The label fraud of Jehovah's Witnesses

What is the biggest label fraud that can ever take place in the world? Isn't it the atrocity that Satan pretends to be God?

In fact, there can be no greater label fraud than the mere fact that the created super being Lucifer makes himself to God. That is his case and all his perfidy, that he wants to be God. Even if this longing of the devil can never really be fulfilled, because he is not God, he can fulfil this beautiful dream in front of people. His innermost being and all his nature revolves exclusively around this spectacle in front of people.

There are already many organizations that openly claim that Lucifer is the true God. Freemasons and Mormons officially propagate this in their teachings, and there are certainly a number of other circles in which this view has prevailed.

But the real trick for Satan is to create a following for himself that does not assume that the reversal of values is the true thing, but that is firmly convinced that he is attached to the true God. For this purpose he uses a substitute religion, in which he can act with a pseudonym and bind the following of people to this pseudonym through baptism. This replacement gospel must be so watertight that people who have not come into contact with the Spirit of God can completely accept that the Spirit is the true God.

Jehovah Satan

Satan had a name of God created for himself by his Catholic servants. In the Catholic Church, he still acts undercover. But it was his intention to build another religion that openly confessed his following, even if it did not know who it had as "God" in front of or behind it. He could very slowly uncover this fact of the Satanic Church. By allusions, pictures of demons, satanic dogmas (blood question) and so on. Very slowly he could pull aside the cover of the disguise in order to accustom his disciples to his true form.

The first thing he did was make himself an alias. Of course, this alias had to be so close to the Holy Scriptures that he could play his hide-and-seek game with it. But the obviousness of the label fraud had to remain so clear that no one who followed him could ever claim that Satan had tricked him. No! The soul of the game is the voluntary following of man. Satan cannot and does not want to pull the mega fraud out of his pocket. It must be a transparent deception, so that every single witness of Satan has to answer for his decision.

What is the use of a disciple or a witness who declares at the slightest stress that he has only been cheated? What is the use of a Freemason who revokes his vows under minimal changes of circumstances? What is the use of a church that confesses the true God on the basis of recognizable information? All this is of no use to Satan. That is why he must find people who allow themselves to be seduced to his guidance by tangible advantages. They must be people who hope for the destruction of their fellow human beings and see an advantage in it. They must be people who study the Bible in order to gain tangible superiority over their fellow human beings from this pseudo-knowledge.

Therefore the substitute religion must be extremely plausible for these people, so that they do not ask for spiritual knowledge. At the same time, Satan's substitute religion must fulfill criteria that are associated with clear advantages. Those who believe in Satan may gladly calculate these advantages for themselves. But these advantages must be offered in real terms.

Thus, Jehovah's Witness calculates that he already receives a bonus through the hours he spends in his meeting. Jehovah's Witness also thinks that he can rely on the many hours he has worked for the religion, which he has at least proven in writing. Jehovah's Witness lives and suffers for them his advantages, which he all have to let arise only from his own performance. He does not have the promise of God: You are saved, once and for all! He has to work hard for the wafer-thin hope of his advantages and is then of course proud of the hardness of his work.

The preparation of the label fraud Jehovah took place in the 13th century. Catholic monks invented the name Jehovah. The label fraud itself came with the Watchtower Society, which tied what it called true worship to this unjustifiable invention of a name. In addition the faithful and intelligent slave, who was also a fictitious one, rose to the boldest falsehood the world has ever seen. He claimed, and still claims today, that the name Jehovah was in the original scriptures.

But how could the name Jehovah have stood in the original scriptures when only Catholic monks were needed to lift this name Jehovah out of non-existence and into existence? How weak and hollow do people have to be who believe an organization that gives out such a lie? And Jehovah's Witnesses repeatedly emphasize their extremely precise knowledge!

That the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower Society themselves have great difficulty with this lie is proved by their handling of Satan's alias. They must add the word "God" to the name Jehovah in their writings so that the reader can get used to this absurdity again and again. Likewise, they always use the Jehovah label with this addition "God" in their daily dealings with each other in order not to come close to the real meaning of this invented name. They must always recite this lie to themselves in order to be sure of themselves in their religion.

Behind the Watchtower Society is not the error, the mistake, the knowledge gap! Behind the Watchtower Society stands the conscious lie, the deliberate deception and the purposeful prevention of the knowledge of God. To do this, Jesus must first be cored, the Holy Spirit must be presented as a semiphysical substance, people must be kept away from Jesus at all costs. Otherwise the lie of the Watchtower Society would be revealed in a moment as short as nothing. In order to avoid this danger and to give Satan the opportunity to appear before people as God, the Bible must be massively reinterpreted and Jesus played down by all means.

What the Catholic Church broadly celebrates to keep people away from God, the Watchtower Society sharpens to a point and calls it Jehovah. They all have the same Lord. It is the one who has the only interest in not letting Jesus appear as God. But Jesus is the one who, in his grace, took human form to give life to everyone who accepts him.

Important addition

The experiences made so far with Jehovah's Witnesses suggest that anyone who has ever inwardly or even formally joined this pseudo-church is under the direct or indirect influence of Satan and his demons. He will never again be able to turn to Jesus Christ in childlike faith. How spellbound he will see the arguments against the false teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses and will not be able to deny them, but the diabolical burden will bind him to ever being able to make a promise of faith to God. Under the influence of the faithful and intelligent slave, he will never again be able to walk the path to the Father. For the faithful and understanding slave has bound him in it.

It seems that few can escape the power of the faithful and intelligent slave, even though they have left the organization for many years. They are under his influence until a clear decision is made against the slave. Whether these few, who can elude the influence of the slave, are to be regarded as blessed in each case by a special miracle or whether they belong to the elect, nobody can decide. However, experience teaches us that out of 100 Jehovah's Witnesses, at least 99 seem to be lost forever. At least this is strongly confirmed by all previous experiences.

The faithful and understanding slave actually seems to be more than just the idea of a modern heresy. All parameters suggest that the faithful and understanding slave is a long-term installation of Satan, a long-term project born and suckled under the care and arbitrariness of Freemasonry.

The only way out

The only way that can be walked, the only way that every person in this world can walk, is Jesus Christ. They have the possibility to rely on him and let him save them. Ask him, in everyday language, to make it clear to you what is really going on between God and man. Do not be afraid to speak a normal language in prayer. The only thing that counts is that it comes from the heart. Ask him to lead your life.

And with the request for knowledge and guidance, also connect the request that he protect you from the powers of darkness. Tell him in simple serious words that you are taking his protection. Do not forget to thank him later when you notice how your burdens are falling off and how life comes to you.

By the way, you don't need any formulas or polite phrases! Jesus actually listens to the name Jesus. But you may also call him Jesus Christ or Lord Jesus.

More and more of you, Jesus praise song


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