The screaming lies of the Watchtower

The Double Moral of the Watchtower Society

Through the Watchtower Society, Satan himself beckons with morality and threatens us with our sin by which we are lost. It cannot be that the righteous punishment will be thwarted solely because of faith in this Jesus! No!!! You must try to please Jehovah on your own! So please follow the guidelines of the Watchtower Society, otherwise you will not enter the Kingdom of Jehovah.

Jesus foretold that we would know them by their works. The works of the Watchtower Society are thoroughly corrupt and evil.

An example

On the Watchtower page, the Watchtower Society displays a moral address that demonizes gambling. It puts every viewer under the spell of guilt and wants to teach people what is right before the eyes of God. She tries to convey the impression of knowing the truth and being its mediator. She claims to lead people to God.

What an honorable task!

But the Watchtower Society is made up of rich people who earn money on the stock exchange and thus serve the worst gambling in the world. They make profits and keep silent in their moral writings about the fact that the stock exchange and the market economy released for it bring the greatest suffering to mankind. Every day.

Jehovah's Witnesses on their Way to the Kingdom of Jehovah

Jehovah's Witnesses on their Way to the Kingdom of Jehovah

Jehovah's Witnesses have sat on a double standard that is unequalled in the world. They walk proudly in expensive suits and only show themselves at their best. In return, they buy and sell on the stock exchange and increase their money on the most devilish stage in the world. They are stock owners and brokers. They play their game at the most secular of all secular institutions and swing the finger of divine morality on their websites.

The Watchtower Society emerged from a stock corporation and to this day does not prohibit or criticize the earnings from this misanthropic gambling. It swings its moral finger and makes people feel guilty and wants to teach them what God hates. But that she herself fulfils all the criteria that God must make her destroy does not bother her.

Because the profit stands above all and every means is right for it.

The Watchtower Society is the most loggia in the world. Not because it speaks untruth. That's what all people do. It is the most logical thing in the world because it claims to be the God-willing bearer of truth and does not follow it itself. She copies Jesus and seizes his mission. She displaces Jesus from the direct dominion over his disciples and places himself as a diabolical copy in the role of mediator that only Jesus deserves.

What could be better for such a thing than a comparison with a whore who sits in a strange nest and takes over with deceit?

And if I myself did not believe in Jesus, I would take refuge in His promises to see something like the Watchtower Society judged. For it is the epitome of deception. The Watchtower Society is a tool used by Satan to make Jesus boring and powerless.

You will know them by their works!

With how much blindness must someone be beaten who gets involved with such a lie? How broken and disoriented must someone be who gives himself and his children to such people? How proud and arrogant must someone be not to see the error of his choice in the face of such overwhelming facts?

And at the end of time men will yearn to turn to crazy and wrong teachings and they will become dependent on windy liars and criminals. They will feel well in their error because they do not want to know anything about Jesus. They will rather want to die than let the truth pass over them.

Jehovah's Witness! Open your eyes and turn to Jesus our Lord. For he is the messenger of our God. Only in him is salvation and truth. Let him enlighten you directly whether he is God or not.


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