The Watchtower Business with Poverty

The Double Morals of the Watchtower Society

People around the world are doing lucrative business by buying and selling shares and making a profit for which they have not worked. The big economic nations exploit everything that gets in their way. The Watchtower Society is not the least exception. It profits like every "intelligent" person in the stock exchange betting game and exploits people just as much as any other participant in this evil stock exchange game.

Even the activities of the Watchtower Society in corporations producing war material can be read on the Internet. There is also a letter from the Watchtower Society denying these activities and presenting the millions in ownership shares as an unwelcome gift from two lost brothers.

Good, good, good. Let's say that's true. Has the Watchtower Society distributed these millions among the poor? Do you believe that?

Watchtower Profit

Watchtower Profit

The Watchtower Society is going a highly human way to make its "world without poverty" come true. Like all other social groups, it enriches itself by directly and openly accepting the evil consequences. It does not go the way of the Lord who has kept himself and his disciples completely free from unjust gain. It participates cunningly and consistently in the worldly system of impoverishment of the masses and enriches itself in the gambling of the stock exchange.

Against this background, the moral vision of the future that she disseminates on her website is fatal and frightening. The Watchtower Society represents here in a very shallow and almost boring way a world view that is warmly longed for by all people who suffer under the world. With it the Watchtower writers pour their oil exactly into the right flame. They propagate something that does not exist in this world.

They fan a hope for a better world. They want to convince people of the impression that the Watchtower Society is putting its power at the service of this better world. But this is not the truth!

Even if this were true, that the Watchtower Society used its power against its very human profit interests for a better world, then one would have to argue that the world cannot be improved by human striving. It is only through Jesus himself that the world is cleansed of its stupidity. There the Watchtower Society does not bite off a thread.

But they propagate the improvement of the world through human tactics, which become something special through their way of interpreting the Bible. They misuse the Bible as a human improvement strategy and forget that only Jesus Christ can change man. They develop a tactic of using the Bible as a vision of a better world and blind millions to make it useful.

The downside is the actual business conduct of the Watchtower Society. It is deeply entangled in the profitable interrelationships of this worldly, devilish corporate system. It profits from this and makes no mention of the escalating power of corporations in its colorful magazines. Because then she would have to do without a lot of money and accept the life that a person who follows Jesus likes to take upon himself.

The Watchtower Society is a highly secular organization and markets the Bible for the purpose of deception. It keeps millions of Jehovah's Witnesses imprisoned in a false faith that leads the seeing eye and Bible study consistently past Jesus. They abuse people's faith and enrich themselves with power and money.

The Watchtower Society is the perfect organization for false testimony filing. They place God in a light that they can use and act as if they could transmit Him to people. Decadence and fornication is one thing. But the conscious distortion of God's truth is something else. It is sin against the Holy Spirit. It is the direct abuse of the Word of God. It is the perfect seduction of seeking people to drive them into the hands of Satan.

The Watchtower stands with both feet firmly rooted in this world system and plays a moral show to its believers that it does not fulfill itself. The Watchtower is the commercial exploitation of the Word of God.

Jehovah's Witness! Turn around and ask Jesus directly and personally what he wants from you. He will very quickly open your eyes to what you must do to be saved forever.


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