Is Jesus the Almighty God?

In the Watchtower for February 1, 2009, the Watchtower Society reacts with an all-round blow against the deity of Jesus to the public resistance emanating from various websites against the Watchtower lies. The whole February Watchtower of 2009 revolves around this most important theme of humanity. Against the clear evidence found, for example, on this website, the Watchtower top is investing an entire Watchtower issue to put the Jehovah's Witnesses to sleep again.

JHWH means I am who I will be. With this, God is already pointing out to Moses that God would show Himself as man to man. The name of God actually means something like the invitation: "Pay attention to who I will be! Then you will know who I am. In Jesus God appeared to us and was completely human in his time on earth. That is why he repeatedly pointed out that the Father was greater than him. At the same time, however, he gave an unmistakable understanding: I and the Father are one. And: He who sees me sees the father.

When I believed in Jesus, I did not know who he could be, nor could I imagine anything special or clear under the formula "Son of God". The message of the Bible that we must be saved in the name of Jesus and have no other name but this name at our disposal for salvation hit me much harder. Only after the confrontation with the art religion of the Jehovah's Witnesses did the question of the precisely defined identity of Jesus come to the fore. Nevertheless, I can and must testify, and you will hear from every other Christian, that this question of Jesus' identity can never centrally decide on the right or wrong faith.

For according to the message of the Bible salvation depends exclusively on the name Jesus and on the fact that we speak to him, have a relationship with him – are in him. This Salvation through Jesus (Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through him) is a thorn in the side of the Watchtower Superiors. The leading body of Jehovah's Witnesses disgusts the possibility of being fully saved through Jesus. The "faithful and understanding slave" feels close to vomiting when he thinks that Jesus is given to us by God, so that through Jesus, through prayer to Jesus, we can communicate with the Father without having to perish in God's absolute righteousness.

For this reason, the Brooklyn Bibelverdrehungsverlag has taken the liberty of repeatedly spreading representations of Jesus that are simply meant to insult Jesus and are peppered with funny hints of a figurative nature. In the Watchtower on February 1, 2009, page 7 there is a perplexed Jesus. Next to it is written: "Jesus said that there are some things that neither he nor the angels know, but only the Father."

Question to Radio Yerevan: If you become a meerkat to save the meerkats, won't you have to give up your human existence and your human knowledge? Will you not then have to give up your human existence temporarily and become like a meerkat? That is why Jesus did not conceal from us that He always only said what the Father had told Him.

To take Jesus' hint that he does not know everything the Father knows as proof that Jesus is not the Almighty God is Satan's attack on Salvation through Jesus. Since Jesus died for us and we can come to the Father through him, there is nothing closer to Satan's heart than pretending to man that Jesus is only a creature, a kind of hero, an example. Satan thus tries to withdraw people into the futile path of the law, into the old covenant. But the old covenant has been replaced by the new one. This makes Satan angry. After Satan's certainty of victory was broken by the sacrifice of Jesus, Satan goes through the world as a Jehovah preacher, as an Allah prophet and as an atheist who removes all passages from the Bible that point to the divinity of Jesus.

The depiction of the perplexed looking Jesus in the Watchtower 1 February 2009, page 7, once again has strange details that under no circumstances occur in the normal world. The Watchtower draughtsmen once again reveal whose work the Watchtower really is:

Watchtower-Jesus at a loss

The blasphemy of the Watchtower Society against Jesus can be seen in this illustration on the right arm and hip of the man depicted. The right hip shows an ugly head with a kind of hat pulled into its eyes. Is this the blinded Jehovah's Witness with the Watchtower Jesus sitting heavily on his neck?

Watchtower-Jesus sits on man with hat

On the right arm of the Jesus figure we have something like an eyeless, grinning dog and above it a one-eared cat mask.

Watchtower-Jesus with dog and cat in sleeve

What's the Watchtower doing this for? If the Watchtower Society really had received even a breath of the Holy Spirit, it could never bring such hidden blasphemies into its teaching writings. These blasphemies, found time and again in the Watchtowers, give us the unmistakable indication that the Watchtower Society has nothing to do with either God or the Holy Spirit. Propaganda against Jesus makes it good. Do not believe her!


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