The carnal efforts
of Jehovah's Witnesses

Thus our ability to think plays a major role in worshiping God.
Jehovah's Witnesses, go to training!
... Jehovah's Witnesses, go to training!

To reach the higher rank of Jehovah's Witness, man must improve himself. He must use all his strength to meet the demands of the Watchtower Society. It does not matter much if the Bible reports that the human spirit is not willing and able to recognize God, and that God then decided to save people by believing in the nonsense of Jesus' death on the cross.

Please read the First Letter to the Corinthians, Chapter 1!

Here it stands unwound and straight out that God has decided once and for all to save by faith in order to destroy the human knowledge that always turns away from him.

This passage in the Bible does not apply to Jehovah's Witnesses. It is worth nothing because it undermines the human power of knowledge of the Watchtower Society. This Bible passage, however, testifies to all mankind that people who rely on their own abilities like Jehovah's Witnesses are lost forever. They rely on carnality while God continually offers them His spiritual power. They reject God's offer and feel joy when they can seduce other people not to accept God's offer of salvation.

For this purpose they put pictures on their website, which radiate the highest self-satisfaction, in order to suggest to people how wonderful one can be satisfied with one's own mind. What do we miss if we don't look for anything outside our own insight? – Nothing! We can swing back and forth in our rocking chair on our veranda and let God be a dear man. We are already making our own God. We don't have to listen to what an upstart like Jesus has to tell us. This Jesus only worries people because he does not fit into our common patterns of thinking. – So: away with him! Let us turn him into an angel with a special function.

The unconditional love of Jesus is a sting in the flesh of Jehovah's Witnesses. They cannot bear that Jesus has the power to save, heal, gladden and save by mere faith. They invent tons of colorful booklets with content to distract from Jesus, and they misappropriate the Word of God by telling the exact opposite. – And in doing so, they always and again refer to the Word of God.

This is an art that only Satan masters: the artful twisting of the clear word that comes out of God's mouth into a heap of human views and instructions that were never in the Bible. They feel the lust of power when they keep millions of Jehovah's Witnesses in check and dissuade them from accepting Jesus as their personal Savior. They copy Christian being in a humanly superior and extremely strenuous way to take the Bible to absurdity with the help of human models of hourly preaching.

Their goal is the destruction of the undeserved grace received by those who trustingly turn to Jesus Christ. Like all carnal people, they cannot do anything with undeserved grace, and they cannot even understand that God is subordinate to giving grace on the basis of faith. That goes over their hat string!

So God must remain in the dark as an unknown address (for Jesus is only an angel), so that he does not stand in the way of the dazzling refinement of the Watchtower Society. Jesus must leave the center. And if God has put him in there a thousand times, he has to get out. Otherwise the Watchtower Society will not be satisfied.

So they represent on your website people who weigh themselves comfortably in self-confidence and build on their own abilities. Cramping biblical excursions are constructed to make you forget a single biblical passage. And this biblical passage is only the culmination of many biblical passages that address exactly the same thing. It is the first chapter of the First Letter to the Corinthians, in which Paul convincingly proves that the human spirit – whether professor or genius – cannot have anything in common with God without the use of grace in obedient, living faith in Jesus Christ.

The intention of the Watchtower Society appears satanic under the light of this biblical passage.

Whoever deals with the Bible for so many decades and centuries and passes by Jesus to this day and avoids him and tries to rob him of his power can only have one master. Satan himself. Satan is the one who has always whispered to man: "You can do that already! You'll manage somehow. Do you really believe that he will save you so easily for nothing?"

The Watchtower Society represents the opposite pole to Jesus. Jesus' grace, which can only be attained by faith, should not apply and should not be sufficient. Rather, man should take the path himself and impress God with his human abilities. This is the perfect copy of the Fall of Man.

Against this background, it is easy to understand that God has decided to save by faith alone. Because the adversary tries to seduce people exactly on the track of complacency. This seduction has been successfully driving the Watchtower Society forward for decades.

Therefore, the Lord seeks disciples who deal with this issue so that they can help save the lost from the Watchtower Society. The time has come for Christians in faith to take upon themselves the love of talking to the seduced of the Watchtower Society. Let yourselves be spoken to and take this yoke upon yourselves. The yoke of Jesus is gentle. His burden is light. And He will give you the necessary strength and serenity for it.

His love is greater than all human reason. If we rely on him, we will win victory after victory against the seducer.

What a man!


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