Are Some Ex-Witnesses
Internet-Watchtower Society agents?

Starting Situation

The Internet is a factor that does not really correspond well to the standard strategic approach of the Watchtower Society. The newspaper publisher from Brooklyn, which has been distancing people from Jesus Christ and turning to a substitute God with a completely twisted theology for many decades now, is actually used to permanently having the thinking and behavior of its "booklet readers" under the greatest possible control. Also especially the renegades of this religiously acting newspaper publishing house could so far, thus before the Internet entered almost every household, not only be kept mentally on the back burner, but re-infiltrated in the best possible way. With regular pastoral visits the respective status of the renegades could be determined.

As a first step, an urgent recommendation was made to the foot people to avoid the Internet. An attempt is being made to strengthen the spiritual ghetto of Jehovah's Witnesses in the Internet as well. Because ...

... Since the Internet has existed there has been a certain amount of freedom for Jehovah's Witnesses, who are crying out for the best possible control by the Watchtower Society. There is a great need on the Internet not to allow renegades to begin their own experience and thinking, but here too all possible steps must be taken to keep this clientele under the constant influence of false doctrine. Because if renegades make their own experiences and think for themselves, then the step is not far that they could still find Jesus Christ!

Absolutely conspicuous

Almost all people who have experienced the spiritual stranglehold of the teachings of this Jehovah God are later no longer able to find the way to Jesus. Although it is crystal clear in the Bible that we can only be saved in the name of Jesus, Jehovah's renegade Witnesses often prefer to be satanic rather than trust the Lord who gives us life by grace and in vain.

This circumstance leads straight to the idea that behind the Watchtower Society there is a power that can only be solved by a clear confession of Jesus Christ. The experiences with the people who speak here on the Antichrist Watchtower page or also make direct contact show abundantly clearly that trusting in Jesus and confessing him not only seems impossible to these people, but also creates an inner resistance that is known from Satanists when they hear the name Jesus or experience a person who openly confesses Jesus Christ.

This conspicuous influence of the Jehovah's teachings on those who have become addicted to it is virtually unknown to the public so far! The corrupting influence of the Watchtower Society is largely recruited from seduction to a fantasy god named Jehovah. In addition, there is an intensively organized control system and a permanent influence on those who fell into the wrong doctrine. Just as the construction of the Jehovah's doctrine is created exclusively through the use of human intelligence, so this newspaper publisher relies decisively on the human control of its foot troops and those who believe they have saved themselves from the hands of that false God. For Satan cannot be relied upon. He has too little power and cannot even under the alias Jehovah keep the seduced completely on the wrong line. Therefore, Jehovah's upper witnesses must exercise permanent control over the lower. This control also extends to those who might manage to find the true Savior Jesus Christ.

Facts that prove itselves

This penetration by the Watchtower doctrine used to be given almost completely by the isolation of the Jehovah's Witnesses. However, since the Internet has existed, this isolation is no longer one hundred percent. Therefore, there are a certain number of Internet actors who claim that they are no longer Jehovah's Witnesses and who "visit" all Christian Internet forums dealing with Jehovah's Witnesses. They stand out because they use all means and (surreptitious) ways to intersperse theses and phrases of Watchtower theology especially where ex-witnesses, i.e. renegades, exchange information with each other.

There is a Gerd who might even have written a book to disguise his true identity. But it can be seen from his genuine WTS-faithful postings that he is Jehovah's Witness through and through. There is a nameless one with the alias "+" who fills all the forums with copyrighted materials of the Watchtower Society. There's a lot of "neutral audiences" that constantly help such people with enthusiasm and hymns of praise, an audience that mutates from a dull applause apparatus to a determined counterattacker in case of criticism of their "Internet supporters".

Or just hunches?

With Gerd and "+" we get to know only two candidates who meet the criteria to conduct extravagant marketing for the Watchtower Society. But they are only a tiny part of the apparatus behind the penetration of the Watchtower doctrine. The influence of Jehovah's Witnesses on the Internet appears to be cleverly organized and sophisticated. The front of those who repeatedly stress that Jesus is not God is great.

Parallel Techniques

The activities that are intended to uphold the Watchtower doctrine on the Internet are supported by steps that the Watchtower Society takes, for example at the legal level, with the help of its financial superiority. The Watchtower Society's legal actions are aimed at an overall situation that, on the basis of precedents, allows the closure of "hostile" websites. In addition, there are websites whose initially seemingly innocuous sitemape, on closer inspection, clearly represents the Jehovah's Desert of the Spirit and so beautifully demonstrates to the reader that Jesus is nothing.

With another, rather opaque method, for example, a website arguing against the Watchtower Society was simply shut down, while on other occasions Watchtower-critical journalists are covered with lawsuits that are always tricky and refined in favor of the Watchtower Society. Even obvious factual misrepresentations by the Watchtower lawyer Armin Pikl are not punished, but are simply accepted by our legal system. So how much is the Watchtower Society in the swamp of this system? Down to the knees? Up to the nipples? No! Up to two meters above the crown.

When Jehovah's Witnesses stand out with their leaflets in the pedestrian zone for their defencelessness and naivety, please bear in mind that behind them stands a maliciously sophisticated apparatus that exploits only the harmless appearance of those booklet holders to carry out its corrupting work on man with all consistency.

It's amazing that so many disguised Jehovah's Witnesses on the Internet are championing the Jehovah lie. True Christians, on the other hand, are often content with Sunday worship and church activities during the week. – Please, Lord, send workers into the harvest! Please give us Christians who go on the Internet with us to proclaim the message of You, Lord Jesus, and to fight the lie of the Watchtower.


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