How the Watchtower Twists the Truth

A Christian rejoices when his knowledge and thinking agree with the experiences he has with Jesus. But sometimes he also has phases in which he feels as if he is thrown back or prevented from progressing in faith. Significantly, however, he never finds anything in truly Christian writings or in his church that obscures his knowledge or leads him astray.

If you read the Watchtower carefully, you will discover little refinements and tricks that, like the scalpel in the surgeon's hand, cut up the faith and in the end leave behind a well-stirred porridge. The Jehovah's Witnesses' ability to judge is thus always reduced to zero, so that they are always put back into the status of beginners in a very practical way. Without these detailed confusion, Jehovah's Witnesses would sooner or later recognize whether the Watchtower doctrine leads to God or not. In order to avoid this, the Watchtower authors make every effort to make cuts and reversals in such a way that the world and God image of Jehovah's Witnesses cannot inwardly grow into an organic whole, but must always be held together by the individual theses of the Watchtower Society.

It's the same as dressing someone but deliberately not giving them zippers, buttons, belts and buckles. In order to be dressed in these clothes, the allegedly dressed person is always dependent on someone keeping his trousers closed and his shirt closed. It is food that does not satiate and does not make people happy, it is a work without meaning. A dread. And so that in the "clothed" also no self-consolidated faith can arise, one cuts something off here and there from time to time.

An example of this faith-destroying tactic of the Watchtower Society can be seen on page 30 of the January 1, 2009 Watchtower, where the faithful and discreet slave frames a Watchtower-Jehova-centered text with two mousetraps in it. Two of many misleadings are those whose untruthfulness the Jehovah's Witnesses would probably never come across if there weren't people offering them the simple insight that is more than the Watchtower Society would ever be willing to provide.

Questions from our readers Watchtower 1 January 2009

Questions from our readers
Why are some prayers not answered?

God is very accessible. He is like a loving father who rejoices when his children speak openly and honestly with him. Yes, he wants us to pray to him. But like every wise father, God has good reasons not to respond to every request of his children. Is there something mysterious about these reasons, or does God say something about them in the Bible?

The apostle John writes: "This is the confidence we have in him that he hears us, regardless of what we ask according to his will" (1 John 5:14). So our requests must be in accordance with God's will. Some people ask for something that is clearly not their will, such as a lottery win or a bet. Others pray for the wrong reason. The disciple James points out that it is wrong to pray like this and says, "You ask, and yet you do not receive, because you ask for a false purpose to consume it in your desires for sensual pleasure" (James 4:3).

Assumed at a football match, both teams pray for victory. It is hard to imagine God responding to such prayers. The same is true today in armed conflicts, when the opposing parties pray for victory.

Anyone who disregards God's law cannot expect his prayer to be heard. To hypocritical worshipers, Jehovah once said, "Even though you say many prayers, I do not listen; your hands have been filled with bloodshed" (Isaiah 1:15). The Bible says, "Whoever turns his ear away from hearing the law – even his prayer is something despicable" (Proverbs 28:9).

On the other hand, Jehovah listens to the prayers of every sincere worshiper who is fully committed to him and lives according to his will. But does this mean that he fulfills every wish? No. Here are a few biblical examples.

Moses had an exceptionally close relationship with God, but he also had to ask according to his [God's] will. Against God's express will, Moses asked to be allowed to enter the land of Canaan: "Please let me pass over and see the good land beyond the Jordan." But because of his previous misconduct, Jehovah had already told him that he would not enter the land. Therefore, Jehovah did not fulfill his request, but told him, "Let it be enough! Never speak to me about this matter again" (Exodus 3:25, 26; 32:51).

The apostle Paul prayed to be delivered from his "thorn in the flesh," as he called it (2 Corinthians 12:7). This could have been chronic eye trouble or constant hostility from opponents and "false brethren" (2 Corinthians 11:26; Galatians 4:14, 15). Paulus wrote: "This is why I beseeched the Lord three times to depart from me." God knew, however, that if Paul continued to preach despite this annoying "thorn in the flesh," God's power and Paul's absolute trust in him would be clearly discernible. Therefore, God did not fulfill Paul's request, but said to him, "My power is made perfect in weakness" (2 Corinthians 12:8, 9).

Yes, God knows better than we do whether the fulfillment of certain desires is for our best. In accordance with his loving resolutions recorded in the Bible, Jehovah always has our welfare in mind.

Page 30 THE WACHTTURM 1 January 2009

God is very accessible.

With this fantasy slogan the Watchtower-Kombinat creates a cute soft toy for the dear Jehovah's Witnesses from God. The individual held captive in the Watchtower receives, as consolation for the permanent deception to which he is subjected, a God who, as a universal provider of rust, compensates for all the injustice of the Watchtower doctrine. The image of God of Jehovah's Witnesses stretches from the bloody God of revenge to a being that is exceedingly accessible. The Brooklyn religiously appearing newspaper claims a God who is extremely accessible, however and in whatever way. Like a trustful dog, who waggles his tail at once even with strangers, like a car that everyone can drive, like a PC, on which everyone can easily complete all tasks immediately and quickly, a God appears whose only passion is to make himself available to everything and everyone for everything possible. Like a toothpaste that anyone can use, like a face mask, like a miracle product, God is presented to people. God sits in the watchtower trap.

The truth is: God is in no way accessible!

God is absolutely perfect. For this reason, nothing can exist in his presence that is not perfect. That is why all people are denied access to God, because they are all sinners and imperfect. Communion with God is impossible for all people, as long as they have even a touch of imperfection. That is why God decided out of love to give perfection to all who believe in Jesus. The absolutely righteous wrath of God was directed by him to Himself with the effect that all who believe in Jesus, who was wrongly executed, do not become disgraced as they are entitled to.

Through Jesus, God has overcome his absolute inaccessibility to us human beings by making him the door, and by establishing that the one who walks through the door named Jesus is fully spoken. With this righteousness resulting from faith, we human beings can approach God without naturally passing away from His perfection. God's absolute unapproachability to imperfect beings was broken by Himself, by Jesus Christ. Therefore Jesus says: "Come here to mir everyone!" He does not say: "Go to God, it will be all right. God is exceedingly accessible."

The Watchtower False Doctrine

With the assertion that God is exceedingly accessible, the honorable Watchtower Society once again tries to make Jesus appear completely unimportant. With the plush bear-like accessibility of God, the Watchtower basically claims: "Jesus died in vain! You can also come to God without this Hans-Wurst!" But Jesus clearly says: I am the way. No one comes to the Father except through me. Shouldn't that also make Jehovah's Witnesses think?

The entire Antichrist manifests himself in the setting up of side ways to God. The Antichrist denies behind that Jesus is the only way to the Father. The Antichrist exists all over the world.

Paul's request to Jesus

The watchtower presents the request that Jesus give him deliverance from the thorn in the flesh as a request to God. What is meant here is that Jehovah who can never be Jesus. In reality, however, we are talking about the Lord who is Jesus. This is where the Watchtower Society, the Honorables, reinstates the word Jehovah, which has been proven to be a fantasy product of Catholic monks. In the following Bible text, however, it becomes clear who is meant. Jehovah's Witnesses, who always talk about the need to look at the context, deliberately leave out the following text, which proves that Paul prayed to Jesus and that Jesus is God.

2 Corinthians 12:8-9a: For his sake I have called upon the Lord three times to desist from me. And he said to me: My Grace is enough for you, for my power comes to perfection in weakness.

In the middle of verse 9, the Watchtower, knowing full well the Bible quote, breaks off and blurs the fact that Paul spoke with Christ Jesus! For the following text exposes the lying position of Jehovah's Witnesses.

2 Corinthians 12:9b: I am more than happy to boast of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell with me.

The answer Paul receives from God is about the power of Christ, as it turns out in the further course of the Bible text. So when God says to Paul: My power ... and Paul calls this power power of Christ in the following text, then all upright people know that Jesus is God!

When will the deniers of the deity of Christ finally wake up? When do the inhibited eyes of those Watchtower readers who are obviously being kept too stupid to address really important questions to the "faithful and understanding slaves" open? Must we forever put up with the lies of the Watchtower?


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