Salvation through Jesus

In contrast to all religions of this world and especially in contrast to the Roman Catholic Church and especially in contrast to the Watchtower Society, this secular newspaper publisher, the rule of Christ is not of this world. The most important external sign of Christ's reign is that he rules directly over the person who believes in him without any obstacle and without any representative. As a result, the true Christian is a perceived danger to all the authorities of the world. As a result, true Christians are persecuted because they are perceived as a danger.

In contrast, all established religions are only subsystems of the human system and thus make themselves harmless participants in the dance for the golden reign of profit. And if one looks at the core points of the religions, it is noticeable that the pursuit of profit is their great commonality with the world. As the only ecclesiastical or church-like group, only the evangelically oriented communities have managed to jump out of this pattern to this day. Sometimes with mistakes and weaknesses, but in principle the evangelical groups manage to withdraw from the pattern of thought of the world.

The worst adaptation to the world is the Watchtower Society, which has emerged as an aspiring newspaper publisher pulling out all the stops to maintain a stable clientele. To this end, it hides even the means of domination of the world, including the means of coercion known from the Nazis. One of the most important parallels between the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Nazis is the rigorous eradication of those who criticize the system.

But Jesus Christ is going in a completely different direction and the one who accepts him will follow him in that other direction. It is the direction that has nothing to do with this world, it is a dominion that only works because Jesus works in each one of his disciples. This makes all the means of domination of this world unnecessary for him, even just a deadly proliferation of cancer in his congregation. Jesus reigns in each one of his disciples through love and power. In it he unites his people and turns them into the true church, which has existed invisibly since Pentecost.

No measures of domination can take effect in the true church of Christ, no dogmas, no psycho-terror, no coercion into a certain behaviour. Nothing of this world shapes the dominion of Christ, for he is in each one of us who follow him. – The devil acts in the opposite direction. He must act with means of power and coercive measures, because he cannot be in every one of his followers. He must rely on the fanaticism of his blinded ones and must therefore spread so many blatant false doctrines and keep his people at bay with the most beautiful seductions.

None of this can be found in Jesus. While people talk about Jesus being only an imagination or a positive motive or a moral authority with a model character, the one who surrenders to him experiences Jesus as the wisdom of God and as his power and experiences a life that is orientated towards Jesus in full freedom, but is not trapped under dogmas. The believer in Jesus receives knowledge and mission and is thus in a position that does not differ from his own will, because he has surrendered himself to Jesus. Not that Jesus would break or manipulate man's will! No! He enlivens him!

The person who goes to Jesus feels a change of direction that is completely in accordance with his true self. The person who trusts Jesus sees that he has found what he was longing for when he was a child. Justice, love, meaning and understanding.

In stark contrast to this Christian experience, we observe the processes within such organizations as the Watchtower Society and the Catholic Church. There are figures of power such as the Pope and the faithful and intelligent slave. There are human hierarchies and power differences, psychological terror, torture, inquisition, heresy, sorcery and the inner dependence on the seduction of Satan. There fanaticism is at home as an inner skeleton, there sit the rulers, who are not in their believers, but can only rule over them through external and psychological means of pressure.

Anyone who ever wants to experience the meaning of life must ask Jesus himself. For Jesus is life. Jesus is no one other than God Himself, because apart from God, no one can be life. Whoever wants to see real life, come to Jesus and make himself dependent on him. For his is the kingdom and the power and the glory for eternity.


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