WTS – Channel of God? Faithful slave? Understanding?

Any reasonably experienced Christian knows that a hasty, one-sided, self-motivated acceptance of a decision or position can grieve the Holy Spirit. Even though we can always count on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, God still allows us to do so if we make theses and decisions headstrongly and rashly and do not wait for God's guidance.

Watchtower Pontifex Maximus

The Watchtower Society describes itself as the channel of God and so broadly forbids people to be led directly by the Holy Spirit. This claim to the leadership of the basic members of the WTS is to be equated with the blasphemous official title of the Pope as Pontifex Maximus (Latin for "supreme bridge builder") and his claim to absolute leadership.

While the Catholic version of autocracy over mankind was still at least rudimentarily concerned with spreading a certain flair of infallibility around itself, the Watchtower Society involuntarily but consistently renounces the appearance of truth. It taps like a blind man from false assumption to false assumption, thus broadening the basic will required in the basis for the uncritical acceptance of every thesis published by the WTS.

The endless expansion of both the errors of the WTS and the will of Jehovah's Witnesses to swallow all this without examination has led to the Watchtower Society's teachings becoming a no longer comprehensible mixture of right, half-right and wrong things. Against this backdrop, the claim to have nothing in common with the filthy world appears to be a special joke. For the Watchtower Society baths directly in the foul-smelling cesspool of lies and represents an example of the changeling that is evil for the world. In addition, WTS shows the world how absolute domination is practiced.

The WTS as the "channel of God" intervenes massively in the lives of several million people and influences their thinking and acting intensively. This influence openly contradicts the intention that as a member of the Watchtower Society one has nothing to do with political things. Every requirement from the infiltration machinery WTS must logically affect the nations and have consequences of a political and social nature. Thus the WTS leads itself ad absurdum in the fulfilment of its very own interests.

The WTS as "the channel of God" would – if it were this channel really – have the responsibility not to harm "the good reputation" of God before mankind. But this is not on the map of WTS, whose writers are often forced to laugh at the naivety of their believers. With great serenity this is once asserted, then that again.

But they insist on a certain central connection, as if he were their Most Holy of Holies: Jesus must not be God and Jesus is only a partial condition for salvation and Jesus is far away and Jesus is not so important at all.

This core statement of the Watchtower Society in connection with the claim to be the way to the Father as the channel of God exposes the WTS as an instrument in the hand of Satan, who wants to make the final redemption of mankind in Jesus Christ fade. He prefers nothing more than an indifferent person who prefers to worry about his good looks than about the contents that are implanted in him from above. There is nothing Satan likes better than a thoughtless troupe of fellow runners who are regularly kept in high spirits with religiously styled half comics. The devil himself falls into a broad grin when a leading elite based on the Bible degrades the name of Jesus worldwide and presents it as secondary functionality.

For by this Satan means that he has put one foot in the door and could sooner or later win the whole of humanity.

But God Himself has decided that salvation is only in the name of Jesus and that nothing else, further or modified may ever play a role in it. His decision places Jesus at the center of all relationships between God and man. Jesus is the cornerstone and this cornerstone will remain forever. This cornerstone Jesus cannot be replaced or pushed aside by a human organization.

The Watchtower Society deceives people with the aim of drawing the kingdom of God into this world. While Jesus speaks of his kingdom, which is not of this world, the WTS consistently and emphatically suggests that the Kingdom of Jehovah takes place under (then perfect) earthly conditions and under the sovereign leadership of the Watchtower Society itself. This seduction to no longer take Jesus' words seriously is so perfect and successful that around six million people worldwide are trapped in it and inevitably have to pass by Jesus.

The Jehovah's Witnesses look at the images of a Jesus who is always well clothed and cared for, forgetting that Jesus never paid attention to outer things, but emphasized the inner value – faith. Jehovah's Witnesses are following a wrong track. It is also easy for them to recognize Jesus and his true meaning. All they have to do is ask him to open their eyes. But they do not entrust themselves to the Comforter, but follow the most carnal of all organizations. The WTS.


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