jehovah's Witnesses as absurd additional services, does not need to be fought at all.

Since there are still a few people in the world who have dared to make contact with Jesus, the Watchtower Society cannot afford to give its full teachings to the public. That would be their quick end. The realization of the man-made facade of faith of the Watchtower Society would be the natural result of an open attitude of the Watchtower Society.

But it can still satisfy many people in their longing for a tidy life. So she can still convince many people that one only has to be good enough not to have to accept the Salvation through Jesus personally for oneself, but that it would be completely sufficient to value Jesus and his "redeeming sacrifice".

In order to be able to continue to give this halved honor to Jesus, the Watchtower Society holds back the full truth about itself from the public. Thus it fulfills nothing other than the status of a secret society.


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