Commemoration of the greatest man, who ever lived

Human glory is the last thing Jesus wants. The commemorations of Jehovah's Witnesses consistently bring Jesus down to a purely human level. For the Jehovah's Witnesses, His salvation is only a kind of mechanism to be appreciated.

In the prayers that were spoken, in the speeches that were held, sentences like the following occurred:

"Jesus is and remains the greatest man who ever lived."

Jesus seems to serve the Jehovah's Witnesses only as a kind of idol. No power emanates from Himself. This means that even those who believe in him cannot expect anything from him. He is nothing but an incentive for the Watchtower Society to make even greater efforts in the struggle for the Kingdom of Jehovah.

So one prayed, "... that we would follow your son's pattern, do our utmost to please you [Jehovah]"

This is no longer about Jesus and least of all about the glorification of his person. Jesus is only a pattern, a figure, a mechanism.

Since the disciples of Jesus worldwide know that all power is given to Jesus and that through his death on the cross he has forever caused God to please us as soon as we accept faith in Jesus, the Jehovah's Witnesses still insist on a kind of development struggle in which Jesus is not the goal, but only the example. So it was sung in a song that Jesus willingly gave the example.

Jehovah's Witnesses are not redeemed by Jesus. They have yet to put their never-ending efforts to His work to make it something that Jehovah may finally accept. That the reconciliation between man and God has long since been accomplished does not fit into the theory of the Watchtower Society. For then there will be no more people who, in their longing for probation, will allow themselves to be stretched before the carts of the Watchtower Society.

That is why a Jesus who has created the perfect solution with his actions is not suitable for the social upheaval that the Watchtower Society is striving for. This Jesus, who answers the childlike believing "Yes, be my Lord" of man with certainty of faith, forgiveness of sins, and unspeakable happiness, this Jesus would only free men from the shackles of the Watchtower Society. For he who has Jesus needs no Watchtower Society and no Catholic Church.

Any organization that wants to administer salvation for human beings must necessarily sin against Jesus and ascribe to him purely human qualities, or put at his side a woman who may have even more power than him.

In order to biblically substantiate the powerlessness, the ineffectiveness of Jesus, the Jehovah's Witnesses cite wildly changing biblical passages, in each case taken out of context. This places a great strain on the Bibles and on people's concentration. Regularly a noise arises, which sounds as if 50 doner kebabs are wrapped in aluminium foil. But it is only people who roll the bibles with determined zeal to follow the speaker.

With every written propaganda of the Watchtower Society the assertion is sown that Jesus is only a historical event, which certainly has its value (appreciate), but cannot redeem man. It is only a prerequisite for the personal efforts of the witnesses to be successful at all. It is a mechanism that is built into the teaching, but is far from sufficient for the salvation and healing of human beings. His work is only the gateway to the desperate pursuit by Jehovah's Witnesses of a kingdom of personal perfection by their own power.

Thus the faith itself, which God has destined for salvation (1 Corinthians 1:19-31), is effectively degraded and reduced as a subcategory to its own good. This change from salvation, which in itself needs no ingredient, into a mechanism that functions only as a rescue aid, is the turning of Jesus' work into an imperfect, half ineffective basis for action, which does not fulfil man's striving for salvation, but only conditionally. The deed of Jesus thus degenerates into a new law of action. That is why Jesus must be an example. Nothing more.

Satan is right to use any means to reduce Jesus' completely redeeming effect to something he can live with. But the liberation that Jesus brought about is more than a function, more than a formula, more than a platform or foundation or model function or new law. Jesus washed us clean once and for all and made us perfect before the eyes of God. The only condition for this fundamental change is the acceptance of his promise that he is the way to the Father.

Once people will come before God, they will have a lawyer who will stand up at every accusation that can be made against them and assert that he has already been condemned and punished for it. Only when the accuser argues that man did not believe in the redeeming work of Jesus will Jesus have to remain silent. For it is established by God that this is sin that cannot be forgiven. For it is the epitome of the human will to self-redemption. But because no man can satisfy him without the power of God, he has decided to save those who accept his power in faith. – Does not sound illogical. Sounds even captivatingly simple and ingenious. How should the sinful man come to God, if not by the power of God?

In the Watchtower Society, this business is lazy. It's too cheap for Jehovah's Witnesses. They do not trust the roast and seek to realize the fairy tale of man's own improvement. Thus they are dependent on trust in themselves. The fact that they are still considering Jesus as a role model can perhaps cover the slipping of Jehovah's Witnesses into fantasy up to their navel. But they are naked before the eyes of the world, with half trousers, because they have not attracted the new man Jesus gives us.

You can't know this new man either. You cannot receive him. They have no fellowship with Jesus because they do not even speak to him.

Thus the celebration of the Lord's Supper, which they celebrate only once a year, becomes the exact opposite of what Jesus wanted. They pass the bread and the wine through the rows and take nothing of it. They let the bread and the cup pass by. They celebrate the Anti Last Supper.

I've seen it. Bread and wine arrive at the front of the table intact, untouched. What a signal to call Jesus openly: We have nothing to do with you!


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