Risen – How the World Reacts to the Resurrection of Jesus

The story of a man overcoming death is simply too unlikely. Therefore, there are many explanations for the incident that took place around the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth. Too much depends on whether this story is true or not. That is why history has been modified and played down many times.

A special coup to present the resurrection of Jesus as something usable in this world and thus quite common is the explanation of the Jehovah's Witnesses that Jesus was only spiritually resurrected. Thus they transform the resurrection of Jesus into the mere survival of a good idea. At the same time they elude the clear decision for or against Jesus, because the theory of a purely spiritual resurrection of Jesus could just as well come from a sci-fi author.

The transformation of the resurrection of Jesus, which is the overcoming of death, into the purely spiritual survival of a way of thinking has two basic functionalities which are the center of the Watchtower doctrine.

  • First, the Watchtower Society is concerned with preventing the faith of many in the resurrected Jesus, because he is only to be a purely theoretical basis for them
  • and second, the Watchtower Society prefers to place itself in Jesus' place as a mediator between God and man.

These two factors clearly explain why all Jehovah's Witnesses are forbidden to worship, worship, and hope for salvation from Jesus. They are the product of a Bible interpretation that imagines eternal life in the familiar earthly habitat. They are the way chosen by earthly rulers to extend their earthly dominion and to place themselves on the throne which is not destined for them.

Therefore, the Watchtower Society must perish because, in order to realize its very own carnal goals, it puts the divine reality of Jesus with the twisting of events into an almost average miraculous process. Jesus is then only a minor figure, only a puppet of Jehovah.

Jehovah's Witnesses' hopeless struggle

Of course, it must always be upheld that people are not allowed to hope for Jesus. For Jehovah's Witnesses, His existence is only a kind of historical prerequisite for their never-ending struggle for Jehovah's benevolence. So they celebrate the Lord's Supper by letting bread and wine pass by without exception and thus only testify to Jesus' separation from Him. But as the beginner and perfecter of faith, Jesus excludes Jehovah's Witnesses. For the newspaper publisher from Brooklyn has taken over this task.

Jehovah's Witnesses have gone back to a monotheistic codex based solely on seeing with human eyes. This takes place in a very similar way among Muslims and Jews. But that the existence of God is something that people can never comprehend, but only accept in faith, is ignored by them in their earthly lust for the old monotheistic religions. Jesus' invitation to faith worries them to such an extent that they flee into the old tradition, which they also misuse for their own purposes according to all the rules of art.


In order to bring about this return to the pure faith of the law, they must make the same mistake as the then scribes and practically reject the forgiveness offered by Jesus by refusing contact with the Son of Man. Jesus cannot forgive their sins because he is not God and because he is only a purely factual question of the preconditions for being good before Jehovah. Jehovah's Witnesses have found an interim solution: The doctrine of the redeeming sacrifice, which can and must only be thought of theoretically. The rest is done by the great Watchtower theology, which is nothing more than the return to the law and its deadly effect.

They have nothing to do with the resurrected Jesus except a certain memory of his heroism, a memory of his function as a smaller God among many gods (yes, Jehovah's Witnesses claim this seriously!), a memory of his superhuman perfection, which is exactly the opposite of Jesus' intention to save people through faith. They emphasize factors that all distract from Jesus as the Messiah of faith. They attach their conviction to everything except that he could be God and personally save.

Jehovah's Witnesses Separated from Jesus

To sterilize the faith in Jesus, the humanization, the drawing down of Jesus leads into the earthly, into the mechanical, into the functional being. With the denial of Jesus' invitation "He who believes in me will be saved", with the transformation of this personal offer of Jesus into a purely mechanical act of believing, Jehovah's Witnesses keep as many people as possible from entrusting themselves personally to Jesus and being saved by him.

The persistence of Jehovah's Witnesses in their own imperfection signals to the world that they can and want to renounce the grace of Jesus, which forever perfects them. They mark themselves as those who want to overcome the old hopelessness towards Jehovah without the daily personal help of Jesus. They are hunters in the dark forest of the law, who knows nothing of the light of Jesus. They expel the possibility of accepting Jesus directly as their Lord, as temptation and sin.

The betrayal of Satan

The betrayal Satan commits against man in this way is the temptation of Jehovah's Witnesses to bring faith in God to a purely business-like level. Satan's betrayal is the involvement of the earthly-minded man who wants to use the business way to salvation as the center of Bible interpretation. The interpretation of the Bible by the Watchtower Society is based absolutely and in full width and length on the earthly, carnal human being. It promises itself and the people to open the Word of God to the Spirit who has not been converted to Jesus.

Like the Pharisees, they regard the idea that Jesus is God as blasphemy. The big question: Are you the Son of God? will be screwed down on the sitemap afterwards: Are you an angelic spirit creature? – Jesus no longer disturbs the human and earthly minded. Satan has successfully installed the return to the faith in the law so that the disturbing factor Jesus is eliminated. For a Jesus who can only stand as a secondary figure cannot save and not work.

So the Jehovah's Witnesses have finally found their inner peace about what this Jesus could really be. They can turn back to the old legal religion of the Pharisees and scribes and seek salvation in it. They do not want to know that they thereby exclude themselves from the grace of Jesus, although they value His redeeming sacrifice. They are diligent in their efforts "sinlessness" and ignore that all people without Jesus are committed to sin and its consequences. Worse still!

They celebrate their de facto separation from Jesus in the Anti-Communion, in which they systematically organize bread and wine in such a way that they pass by untouched.


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