Believing in Jesus – also Charles Taze Russell

The first movement of Charles Taze Russell's will (published in German in the Watchtower of February 1917):

Because in the past years, at various times, I have turned all my personal possessions to the Watchtower Bible and Tractate Society, with the exception of a small personal bank balance of approximately $200 at the Exhange National Bank in Pittsburg, which is legally due to my wife, If she survives me, I have only love and Christian good wishes for all dear members of the Bible House family and for all dear coworkers in the harvest work, yes for all of the households of faith in every place, who invoke the name of the Lord Jesus as their Savior.

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Charles Taze Russell must have apparently believed in Jesus and known that salvation depended on a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. In the introductory sentence of his testament, the thought appears that describes the core of the Bible:

"... who invoke the name of the Lord Jesus as their Redeemer".

This clearly shows that up to the death of this man the community of Bible scholars must have at least to a large extent still been in contact with Jesus and only through the machinations of his successor Rutherford was completely separated from the Spirit of Christ.

Today's Watchtower Society is characterized by demonizing the invocation of Jesus as Savior by claiming that it is blasphemy. It was precisely because of this accusation of blasphemy that Jesus was accused and crucified under Jewish law. By pretending today that Jesus must not be worshiped because he is "only" God's Son, the Watchtower Society is crucifying him again. With every person that this deceived organization deceives into their false faith, they crucify Jesus again.

In the inner structure of the Watchtower Society a change of character must have occurred in the days of that Rutherford, which Jesus disfellowshipped from its centre and replaced the Watchtower Society. There is no other explanation for the fact that Russell was still free to write: "... who call upon the name of the Lord Jesus as their Redeemer", but today this thought is haunted as a great taboo in the Watchtower Society.

The great disempowerment of Jesus, as it was carried out by Islam and as it is also partly concealed, partly blatantly promoted in the Catholic Church, found room in a community of serious Bible researchers on the way to a powerful redemption organization, which considers itself an administrator of salvation and thus a donor of salvation. Rutherford was apparently Satan's agent. As an active designer of the organization, he is responsible for the separation from Jesus Christ as Redeemer.

Whether we study the Bible with great effort or whether we read it only in childlike faith, we notice that apart from Jesus there is no mediator between God and man. But the Watchtower Society is swinging up to build another instance between Jesus and the people. If this were so easily possible, the words of the Bible would lose their full value. Because between people and God, the two opposite poles of the biblical view of the world, it leaves no room for anything other than Jesus that could mediate between the two.

Thus the Watchtower Society masquerades as "the faithful and intelligent slave" and deliberately refrains from mentioning its function as a ruler. For she is only a mistress, clothed in the purple red of sin, who curbs her seduced and regulates at will. It intervenes deeply in the lives of its seduced ones as a moral authority, drawn from the human spirit, and suggests to them and others that the succession of the Watchtower Society is the key to the Kingdom of Jehovah. In doing so, she proceeds quite unspiritually and tries to rhyme the Bible together according to human thinking.

That the separation from the Spirit of Christ that Rutherford initiated continues to this day in the Watchtower Society is felt by every believing Christian who approaches the Jehovah's Witness congregation for whatever reason. The studies carried out there are very reminiscent of exercises with captive birds hanging on a string, which are supposed to learn to fly by hurling around.

How else can you do that? They do not gather in the name of Jesus and so cannot experience His presence. But instead of exposing the hardened, boiled down brainwashing in the congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses as the effect of Satan, the Jehovah's Witnesses bow to this merciless permanent instruction of their Mistress Watchtower Society. Anyone who would dare to worship Jesus would immediately recognize that Satan personally reigns in the Watchtower Society. Therefore, among the Jehovah's Witnesses, the worst sin of all is to allow Jesus any access to one's heart. This direct contact with Jesus would have explosive consequences. The Watchtower Society is like a powder keg that threatens to explode at the slightest spark of Christ's Spirit.

But for the sake of the people in it, the Lord delays his work. He does not want to destroy men and finally reject them. He longs for them and in his infinite patience gives them every chance to realize that he alone counts as a saving factor. The introductory sentence of the will of Mr. Charles Taze Russell bears witness to this. One of theirs has been among them as a disciple of Jesus and gone from them as a disciple of Jesus.

In the Watchtower Society, Satan's fiery hatred is rampaging. He feeds on turning so many people, especially those seeking the right faith, away from Jesus. He grabs them by their old human skin and tries to make it clear to them that this old human skin only needs to be pulled really tight so that it is not offensive in the eyes of God. But Jesus thoroughly cleared up this theory and Paul wrote: Attract the new man who is given to us in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Jesus conquered Satan and his accusations forever and carried away the punishment. He died for us all deaths that might be due to us. He broke the power of Satan once and for all. No one needs to be afraid of Satan anymore when he places himself under the dominion of Jesus. But in the Watchtower society Satan rules and has power over people. At the moment, it is only the power of self-deception, self-satisfaction, and the arrogance of the know-it-all. But this power of Satan will turn against the Jehovah's Witnesses themselves in its fully exposing manner.

When they will realize that nothing really counts before God except salvation in Jesus, they will not only have to see the futility of their good deeds and sacrifices as confused and senseless, but they will have to be ashamed of wanting to add their own senseless efforts to the perfect work of Christ.

They will have to realize that the man separated from God who does not call on Jesus as the Redeemer can only do good works of himself for good appearances. Therefore, in the eyes of God, they are far from good. But they stink to heaven in their self-praise. Only the man who is dependent on Jesus in faith, who has the connection to Jesus by calling on Him as Redeemer, can do good works through Jesus himself. Only Jesus can make a man's work good.

At the latest Rutherford broke with Jesus. He opened the door for Satan. And Satan has been using the diligent Bible interpreters ever since and putting something in their mouths that makes Jesus ineffective. Jehovah's Witnesses are not surprised that theological parallels to Islam emerge. For they have no Christian heart since Rutherford.


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