The Jehovah Noble, contrast to biblical discipleship

Jehovah's Witnesses spend most of their lives fulfilling regulations and completing tasks. In contrast to biblical discipleship, perhaps the most important feature of which is that all zeal comes from the heart and is not prescribed by others. Jehovah's Witnesses rush from one condition to the next. The fulfillment of all these tasks and duties of Jehovah's Witnesses is expected partly quietly, partly loudly from the faithful and circumspect slave. Thus the life of Jehovah's Witnesses runs from morning lottery to sermon service, from watchtower study to observance of the rules of matrimonial duty.

The only thing that the Jehovah's Witnesses can calculate from these investments in time, self-control, renunciation, discipline and obedience to the slave actor from America, which they have laboriously wrested from their own lives, is that they are spared maybe in the longed-for orgy of Armageddon destruction. Apart from this only one actually noticeable profit remains in the device of the religious gold seeker! They have every reason to regard themselves as something better: You are the Jehovah noble.

In the ongoing awareness that they have no real contact with God, they can still take comfort in the fact that – although not saved – they are still better than that gypsy scum that makes life so brazenly comfortable in believing in Jesus. That is what makes the Jehovah noble. It's the old attitude of the citizen: "Be careful about your advantage; always talk in a way that doesn't harm you; forget all ideals as long as you can only participate in the Jehovah nobility's parlour game. You are better than the others!

Jehovah's Witnesses are watchtower ennobled

Extremely aristocratic

In order to be able to cover up his own life lie in this straitjacket of the good citizen, the Jehovah-Adel always thinks about how much he is superior to the normal person. In this way, he can endure the unbiblical shame of having no hope of heavenly life as a water bearer. Just as the daily raped housemaid in the bourgeois house looks down on the passing gypsy, so Jehovah's Witness, for his own comfort, maintains the feeling that despite all renunciation of privileges and rights, he is still something better than that one.

If a fellow player is removed from the circles of this Jehovah nobility for violation of rules or criticism of his Jehovah-addicted position, he must be publicly humiliated in front of all members of the Jehovah hierarchy in the event of repentant return to the community of Jehovah's heroes, and must stand under arbitrarily prolonged social ostracism at the pillory of the last bank and the prohibition of prayer. Never again can he take up his old position unless he cultivates the "virtues" of Jehovah's nobility so clearly and openly that the darkness of his soul surpasses the darkness of his comrades.

But did the prodigal son, who wanted to return to his father's house as a servant, have to be publicly humiliated? Did he have to buy the favour of the servants and drovers employed in the father's house in a disgraceful way? This is one of the many signs that the Jehovah nobility cannot be of God. Feudal Jehovahism is based on biblical rules in its internal structures only in pretence. When things get serious, they strike with the rules of Satan. If one's position in the hierarchy of demons can be reordered because a place becomes free, they will knock their teeth into the carrion like hyenas and only release their prey when they have eaten their fill. Because the position within the hierarchy is the only thing they can enjoy from their faith.

This is how the pack of looters in Jehovah's noble society comes into being. Whoever does not want to endanger his position must defend the principles of his supreme leader mercilessly and ice-coldly. Only the façade of the faithful and intelligent prince by Jehovah's grace gives him unassailability and the always assured recognition of his own peers. Then even the worst sins quickly become a trivial offence, which can be dismissed with a wry smile, counting on the fact that one's own colleagues will not extradite one. Anyone who has risen so far can well and willingly do without the question of whether that Jehovah is really God, for he has already reached a position in life in this world that seems worth preserving and protecting even without the paper-thin hope of advancing beyond.

Only one thing must not happen! His conscience must not interfere. Just as the good German under Hitler didn't know anything about any disgrace, so the role-player belonging to the Jehovah-Adel must have no idea about the real mechanisms that are installed in the Jehovah-Society. As soon as his human heart speaks, he must fight it down with the Jehovah morality so that he can maintain the functionality corresponding to his position. Here, the behavior patterns found in the wolf pack are very helpful. The lead queen – never under pressure to defend herself – runs the shop with shabby mistrust and lustful intrigue. And woe betide him who departs from his assigned role. He is mercilessly bitten together and left half-dead.

The most archaic rules of the pack are reflected in Jehovah's noble society. Artfully wrapped in white shirts and elegant dresses, the carnal-minded vegetate as Satan imagines his subjects. It is obvious that the power and love of Jesus must not have a place here. Therefore, the demands which Jesus makes are considered only "useful for men," but not born of His power. Otherwise the Prince Jehovah cannot act. For if he were to tell his inwardly decaying subjects to live and love by the power of Jesus, he would immediately lose his power over these people.

The gathering of Jehovah's Witnesses is a beautiful mirror of godless society. Those who look behind the scenes only see facades, polite arrogance, fake acting, meaningless Sunday speeches and moral arrogance. None of this differs from the traditional bourgeoisie. The omnipresent hypocrisy of our godless society is reflected one-to-one in the assemblies of Jehovah's Witnesses. This congruence between the world and Jehovah's Witnesses is found even in the highest circles. There the separation from the world turns into a permanent life lie. The Jehovah aristocratic snootiness alone protects the Jehovah infant from the devastating truth.

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