Catholicism is sitting on the Watchtower Horse

Every organization that binds salvation exclusively to itself is Antichrist. Nothing is more important to Satan than the attachment of people to everything and everyone, as long as it is not Jesus. RTL purrs before the viewers: "I look into your heart, see good times, bad times, a life, that begins anew ..." The Watchtower praises its special Bible intelligence and promises to transport the people with it into the Kingdom of Jehovah, and the Catholic Church puts the horse's foot of a unique commission into the consciousness of the public.

Thus the parallel between the only beatifying Watchtower and the only beatifying Catholic Church regains its validity. And with this claim to absoluteness, which only Jesus alone deserves, because he alone is the way to the Father, the Catholic Church again calls to the fore the false doctrines which it has represented and celebrated for centuries.

Like the Watchtower, the Catholic Church is also taking subtle action against Jesus. The most striking characteristic of the Catholic Church, apart from its completely unholy claim to absoluteness, is the idolatry of the "Mother of God". The Catholic Church has always allowed the teaching of things that are simply not in the Bible. This is the second important parallel between the Watchtower Society and the Catholic Church.

It would be interesting to know how many Catholics turn away disappointed from the Catholic Church and turn to Jehovah's Witnesses. At least from the inner kinship of these two doctrinal constructions, it is very obvious that most Witnesses have gone from Catholicism to Watchtower doctrine. Because here in principle no rethinking or conversion takes place, but only an advancement into the position:

I'm even better than the others now.

Spiritual Captivity

One only goes from one to the other spiritual captivity!

This basic attitude of being better than others is one of the factors that Jesus fought against with all his might. Jesus never advocated the elitist. Jesus gave with his life the greatest example for the supporting bond to God and asked us human beings to bind ourselves to him.

He rewards this attachment to him under all circumstances with his presence and full salvation, healing and forgiveness of sins. Every human community that even rudimentarily pursues the temptation to present itself as a mediator between Jesus and man has fallen into the trap of Satan and cannot have anything to do with the Holy Spirit or with Jesus.

The cornerstone of the true church, Simon Peter, is the most important witness

Peter, in his normality and his failure mentality, is the prime example of what Jesus wants to save and saves. This later initiated into the innermost

  • goes only with Jesus after a profitable fishing miracle
  • betrays Jesus in the end
  • fails in faith on the Sea of Galilee
  • provides resistance during foot washing
  • discusses the question of which of them is probably the greatest
  • tries to talk Jesus out of sacrificial death
  • defends Jesus by force of arms

Peter does not leave out a single penny to show that he basically only understands the station and that his nature does not fit into the scheme that the Catholic Church would like to see in him. Peter, depicted in the Bible, is closely related to all the madmen and troublemakers of this world who find it difficult to internalize an ideology. But otherwise he is the exaggerator par excellence, one who promises everything he cannot keep.

Jesus not only puts this Peter in order, but founds his church on him. He makes Peter, the loser, the hard core of his church and signals to the whole world that every stupid and broken type of Jesus is more than welcome. At the same time it becomes clear that it is precisely people who are slightly crazy and who cannot do anything right with this world who find it easy to make this wicked decision for Jesus. They are people who have suffered badly from the general public.

This Peter, on whom Jesus builds his church, is the man to be found throughout the world who needs salvation. The fact that now human organizations derive from it that they are the only true Church of Christ is also very closely related to the absurdity which Peter shows again and again, but this derivation of the absoluteness of their organization represents a satanic act of seduction.

Jesus came into the world to save the same and not to found an association. So the Church of Christ can never consist of a human organization, but only of those who have chosen Jesus in their hearts. This scattered flock represents the true Church of Christ. It cannot be found in walls behind which candles are burning on metal racks. They cannot be recognized by outward appearances such as good clothing and good behavior. You will never see her go to war against terrorism and the Pope can never have anything to do with her if he does not personally bind himself to Jesus.

But whoever is bound to Jesus can never claim that this or that organization is the true church of Christ!

Therefore, Catholics should seriously ask themselves who they really believe in. And the Protestants should let ecumenism be good, because any ecumenical activity can only be human politics. Nothing more.

Every human organization that claims to somehow represent God before the world falls out of the salvation that God gave us in Jesus. They are only Pharisees. Any attempt to gain a certain public status before the world bears witness to not being of God. The true church of Christ is not the so-called "Christianity. The true church of Christ can only be recognized with the spiritual eye. The true church of Christ does not issue decisions or epistles. The true church of Christ lives from and in the love of Jesus.

Therefore we may be grateful when secular organizations such as the Watchtower and the Catholic Church become dependent on themselves for salvation. For in so doing they are making it clear that they have not understood anything about Jesus and are not even attached to Jesus like embarrassingly ignorant Peter.

Therefore, let us approach Jesus as Peter did. Peter made the worst mistakes and Jesus handled them well. This should free us all not to look at forms, culture or right behavior, but to courageously hang our lives on Jesus. Salvation lies in the inner bond with Jesus. By the inner attachment to Jesus we recognize the church.


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