The faithful and understanding slave

By order of the Lord Jesus?

Many charlatans are on their way on earth on behalf of the Lord Jesus. At least they claim that and yet only pursue their own goals and dominate other people and seduce them to believe the wrong thing. One of the cheekiest liars is the Watchtower Society. It is one of Satan's boldest actions. With it Satan catches the particularly pious and the particularly righteous. With the Watchtower Society, Satan shows the world and God how easily people can be distracted from Jesus.

Jehovah's Witnesses give up salvation through the grace of Christ for the quick reward of self-satisfaction through their own good deeds. They believe in a Lord who claims to carry out the will of Christ, but at the same time forbids conversation with Jesus. The Watchtower Society says it is the organ that does Jesus' will. But they all refuse to talk to him. They cannot pray to him.

Faithful and understanding slave without Jesus

Faithful and understanding slave without Jesus

Satan has arranged it well.

While Jesus directly and bluntly invites the people to come to Him, Satan leads the people in the Watchtower society by the nose and makes them believe that they should stay away from Him. While Jesus asks all those who are troublesome and loaded to come to Him, Satan sends them away on the grounds that Jesus is not God. Therefore, one should not pray to him.

But following the direct instruction of Jesus to go to him when one is troublesome and loaded is one of the simplest instructions Jesus has given us. To obey this command of Jesus cannot be wrong if one believes that the truth is written in the Bible. Nevertheless, Satan manages to tempt the most devout among men to see a sin in their contact with Jesus. This is one of the greatest shameful acts Satan does. He catches people in their primal human piety and thus prevents the simple contact between these people and the Savior.

Never before has anyone succeeded in giving the appearance of being the administrator of Jesus, while at the same time categorically demonizing contact with him as sin. He achieved this with the Watchtower Society. She has become the bearer of Satan's lie. She embodies one of the greatest triumphs that Satan could celebrate in the world.

Who Jesus really is cannot be interpreted from the Bible. If that could be done, more people would be under his light. Who Jesus really is can only be tested in practice. But this question is not even in the foreground. But the connection to Jesus himself is the factor that determines everything. Those who follow Jesus' simplest instructions in childlike faith are introduced to the truth by Himself.

But Satan actually managed to teach the pious Jehovah's Witnesses that one should not have any personal reference to Jesus. With this he turns the meaning of the Bible to the left and serves the human will to Pharisaism that has existed since time immemorial. Man's nature is susceptible where it does not have an overview. Where Jesus is to receive dominion without showing the card of ministry in advance, people begin to withdraw. They reduce their motivation to doing individual good deeds and try to get orientation from speakers of human views. At the Watchtower Society.

But they avoid the simple and clear instructions of Jesus and are glad not to have to get involved with him. They leave the assessment of what this Jesus is all about to the "experts" of Pennsylvania. They gladly accept that Jesus is only a kind of henchman of God and thus join the ranks of all other religions that see Jesus only as a lower instrument.

So they found their own way again, past God and past Jesus. The simple and effective offer of Jesus is worth nothing in their eyes. They prefer to listen to American religious manufacturers who enjoy dragging Jesus into the mud by keeping people away from him. They prefer to do their kingdom job and think they have something in hand against God's judgment in this way.

But that God wants to save them through Jesus without preconditions is suspect to them. That does not fit into the conventional justice thinking of man. That is why they prefer to invite mad teachers of false theses, because these theses are so wonderfully well-known and related to our ancient nature. Jesus has no place there. God's will goes past these people, as it is shown to us again and again in the Old Testament.

Instead of trusting in the power and decision of God, the Jehovah's Witnesses make use of the primordial and God-rejected mind, which makes spiritual and physical efforts to secure a place in the Jehovah's kingdom. This they do instead of accepting faith-dependent salvation in Jesus, for it is uncertain and not dependent on themselves. One cannot imagine anything about that. You can't build on that at human discretion.

But the rock on which you can build your house is Jesus alone!

While Satan in the Watchtower doctrine pretends to people that they can work their way up to Jehovah, people who believe in Jesus deny themselves this possibility. They accept that Jesus holds all violence in his hands and that they can do nothing to save themselves. This seemingly windy situation of those who believe in Jesus is the rocky ground on which one can build one's house of life. For it is not based on human logic and requirements that are found in all religions. One does not have to fulfil any conditions or provide any services, but only has to entrust oneself to Jesus.

But this trust in Jesus seems to be difficult for worldly people. This trust in the power of the Son of God is apparently not everyone's cup of tea. Jehovah's Witnesses do not bring this trust up, but rather rely on those who try to decipher the Bible by human means.

With the Watchtower Society, Satan has created an instrument for himself to keep people even further away from Jesus. His main argument is the argument of Islam: God is one.


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